Have a Boring Room? Get an Area Rug!

No matter how much you love your home, it would come to a point that rooms somewhat get boring. While you may mostly feel happy in your bedroom, dining room, living room, or home office, look around, and sooner or later, you’ll realize that everything appears a little blah. Luckily, all you need to do to bring back the excitement is to add an area rug. You might ask, “how so?”

Just read on below and you will be surprised how a simple floor covering can define, harmonize, or usher new dimensions into your room. Here are several interesting ways on how to decorate your room with rugs, taking your space quickly out of the humdrum.

Define Space

Reading area with a rug

Large houses with an open concept or a studio apartment often get dull as there are no walls to separate areas from one another. As a quick and easy solution, you can use different types of rugs to add the needed definition. For instance, if your home doesn’t have a designated dining room, get a large rug to contain your dining table and have enough width for the seating chairs to be pulled back without falling off the rug’s edges.

Do you want a reading nook for your bedroom instead? A natural fiber rug with white faux fur on the corner of your room can create a warm, cozy place for you to binge-read your favorite novels. Are you looking for privacy instead? A good rug can help designate a discussion spot, keeping conversations in your room more fun and intimate.

Pop up Color

Patterned rug in a living room

Floors are often the most neglected part of the room, with many people not considering it as entirely utilitarian and not an avenue to make a space more space. Truth to be told, your floor can be one of your best decorating assets, especially when you simply want to add color to bring life into your room. Just get a strongly-colored rug with bold patterns and strategically place it on the floor – your room will be anything but boring.

Bring Cohesion

Boho-style interior

Is your room tedious because it lacks unity? Tone down the unpleasant or jarring effect by having area rugs that complement each other in style. By doing so, you bring a cohesive look and feel into the room. Take into account any insisting design theme and pattern the style of your rugs along with it. If you don’t have a scheme yet, you can go BOHO, tropical, coastal, mid-century, or contemporary to instigate the much-needed harmony into your space.

Show Your Personality

Colorful rugs

Though coherence in design is fun, there’s no stopping you from providing your room with an eclectic vibe. Be brave enough to get different colors, patterns, and designs of area rugs as you wish. That will make your room look more dynamic and show your personality. If you don’t want to go all-out, don’t fret. You can use area rugs subtly in your room and neutral spaces just to spice up some character.

Add Texture

Shag rug

Rugs aren’t there for you to only look at. Area rugs come in different textures, with some being soft, cozy, and fluffy, while some are harder to touch yet feel so durable. As such, it delights not only your eyes but also your senses. Shag rugs are undoubtedly comfy and inviting, while tougher, textured rugs bring a different experience. Different rug materials or fibers also have their own distinct feel. Plus, you can even combine them, providing your room with a renewed zest.

Incorporate Unique Shapes

Adding unique shapes is also an excellent way to break the monotony in any room. We hope you don’t assume that an area rug always has to be a rectangle. Area rugs are available in various shapes, from oval to circle, rectangular, square, and etc.

Circle rug

Rectangular Rug

Rectangular_ Rug

Yet, they can also be found in less common shapes, such as flowers, paw prints, stars, and animals. Others come in irregular forms, which can add a modern feel to your room. Don’t hesitate to explore these shapes and assess which one suits your room best.

Irregular-shaped rug

Irregular-shaped _rug

a Irregular-shaped rug

Accent Your Wall

Colorful _rugs

Area rugs are an artform themselves, given the stunning and wide array of designs available today. From solid-colored, traditional, oriental, abstract, plaid to more luxurious Tibetan, Persian, Bohemian, or Southwestern styles, there are just too many beautiful options to choose from. Some of them are just too ravishing to be on the floor and stepped on.

If you have come across such a rug, why not hang it on your wall instead? Any dull vertical space in your room can immensely benefit from the color, warmth, and texture an area rug offers. Choose a striking design and you’ll be surprised how a wall rug can be a fabulous decorative element. A bonus is that you also get to insulate noise from the next room.

Create a Focal Point

Floral Rug

A focal point is a crucial part of any room. Without it, there’s nothing to anchor the room, leaving everything disjointed and less appealing or making it seem like there’s something that isn’t just right. If your room feels that way, you can definitely use an area rug to serve as your room’s focal point.

Look at the photo above and see how the textured, floral rug quickly entices attention. It provides the room with something unique to look at, making a huge impact. Check it again and imagine the room without it. The room may not be as interesting, right? That’s the power of a focal point, something you can easily achieve with a floor rug.

Final Words

Your room should never go boring again with the addition of the right area rug to your open floor. You can play with different types, match various colors, designs, and textures, and update your room based on your taste, creating a look that will delight not only you but also those who see and visit your beloved space.