Benefits of Wearing Gemstones That Might Surprise You

If you thought that the belief in superstitious powers of gems is long forgotten like every other myth, you are probably mistaken. Though there isn’t any scientific evidence yet, the benefits of gemstones are widely recognized and acknowledged in the modern era too. 

You can come across an extensive range of gems that bestow varying capabilities on the wearer. The best possible way to reap the most potential out of these super-powerful pieces of matter is to wear them regularly. Here are all the surprising benefits of nature’s most beautiful rocks that you were unaware of.

Understanding Body Chakras

Crystals and their surprising benefits are becoming increasingly popular and you can also take advantage of them. However, just before that, you need to understand the relation between chakras and gemstones. 

Chakra depicts the 7 points of energy around your body. Each chakra is related to a distinct region of the body and a spirited state. Nature’s gift of precious crystals and gemstones work hand in hand with our body’s energy centers (chakras) to advance the function of our body, mind, and spirit.

It is suggested to select your desired gemstone associated with the chakras and utilize them to balance your energies. The table below will help you do that. 

Chakra Meaning Location  Related Gemstones
Root Chakra  Gives the foundations of your being, keeps you confident and grounded  The base of the tailbone and spine Ruby, Garnet, Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline
Sacral Chakra Brings pleasure, happiness, and creativity and helps find a connection with others Lower abdomen Carnelian, Fire Opal, Citrine, Moonstone
Solar Plexus Chakra  Helps us be in control of our actions and confident  Upper abdomen Yellow Jasper, Golden Topaz, Amber 
Heart Chakra Help us open our hearts to love, joy, and compassion Center chest  Jade, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine 
Throat Chakra  Helps us to express our feelings  Throat Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine 
Third Eye or Brow Chakra Allows us to understand the world and concentrate on a brighter picture Forehead between the eyes Purple Fluorite, Amethyst, Blue Chalcedony 
Crown Chakra Represents our vision and spirituality and helps us attain our greatest state of consciousness   Top of the head Diamond, Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite 

Gemstone Benefits

Accelerates Healing of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Improving health with precious stones is an ancient practice that helps us get onto a much faster healing process. Every stone has its special healing power, enabling us to select any of them according to the areas we need help with.

Gemstones collect, store and radiate energy that can help you achieve optimum health, a peaceful mind, and a clean soul. 

For instance, the very charming purple-colored amethysts gemstones are potent to combat blood sugar problems, regulate hormones, improve skin appearance and enhance one’s immune system. 

Next, we have the very valuable Rose Quartz, again a sturdy contestant to accelerate one’s body healing process. These red-tinted quartz are the most common bridesmaids’ gifts for centuries and there’s of course a reason behind this fame. 

Along with being pretty, Rose Quartz can boost neuron activity, as well as improve circulation and even help with the healing process. The more clearer form of Quartz, often known as White or Clear Quartz is also a healing crystal. Like Amethyst, it is claimed to stimulate one’s immune system. 

As said above, nearly every gemstone has got marvelous healing powers for the wearer. However, be mindful of what area of health you intend to target. To help you out with the finding process, here’s a list of the most popular healing stones and their respective health-pro powers. 


Healing Gemstones Health Benefits 
Obsidian Aids in detoxification and digestion while significantly improving cramps
Turquoise Benefits the skeletal, respiratory, and immune system
Sapphire Helps to heal cellular levels, eye issues, and blood disorders
Ruby Helps remove toxins from the blood and boost overall circulation. It is also said to be extremely benevolent for people suffering from diarrhea
Amber Treats headaches and stress 
Aquamarine Helps with the digestive system, eye, and dental issues
Citrine Help with digestive ailments, hearing difficulties, sleep problems, and inflammation and pain management
Pearls Antidote for all urine related problems, sleep disorders, and mental diseases

Provides Soothing Effect for Absolute Calmness 

Many people including Astrologers believe that wearing the right gemstone in the correct finger can generate soothing powers for the wearer. They help you remain connected with your inner true self, promoting calmness and happiness. 

Pearls are one of the most popular gemstones known for promoting tranquility and calmness. Since it is obtained from the sea, it houses lunar and water properties which aid to regulate emotions.

Along with producing great benefits for health, Amethyst gemstones are also associated with increased spiritual awareness, nobility, meditation, psychic abilities, balance, positive transformation, and inner peace. They are also known as the “Gem of Fire”. 

Protect Against Negativities 

One of the biggest benefits of gemstones to a wearer is that they can guard against negativities or even psychic thoughts. One such stone is the yellow-colored nature’s masterpiece, Amber. It transforms an everyday self into a more modest and spiritual self, protecting the mind from any negatives, especially those coming from psychic sources. 

By releasing negativities from one’s self, the Amber stone will balance the emotions as it freshens the mind and eradicates stress – the biggest problems in modern human lifestyles. 

