Guide to Wearing Neck Chokers

There is no magic formula or special method for wearing a choker necklace, but there are some helpful tips that you should keep in mind. A choker necklace that is styled correctly is suitable for people of all ages and can be worn at any time of day or night, regardless of the occasion. To properly wear a choker necklace, just follow these few easy steps.

Tips for Wearing Neck Chokers

Chokers Look Best When Paired with Smaller Earrings Styles

When you wear a choker, the most important piece of advice you can ever keep in mind is to make sure that your earrings are on the more delicate side. Because your neck is an extension of your face, really large earrings can get caught on a choker necklace.

Large statement earrings may draw attention away from the choker and frame your face in a manner that is quite boxy. This does not mean that you cannot wear multiple earrings or something else that has a high impact, however. Make sure that the combination of your choker and earrings does not look like it is trying too hard, though.

Consider Your Current Neckline

The neckline you’re going to wear with a choker necklace is something else to take into account when styling one. An understated way to match your choker with your outfit is with a crew neckline in the same color.

An obvious illustration of this would be pairing a simple black t-shirt with a choker made of black velvet. This will give the impression that your top is being extended and will make your overall appearance much more understated.

Layer Your Chokers

Adding layers of thin, simple chokers is a great way to dress up any ensemble. Make a meticulous and well-planned neck party ensemble by selecting a metal color, followed by an accent color. It’s a good idea to layer choker necklaces and wear thinner ones during the day as a general styling guideline. Choose a single, thicker choker in midnight blue or red if you’re going out in the evening for something a little more interesting than plain black.

Beautiful woman with the necklace around her neck

A Lariat Necklace Looks Good With a Choker

It’s also a smart idea to wear your neck choker with a lariat necklace. There is no clasp on a lariat necklace. Instead, to wear the jewelry, you tie a knot with it. With a tighter knot and a longer chain, you can wear one as a neck choker. Wearing a lariat necklace back to front is a smart idea if you want to look elegant and formal. If you are wearing a backless dress or top, you can wear a layered neck choker or a lariat and neck choker set. One of the most captivating combinations exists.

Tips for Styling your Choker

Simple chokers that can be subtly layered and aren’t overly ostentatious or obvious are the best for beginners. Nothing beats the straightforward velvet choker if you want to start with something classic. But here are some styling suggestions if you want to go above and beyond with your choker.

Easily Layered Chains Choker

If layering is your thing, pick a neck choker that already has a lot of layers. Pick a choker with a lovely fringe-style necklace that is embellished with crystal rhinestones. It is ideal for formal occasions as well as more laid-back attire. It can give any outfit a classic romantic feel.

Close-up portrait of a gorgeous young blonde woman with a straight-cut hairstyle, green mysterious eyes, and sexy red lips. She wears fashionable black lace clothing and golden necklaces posing next to the palm

Bandana Neck Choker

A bandana choker is an additional option. The majority of people who adopted the neck choker trend early are likely to be familiar with it and may have even tried it. Your outfit will have the vintage feel of the 1950s with this one. Use a thin scarf that is big enough to tie around your neck or to cover your ponytail. You can achieve the desired retro look with it perfectly.

Tattoo Neck Choker

Many people have fond memories of tattoo chokers. Wearing them is enjoyable, especially in the summer. These neck chokers from the 1990s come in a variety of colors. They are also ideal for wearing when going to a festival or on vacation. To match your outfit, you can select tattoo neck chokers in a variety of designs and hues.

Ribbon and Bows Neck Choker

The ribbon and bow neck chokers, which were also popular in the 1990s, are an additional option. They have a delicate, feminine quality. Ballerinas frequently sport these types of neck chokers. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can choose between thin and thick ribbons.

Crystal Neck Choker

Many people are searching for evening-appropriate jewelry because neck chokers are fast becoming jewelry box essentials. For this reason, many crystal neck chokers make a lovely alternative. The glitzy neck chokers are covered in diamonds or crystals, giving you a more elegant appearance. To make a statement at any glamorous event or party, pair them with a simple evening gown.

Chunky Chains

Chunky chains are perfect for those of you who are extra and believe that sometimes you have to go big. When compared to the minimalist jewelry that is currently trendy, a chunky chain is a welcome change. These choker necklaces are perfect for the maximalist who is looking for something new because of their sleek, all-metal design.


Neck chokers are indeed sleek and incredibly fashionable. This can finish off your adorable look! With these tips, the choker necklace can be worn in a variety of ways, including beach-ready, elegant, and romantic. The choker necklace is all about allowing yourself to fully express and rock your style, wherever the day takes you. It is designed as a statement accent to any look, whether it be a formal office look or a party-ready ensemble.