Guide to Styling Layered Skirts

A layered skirt features layers of fabric that are arranged on top of each other. However, unlike a tiered skirt, these layers are not attached to one another. Instead, they hang freely to create a skirt. The layers can different in length, width, and thickness, and most of them are ruffled. Each layer may also have a different type of fabric and be a different color.

Layered skirts can look stylish and trendy in different seasons, and you can wear them for almost any occasion. Whether you are planning to attend a concert, have a casual day, hit the beach, or look professional at work, there is always a layered skirt style suited to the occasion. If you want to learn more about layered skirts, we are here to help you. In this article, we are going to give you a guide to styling layered skirts.

History of Layered Skirts

a beautiful layered skirt with different prints and colors

Did you know that layered skirts have been around since the 1850s? Yes, and if you want to be fashionable back then, a layered skirt or dress with lots of flounces was the way to go. There are some dresses that feature only three to five layers, but others could have dozens and dozens of layers featuring many frills and ruffles.

The many layers provided the skirts and dress with a voluminous dome-like shape. Also, the more money you have back then, the more layers you could add to the skirt of the dress. Various fabrics were also used, such as silk, muslin, and cotton. Another popular trend was to add fringe to the layers, along with velvet ribbons and flowers.

Layered skirts began to change around 1865. Instead of having layers all around the skirt, the emphasis moved towards losing volume at the front of the skirt and adding more layers to the back of the skirt. This trend continued until the end of the 1880s. When the 1890s came, it brought along a full-length skirt with an A-line shape.

In the 1980s, the layered skirt made a comeback, and it was called the “rah-rah skirt.” It is a short skirt with a few layers and flounces that originated in cheerleading and quickly became a famous fashion trend, particularly among teenage girls. The trend continued through the early 1980s.

When the 2000s came, the ultra-ruffled layered skirt was introduced. It had many layers that were different lengths, asymmetrical, and usually two tones. Then, there was the peasant skirt, which was a type of tiered skirt, often up to the mid-calf in length. It gave a bohemian, breezy, and relaxed look. It appeared similar to the style that was popular back in the 1980s, with some interesting cuts and added ruffles.

From there, layered skirts progressed into what we see and wear at the present time. It was a mix of all the different designs and styles in the past.

Different Styles of Layered Skirts

There are various styles of layered skirts, depending on the number, length, and shape of the layers. Some even have extra ruffles or trims attached. Other styles of skirts can also be turned into layered skirts simply by adding layers of fabric to them. To learn more about these, below are the different styles of layered skirts:

Ruffled Skirt

This type of layered skirt has multiple layers of ruffles, which are evenly distributed or concentrated at the hem. Ruffles can add volume and it provides a feminine touch to the skirt. It is a great choice for parties and other special occasions.

Short Layered Skirt

a short denim layered skirt

A short layered skirt is simply a layered mini skirt. It can have between 2 to 5 ruffled layers that end at mid to high thigh. It is a flirty and casual type of skirt that is mostly worn by teenage girls and younger ladies. It is a great choice for springtime and summertime, and it adds a playful touch to any outfit.

Long Layered Skirt

a red long layered skirt

A long layered skirt often ends just above the ankles or at the ankles. They are more conservative and can be worn by women of all ages. It is a great choice if you are aiming to create a feminine and elegant look. These skirts can also be worn to work as they can make any business woman look classy without compromising on professionalism.

Layered Midi-Skirt

If you add some layers to a midi-skirt, you will have a layered midi-skirt. These skirts vary in length from just below the knees to mid-calf. They can also be worn to create both a casual look and a professional look, depending on the color and fabric you choose.

Diagonal Layered Skirt

woman wearing a diagonal layered skirt

This type of layered skirt has layers that are cut at an angle. It draws the eye from left to right or vice versa, from the top of the diagonal light to the bottom. They are mostly mid-length or longer. Also, the degree of the diagonal line can differ depending on the style of the skirt. More vertical diagonal lines tend to be slim and add length, while more horizontal diagonal lines shorten and add width.

Layered Tulle Skirt

a pink layered tulle skirt

Tulle is a great fabric of choice if you are aiming to create a sheer layered skirt. You can also use it to make an interesting ruffled and fluffed outskirt that will give you a very chic outfit when paired with the right top and a pair of heels. A layered tulle skirt is a great choice for any season, but it is comfortable to wear in the summer due to its lightweight and fine texture.

Asymmetrical Layered Skirt

a long asymmetrical layered skirt

An asymmetrical layered skirt has layers that may be higher in the front, on the side, or at the back, as the layers are not cut according to a specific pattern. This means that some of them can be more diagonal, some are straighter, some are longer, and some are shorter. The look of these skirts may seem unusual, but their unique style makes for an interesting and beautiful look.

Flamenco Skirt

colorful flamenco skirts

A flamenco skirt is also called a ruffled flamenco skirt or Spanish skirt. It is a traditional garment in flamenco dancing. It features multiple ruffled layers that flare out dramatically, allowing elegant movements while dancing.

Tips on How to Style Layered Skirts

woman outdoors wearing a layered skirt

Styling a layered skirt can be a fun and creative process. To further help you, below are some of the best tips we can give on how to style layered skirts:

Keep It Balanced

Layered skirts usually add volume and visual interest. Therefore, it is important that you balance the look. For instance, if the skirt is voluminous, you can pair it with a fitted or streamlined top to make a flattering silhouette. Alternatively, if the skirt is more streamlined, you can experiment by adding volume to your top or accessories.

Pick the Right Length

It is important to consider the length of your layered skirt when styling your outfit. Choosing longer skirts can help you create a more elegant and formal look. Shorter layered skirts, on the other hand, can be playful and casual. It is also essential to determine the occasion or your desired style in order to decide on the right skirt length.

Create Contrast

In order to make your layered skirt stand out, you can pair it with contrasting elements. For instance, if your layered skirt has a flowy and feminine style, you can try pairing it with a structured or tailored top. Mixing textures, colors, or patterns can also help add interest to your outfit.

Play with Proportions

In terms of proportions, layered skirts can offer versatility. For example, if you have a more fitted or slim layered skirt, it is best to pair it with a loose or oversized top for a stylish contrast. Alternatively, you can pair a voluminous skirt with a fitted top to balance it. Try to experiment with different combinations in order to find what will work best for you.

Always Consider the Occasion

Layered skirts can either be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If you are aiming for a casual look, pairing your layered skirt with a simple t-shirt or a denim jacket is a good idea. But for a more formal ensemble, pair it with a blouse or a tailored top. It is also important to accessorize accordingly using jewelry pieces, belts, scarves, and other items to enhance your outfit.

Pick the Right Footwear

The type of footwear you pick can largely affect your overall look. For a dressy and feminine style, you can pair your layered skirt with strappy sandals or heels. But if you prefer a more casual or bohemian look, you can wear sneakers, ankle boots, or flat sandals, as these can also match the skirt well.


Accessories can also help complete your layered skirt look. You can experiment with various accessories, such as statement necklaces, scarves, belts, or hats to add a personal touch and enhance your outfit.

Keep in mind that fashion is subjective. Therefore, it is best to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. You can use these tips as a starting point and let your creativity guide you in styling your layered skirt to suit your individual taste and personality.


Wearing layered skirts is one of the ways to express your personal style and create unique outfits for different occasions. By following the tips that we shared in this post, we hope that you will be able to create your very own stylish and visually appealing looks with your layered skirt. We hope this post helped you learn more about layered skirts.