Smokey Quartz, a rare but extremely useful gemstone, is another great helper for transforming negative energy. It not only neutralizes negative thoughts within the mind but also helps the wearer manifest dreams. 

With Amber and Quartz, Blue Topaz is also believed to aid its wearer in gaining freedom of mind, and clarity of thoughts and emotions. 

Confidence Booster 

Confidence is the main factor that can make or break one’s career. Gemstones can help elevate your confidence by not only eradicating all the negativities in mind but also by working closely with your energy centers to unbolt the self-confidence within you. 

For instance, Ruby is a great activator of passion, determination, and confidence. It helps individuals develop the courage to face their fears. Some people also believe that wearing accessories made of Ruby can help people who lack self-love. 

Garnet also carries self-motivating powers, helping the wearers in overcoming the fear of new experiences. It is considered an energy cleansing stone that increases natural intuitive powers in one’s self. Some people also relate the stone with protection from evildoers or bad karma. 

Aid in Achieving Your Purpose 

A gemstone necklace or any other stone-stud jewelry can prove to be a potential way out to lead you to your desired purpose. Most people undergo many different hurdles in achieving their goals in life and gemstones can play a vital role to help them out. 

If you are thinking of what gemstone will help you the best in attaining your aims of life, go with any of your choices as every gemstone is potent enough to render this benefit. If you can’t come up with a decision, we suggest you pick your birthstone

Or if you think your birthstone won’t help very much, get the one whose color hue you like the most. Many times, people don’t find their birth month stones as attractive as others and thus going with the ones that appeal to your eyes is not bad either. This way, you can merge your emotional and personal needs with your love of color.

Help in Meditation 

As said above, Gemstones can help you get more motivated for your purpose and this implies meditation also. A gemstone can supercharge the strength of your intentions while meditating. 

Each stone has its distinct metaphysical properties and frequencies, which makes the energy centers within you vibrate in alignment with it and absorb all the benefits. The correct stone can assist you to enter meditative states and rejuvenate any problems you are preferring to target. 

As per many people, Clear Quartz is believed to be the best meditation stone. This is because Clear Quartz possesses the ability to stimulate the Crown Energy Points within one’s self, which is related to psychic abilities. 

With the Crown Energy Center, a Clear Quartz has the power to balance all of the Energy Centers of a body as well. 

Fashion Benefits

Ever thought about why jewelry made of real gemstones has always been a popular fashion accessory? It’s because of the uniqueness of crystal stones and their magnificent-looking hues found nowhere else. 

When you purchase a real stone-stud accessory, not only do you attain all of their health benefits, but you also get the added benefit of experiencing something as gorgeous as the natural cuts and patterns of a gemstone.

Gemstone earrings, neck pendants, rings, and bracelets also make for incredibly simple styling. From wearing gemstone accessories as all-around everyday pieces to putting them on at formal events only, gemstones can work well with anything and anywhere you want. 

Sustainable and Versatile Wears 

Physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits aside, gemstone accessories are the perfect gift for your loved ones if you are in search of a piece that holds sustainable style. In fact, stone-studded jewelry can prove to be a great personal motivational gift for one’s self.   

A well-designed crystal stone ornament will always retain its sentimental value and can prove to be extremely valuable that accompanies you for decades to come. 


Where to Buy
Sterling Silver Genuine Amethyst and White Topaz Tonal Gemstone Bracelet
Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace
Bridal Pearl Earrings and Pendant Necklace
Peora Bracelet
Smoky Quartz-Studded Ring
Sterling Silver Topaz-Studded Pendant Necklace
Garnet Earrings
Tree Of Life Pendant
BEADNOVA Healing Crystal Necklace


Recommended Products 

1. Sterling Silver Genuine Amethyst and White Topaz Tonal Gemstone Bracelet

For those who are thinking of wearing a health-boosting gemstone, this ornament right here is a perfect option to start with. As Amethysts tend to be much affordable than many other stones, you will come across a horde of options in the market but our favorite is the Sterling Silver Genuine Amethyst and White Topaz Tonal Gemstone Bracelet. 


As the name suggests, clusters of pear-cut genuine Amethysts are very neatly bundled with Topaz accent stones. Topaz is another mighty stone with a lot of advantages. It is also said to align the meridians of one’s body while directing energy to the part that needs it the most.

This certainly means that the Sterling Silver Bracelet mentioned above is perfect to accelerate body healing. Also, it is rhodium plated to give the silver lining around the gorgeous Topaz-Amethyst combination a perfect glow. 

Key Features:

  • Rhodium-Plated 925 Sterling Silver Chain
  • 4.7 Carats Round-Shaped Genuine White Topaz 
  • 11.72 Carats Pear-cut Genuine Amethysts 
  • 23.3 Carats Pink-Amethyst and White Topaz Together

2. Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace


If you’re interested in benefiting from the possible healing powers of a Quartz and like the idea of wearing a rosy-pink jewel, you might want to consider the Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace. Though it’s a little expensive, this necklace is a perfect item for people who love to gravitate towards simpler and delicate styles. 


