Guide to Hand Creams and Moisturizers

Our skin can be greatly impacted by the weather. Dry hands can result from harsh winters, and dry skin can result from heat. Our hands are the first to get dry and rough no matter how much we attempt to shield them from the elements. But dryness is not always a result of the weather; it can also be brought on by difficult work, frequent washing, harsh soaps, and some allergies. We put our hands through a lot of effort, but when it comes to care and attention, they are largely disregarded, which causes them to age quickly.

Using the best hand moisturizer is one of the best ways to repair damage and exfoliate tough regions if you notice that your hands are usually dry and rough. But not all hand creams and moisturizers on the market are created equal. While others are better at mending the skin, some can hydrate your hands and seal in moisture to keep your skin supple and protected.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking for effective moisturizers to treat dry hands or keep hands hydrated. Today, we are going to provide you insights about hand creams and moisturizers that will keep your hands hydrated and looking nice.

Different Types of Hand Moisturizers

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Here are a few examples of the various forms that hand moisturizers can take:

  • Hand Lotion: This may be the least heavyweight alternative, and hand lotion can give your hands a gentle hydration to maintain them healthy. Hand lotion also works well in warmer weather, and it is perfect for individuals who are not prone to very dry skin.
  • Hand Cream: A hand cream has a thicker consistency compared to a hand lotion. The hands can receive a lot of moisture from it as well. Using hand cream will keep your hands moisturized and hydrated if they become dry in the winter months.
  • Ointment: The hand ointment has the thickest formula and can offer your hands substantial hydration and defense. It is a fantastic option for persons whose hands have cracked skin as a result of extremely dry skin. It can function effectively in cold and dry regions.

Hand Cream vs Body Lotion – What’s the Difference?

Although your skin performs a great job of defending you and keeping you healthy, different parts of your skin require different care. Skin that is continually covered by clothing versus skin that is constantly exposed to pollution has various demands and requires different things.

The consistency of hand cream and body cream is where the biggest distinction lies. Given all the items your hands come into contact with throughout the day, hand creams frequently have a thicker consistency and a higher oil content in order to penetrate the tougher layers of skin. Whereas body lotion is frequently lighter, with a higher water content, so as not to clog the pores on more delicate skin on other regions of your body.

The dual purposes of hand cream are to act as a barrier of protection and to deliver a powerful burst of moisture. Other bodily parts with little exposure to irritants don’t require this protective barrier as much.

Things to Look Into when Buying Hand Moisturizers

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Here are some factors you may take into account to help you choose the best hand moisturizer when you visit the store to buy one:


A hand moisturizer that exfoliates is ideal if the skin on your hands is dry and flaky. Try to look for products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which can aid in the removal of dead skin cells and result in softer, smoother skin.


Finding a hand moisturizer with SPF is highly recommended because your hands are just as susceptible to sun damage as your face is. Look for a hand moisturizer with at least a 30 SPF rating.

Anti-aging Goodness

As we get older, our hands also start to look  older. They lose their elasticity and fat. With time, the skin on our hands starts to sag, and wrinkles start to appear. According to the expert, our hands lose moisture rapidly since the skin on them has less sebaceous glands than the skin on our face. Therefore, it makes sense to spend money on a hand cream designed specifically to address aging.


Squeezable tubes are commonly used for hand moisturizers, which are fantastic since they make it simple to distribute the proper amount of lotion. Additionally, there are hand moisturizers with pump dispensers. Try to stay away from those that are packaged in tubs though, as dipping your fingers in them can spread germs inside the jar.


Many hand moisturizers come in different scents. Artificial fragrance, however, may aggravate those with sensitive skin, especially if their hands are already dry, itchy, and cracked. The best course of action is to stay with fragrance-free hand moisturizers if you are aware that you have sensitive skin.


It is suggested to look for occlusive ingredients like shea butter and petrolatum that will seal moisture in and prevent hydration loss for dry and cracked skin in addition to humectants like glycerin and hyaluronic acid to draw moisture into skin. Look for alpha hydroxy acids like lactic acid in hand cream formulas to reduce wrinkles and other indications of aging. These acids will exfoliate dry, flaky skin and speed up skin cell turnover to reveal more youthful-looking skin.


The creams differ in price — from a luxurious scented option that’ll run you $100 to a cheap drugstore pick that won’t cost you more than $5. In case money is a problem, there are options where you can purchase a tube, as well as the cost per ounce.


Your hands only need a little time, love, and a decent hand cream to remain strong, joyful, and attractive. Check to see if the hand cream you choose contains essential oils like jojoba, lavender, or olive oil. Glycerin is a fantastic ingredient to include in moisturizers since it helps your skin naturally heal and lighten dark spots. If you don’t want your hands to wind up appearing dry and chapped, keeping them moisturized is crucial. Finding the ideal hand moisturizer for your skin should be made easier with the help of the information we provided.

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