Guide to Wearing Neck Chokers

When it comes to fashion accessories, there are some pieces and trends that most of us can’t wait to make a comeback. Luckily, one of the fashionable accessories we had before made a comeback, and it became more sophisticated than ever. What is it? It’s the neck chokers. Back in 2016 and 2017, neck chockers are one of the hottest jewelry items. But did you know that they have been around for hundreds of years? Yes! And if you look closely, they come in a new look every decade. In fact, when you search on the Boston Museum of Fine Arts website, you will find a simple neck choker that is dated between 2400-1500 BC.

If you’ve heard about neck chokers but haven’t got the chance to wear one yet, maybe you’d like to know more about it first and how they are worn. If you do, read on as we are giving you a guide to wearing neck chokers.

What are Neck Chokers For?

Before we give you the guide, let us know first what neck chokers are. Many people often ask what wearing a neck choker means and if there’s any symbolism behind it.

Today, the neck chokers you can find in stores look more daring and sleeker compared to how they used to look. This piece of jewelry seems to have been revived, along with a controversial opinion. Some people think that wearing a neck choker is a bit too sexy and that wearing one sends a promiscuous message. The reason behind this is because they were used to be worn by women to symbolize their profession as prostitutes. But this does not mean that choker necklaces are bad.

Neck chokers are obviously just pretty necklaces. They are usually fitted close to the neck and is a cute way to show off a slender neck. Its meaning is no different from any other necklace or piece of jewelry that people use to adorn themselves with, and there’s no other meaning behind it.

Also, when you base it on history, wearing neck chokers is great because they have been worn by royalty, celebrities, ballerinas, and even political activists. Back in the 90s, neck chokers are worn by the mainstream celebrities on the red carpet. Therefore, if you are asking yourself if you should wear a neck choker, the answer depends on your personal preference and style. But clearly, there’s no other meaning behind it other than being a gorgeous fashion accessory.

How to Wear Neck Chokers Properly


Now let’s go to the guide. There’s actually no secret formula or way when it comes to wearing a neck choker. But there are good tips that you can follow to style them properly. Here are some of the best tips we can give:

  • Wear small earrings when you plan to wear a neck choker.

When you wear a neck choker, keep in mind that smaller earrings complement them. It’s because your neck is an extension of your face, and wearing large earrings is likely to touch your neck choker. This does not mean you can’t wear multiple earrings when wearing a neck choker. However, wearing large statement earrings may detract from the choker and might frame your face in a boxy way. Therefore, when choosing an earring to pair with your neck choker, make sure that you don’t pick one that’s overkill.

  • Choose a good neckline that will go well with your neck choker.

Another important thing you need to consider when wearing a neck choker is the neckline that you are going to wear with it. A discreet way to pair to your neck choker outfit is a crew neckline in a matching color. For example, you can wear a black t-shirt if you are wearing a black velvet neck choker. This way, the neck choker will look like an extension of your top, appearing more understated.

  • Try to layer your neck chokers.

If you have several pieces of simple thin neck chokers, you can layer them to elevate your outfit. For example, you can choose a metal-colored neck choker and an accent color to create a detailed and well-thought-out neck choker ensemble. The best tip we can give for this is by wearing thinner neck chokers in the day and then layer them up. However, if you are going out in the evening, then it’s better to opt for a single thicker neck choker in a dark blue or red color to make your outfit look more interesting.

  • Pair your neck choker with a lariat necklace.

Pairing your neck choker with a lariat necklace is also a good idea. A lariat necklace does not have a clasp. Instead, you tie a knot with the jewelry itself to wear it. You can wear one in a neck choker fashion with a tighter knot and a longer chain. If you want a sophisticated and formal outfit, then wearing a lariat necklace back to front is a good idea. You can wear a layered neck choker or a lariat and neck choker combination if you are sporting a backless dress or top. It is one of the best and head-turning combinations.

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Different Neck Choker Styles

Here are some of the different neck choker styles that you can choose from:

1. Layered Chains Neck Choker

If you are into layering, then you can also buy a neck choker that already comes in lots of layers. This neck choker is a gorgeous fringe type necklace that features crystal rhinestones. It is perfect for special events and even for casual styles. It can add a timeless romance to any look.

2. Bandana Neck Choker

You can also try wearing a bandana neck choker. Most people who jumped on the neck choker trend early probably knows this style and might have tried it. This one will give your outfit the classic 50s vintage vibe. It is a lightweight scarf that is large enough to tie around your neck or use as a ponytail scarf. It is perfect for the retro look that you want to achieve.

3. Tattoo Neck Chokers

These tattoo neck chokers are nostalgic favorites by a lot of people. They are fun to wear, especially during the summer season. These are nineties neck chokers, and they come in many different colors. They are also perfect to wear when attending a festival or going on a holiday getaway. You can choose different styles and colors of tattoo neck chokers to match your outfit.

4. Ribbon and Bows Neck Chokers

Another popular choice is the ribbon and bows neck chokers that are also from the ninety’s trends. They are delicate and very feminine. These types of neck chokers are usually worn by ballerinas. You can choose from thin ribbons to thicker ones depending on the style you want to achieve.

5. Crystal Neck Chokers

Since neck chokers are becoming jewelry box staples, many people are also looking for something that they can wear in the evening. This is why many crystal neck chokers are available today. These are glitzy neck chokers that are drenched in crystals or diamonds, making you look more elegant. You can wear them with a simple evening dress to give your style the wow factor at any glamorous event or party.

Neck chokers are indeed sleek and super stylish.That’s why they keep on coming back into the fashion trend. The next time you search for an accessory for your outfit, why not try wearing a neck choker instead?