Specially designed keeping everyday wear in mind, the manufacturer has used a rhodium-plated brass chain that safely carries oval-shaped quartz that won’t annoy you even if it’s worn all night. 

Key Features: 

  • Oval-Shaped Genuine Rose Quartz
  • Metallic Non-precious Brass Chain
  • 15 inch Chain with 2-inch Extender 

3. Bridal Pearl Earrings and Pendant Necklace

This lovely set of a pendant and earrings can be a perfect gift for your to-be-married loved one or even for yourself if you intend to make the most of the pearl-generated power. The set carries the most cherished type of Pearl, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a soothing gemstone Jewellery option. 

The ivory-colored freshwater cultivated pearls look magnificent here with the well-crafted, High polished finished, original 925 sterling silver around. It has also got Cubic Zirconias at the sides. 


Key Features:

  • 3 Clear, Freshwater Cultured Pearl Studded
  • Adjustable Necklace Chain 
  • Synthetic Round-shaped Cubic Zirconias Studded at Sides 

4. Peora Bracelet

To make the most out of Amber’s powers, look no further than the Peora Bracelet made of 9 Teardrop-shaped Cognac color Baltic Amber. The options offer exclusive styling and high-quality craftsmanship which will add an extra dose of warm sophistication to your style. 


Here, every curve and angle of the stunning 9 Amber stones are purposefully cut creating an incredible sight of brilliance you can experience. 

Key Features:

  • 925 Sterling Silver Body
  • 9 Natural, Handcrafted Amber Stones 
  • 7.5 Grams Lightweight Bracelet 

5. Smoky Quartz-Studded Ring

For someone who’s wanting to eliminate negativity from their everyday thoughts, Check out this incredible Smoky Quartz-Studded Ring made of premium 925 Sterling Silver. Its smoky brown color, perfectly complemented by diamonds, will surely look stunning on any wearer’s hands. 


Key Features:

  • Hypoallergenic 925 Sterling Silver Body
  • Round-Shaped Natural Smoky Quartz
  • Round-Shaped Natural Diamonds 

6. Sterling Silver Topaz-Studded Pendant Necklace

Though Topaz can be worn in various ways, the most common of them being in the form of rings, this Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace outnumber all the rest. It carries an impressive swiss-colored Topaz stone-studded right in between the neatly crafted silver. 


Key Features:

  • Two Interchangeable Chains 
  • 925 Sterling Silver Chain With 18k White Gold Plating 
  • Natural Oval-Shaped Topaz Studded With Synthetic Cubic Zirconia.

7. Garnet Earrings

If the Ruby-stud Earrings haven’t amazed you yet and you are in search of a self-motivating stone then these Garnet Earrings will surely win your attention. Along with the incredible self-esteem powers due to the stone, these teardrop dangling earrings have got an unbeatable charm provided by its 14K gold built.


The inland dangle is beautifully crafted by hand to fit the stunning oval-shaped Garnet inside. Moreover, they are comfortable and light in weight so users can wear them daily to maximize the good effects of Garnet

Key Features: 

  • 7x10mm Dark Red Genuine Garnet
  • Solid 14K Yellow Gold Handmade Dangle Earrings
  • Pear Shape Design 

8. Tree Of Life Pendant

Surprised to see the tons of gemstone benefits and how each of them is mightier than the other? In case you can’t select on what gemstone to pick, Sedmart Store on Amazon has got a perfect all-in-one option for you: the Tree Of Life Pendant. The option features all your favorite gemstones in one gorgeous necklace. 


Rare stones including Quartz, Amethyst, Green Aventurine, Red Agate, and Pink Crystals are all studded in this unique round-shaped silver pendant to satisfy your fancy for everything colorful. This piece matches almost every attire you have in your closet.

Key Features: 

  • Round-Shaped Silver plated Brass Pendant 
  • Lobster Clasp
  • All-Natural Gemstones 

9. BEADNOVA Healing Crystal Necklace

If you are feeling out of balance while meditating and like the idea of getting benefited from an energy healing crystal, the BEADNOVA Healing Crystal Necklace made of natural While/Clear Quartz is a perfect piece to meditate with. 

It uses a 6 faceted stone that looks truly impressive and doesn’t feel heavy on the neck either.


Key Features:

  • 62mm x 9mm Crystal Hexagonal Natural White Quartz
  • 18 inches Brass Necklace Chain 


These were some of the surprising benefits of gemstones approved by astrologers and ancient beliefs. Every different gemstone has a horde of advantages it can offer to the wearer. Their alignment with the energy fields might differ from person to person. 

When selecting precious crystal jewelry for purchase, it is best to go according to your instinct and choose what synchronizes perfectly with you! 

You can choose your favorite wearable from the aforementioned stunning ornaments to locate your inner peace right from today. With the super miraculous powers that precious gemstones possess, you will surely achieve and maintain wellness in all areas of your life.