Different Kinds of Belts for Work

When it comes to back pain, it depends a lot on the kind of work you do. Occupation plays an important role because some jobs require mechanical work like lifting and moving or sitting and hence cause back pains. For example, being a construction worker or a warehouse worker, can cause back pain due to lifting of heavy objects. Aside from these types of jobs, those who work in office environments also experience back pain because of long period of time sitting. This can also affect posture and may cause a strain on our lower back. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent back pain from work. One of those is by wearing back support belts. Back belts, also known as lumbar belts, are lightweight belts that gives support to the lumbar. It is usually worn around the lower back.

NOTE:  Always consult your physician if you are having back pain.

Types of Back Support Belts

Industrial Back Belt

This kind of back support belt is best for those who lift heavy objects regularly. It supports the muscles and tissues of the lower back and it can relieve back pain as well. It also reduces the stress on your lower spine.

Lifting Back Belt with Suspenders

This one is almost the same as the industrial back belt. However, it comes with a suspender which is suitable on taller people, as well as those who have bigger body frames. The suspenders keep the belt on its place and hence provide optimal support to the back while the person freely bends and lifts the objects.

Compression Lower Back Belt

Lower back pains can be very traumatizing depending on the intensity of pain. Some may feel a mild pain, while others may feel like being stabbed in the nerves. This kind of pain can affect the overall health, performance and morale of the worker. Lower back pain can actually make simpler tasks like walking, getting up and coughing extremely painful for the person. Hence, a lower back support belt would really help the person perform basic tasks.

Even though the belts are not a substitute for medical treatment, they can help the body heal faster by keeping the muscles in their places. The belts are comparatively much cheaper than the treatment, but if the treatment is going on, the belt speeds up the entire healing process. Therefore, these belts are used more in the rehabilitation process. This belt is more comfortable to wear. It mildly supports the back, easing the pain you’re experiencing. It is best for jobs that require sitting for a long period of time.

Back Support Corset

This one is perfect for women who are experiencing back pain at work. It has a pulley system that allows you to adjust the compression level depending on your comfort. The corset improves the posture and helps with pain relief. The corset also keeps the spinal curve in stable position while reducing the pain and strain from the curve. For women, who are worried about fat on the tummy, a corset can help reduce the fat, by producing enough heat top burn it. Also, new moms especially wear the corset because of its versatility. As much as the corset helps to support the back, it also helps in bringing the body back in its shape after the surgery.

The corset keeps the uneven sagging breasts and the abdomen intact to ensure the recovery. During the last trimester, the women’s body undergoes many changes, in which her organs and muscles are move away from their positions. Wearing a corset puts everything back in their positions.

Wearing a back support belt is a decision one has to make on their own after analyzing what the situation is and how it can be improved. But once you have decided to get one, let us show you some of the top back support belts that you may want to try:


Where to Buy
AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt
Maxar Deluxe Work Brace
Mueller Adjustable Back Brace
BraceUp Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace


1. AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

If you’re looking for a maximum support for your lower back, this belt is best for you. It covers a great part of your lower torso but the compression remains on the areas where you need it. The downside though is it’s bulky to wear.8

2. Maxar Deluxe Work Brace

This one is one of the best and it’s designed for manual the work market. It is great for heavy lifting. Its design also makes it very comfortable to wear. It is also a good choice for those who have long-standing back problems.

3. Mueller Adjustable Back Brace

This is one of the most versatile belts available in the market. It has removable lumbar pads which you can remove when you want to move around. However, this belt is not good if you do a lot of heavy lifting. This one is great for delivery drivers because it can make them feel more comfortable while sitting.

4. BraceUp Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace

This is another back belt that is useful when your work requires movements. It has adjustments straps which you can use to adjust its tightness according to your needs.

Advantages of Using Back Support Belts

After learning about some of the different kinds of back belts, let us tell you the advantages of using it. First of all, back support belts keep the lower back supported especially when lifting heavy objects. It can also guide us in keeping a proper lifting technique while maintaining out posture. It can also keep us protected from back injuries by reducing the strain.

Aside from that, back belts can also help us work well even with back pains. It can keep our back muscles warm while we do our work. Of course, there are also a few disadvantages with using a back support belt. One of these is heaving weak muscles. When we become dependent on the belt, our core and abdominal muscles tend to weaken. Remember that they only serve as support to your back and not a total protection. Belts are something we use every day, not just in supporting our clothes but our backs as well. It is good to know that there are already belts available to ease back pains. It seems that experiencing back pain has been a common dilemma of almost everyone after a long day at work. So if you want an ease to your back pain, try wearing back support belts.