Do Beach Hair Scarves Protect Your Hair

When the summer vibe suddenly appears out of thin air, you’ll know it’s time. You’ll pack your things up and go somewhere beachy – anywhere as long as it’s far from work. However, as a woman, you know there’s much more to packing bags than one could imagine.

Preparing for that perfect summertime look is always a challenge. Apart from looking chic and sexy with your numerous OOTD’s and Instagramable photoshoots, you should also see to it that your precious skin and hair maintain their natural glow and moisture. Of course, tons of over-the-counter skin and hair protection products are available in the market. But, we know deep down we still have to exert effort to avoid that unprecedented (and mostly) ugly damage.

Your beach outfit does more to your protection than give you your best look. For instance, even your sweet little hair scarf can contribute a lot in protecting your precious lock. Wearing beach hair scarves provides you with a more characterized look and shields you from the harmful rays of the sun.



Adding a Layer Under Your Chic Hat

Say you really wanted to put on that beautiful hat you found on your way to the beach, but the thing is, something doesn’t feel right when you put it on. We can all agree that beach hats could be an amazing addition to your chic look. But, as with any wearables, they should also be comfortable to don.

You may have experienced it before, but leaving your beach hat on for hours doesn’t actually feel great – it doesn’t feel very good! You can feel your hair tangling via friction, and you start to feel the heat getting trapped inside. When that happens, your head begins to itch and irritate, giving you a hard time maintaining that pretty vibe on a summer’s day. 

So, what to do? Well, your best call would be putting on a layer of beach hair scarf first before putting on that hat. Beach hair scarves are great protection other than hats and turbans. While hats are also excellent beach gears, they’re not exactly great at maintaining hair moisture and strength in the long run. Most of these beach hats are made of materials prone to friction, so adding a layer of protection like a satin beach scarf could genuinely help.

Keeping the Hair in Place and Moisturized

When going for a stroll at the beach, you’d probably need to keep your hair on a leash (quite literally). There is nothing more bothersome than walking along with the shore sightseeing while your hair keeps getting in the way of your sight. Not to mention your hair slowly drying up due to the salty breeze and scorching sun. If hats aren’t exactly your thing, beach hair scarves are a perfect alternative. 

Wearing beach hair scarves keeps your long hair in place while also keeping it moisturized. With the right cloth, you can make sure that your hair stays comfy and tangle-free. Scarves also protect the hair from direct sunlight, which, as we all know, is the number one cause of severe hair damage.

Doing It Properly, Stylishly


Scarves are great fashion items that you can experiment on. But, more than the chic look that comes after wearing it, we need to consider how we are doing it. The most sensible step to take is asking ourselves whether our hair feels comfy up there and that it’s covered and shielded effectively from the sun.

One of the simplest ways to wear your beach scarf properly is to tie it into a knot. This style works especially if you have a low hairstyle, like a braid, ponytail, or a loose chignon. After donning a simple, low hairstyle:

  1. Hold both ends of the beach hair scarf using your two hands.
  2. Bring the center point of the scarf to the base of your neck.
  3. Twist the material upwards towards the roots at the top of your hairstyle, making sure that each side is of equal length.
  4. Tie into a subtle knot, and there you have it, a simple yet gorgeous take on the scarf.

Another workaround is creating a triangular shape on top of your lock. Lay a triangular scarf on top of your hair, starting from the roots. Then, create a large knot at your nape using the scarf’s ends above the lengths. With this arrangement, your hair and its roots are essentially protected from the sun.

Extra Protection for Your Hair


Beach scarves and hats alone cannot entirely protect your hair from damage. As mentioned before, some products could help us get maximum protection from the sun. Hair sprays and creams can be extremely valuable in ensuring that our hair stays healthy and smooth despite the scorching heat of the summer sun.

Apart from these products, we can also observe a few haircare practices to promote a healthy and moisturized lock. For instance, we can ensure that we are not wearing hats and scarves too tight for our hair. No matter how gorgeous that hat might be, wearing extremely tight hats can do more harm than good, as it would eventually lead to hair breakage and frizz. 

Another is making it a habit to take off our hats and beach scarves from time to time to let our hair ‘breathe.’ Not wearing something on your head gives your hair time to get aerated and lose that heat building up on the scalp. It is advisable sometimes to expose the hair to the wind, but make sure you have applied some leave-in conditioner before you go out there and shoot your sun-kissed looks.


Summer is the perfect time for both men and women to flex whatever they want. More than one’s body, hair is another precious possession that speaks about character and looks. For men, hair can be just an afterthought, but for women, hair is everything – it is life itself! 

It is always easy to judge a person’s looks based on their hair. Having a gorgeous lock not only gives you fantastic aesthetics but is also an indicator of your personality and character, which are far more interesting aspects of being a person. So, when the next summer comes, make sure to grab some of those lovely beach hair scarves to up your game.