Beach Party Style Tips

A beach party usually entails one thing: swimsuits. But there are lots of stylish cover-ups to choose from, as well as other ways of avoiding the tiny polka-dotted bikini. In one flip of an elegantly arranged beachy hairdo, your summer beach appearance should transport you from a peaceful day soaking in the rays to a night sashaying on the sand.

There are various ways to look perfect when it comes to beach party outfit ideas – even if you’re not the type who wears a thong bikini and a pair of wedges. The fashion at a beach party is exciting and diverse, but there are a few things to keep in mind depending on the time of day. Keep reading to know more.

Day Party

This type of invitation requires no thought or preparation because it is open-ended and has no actual dress code other than ‘beach party clothing.’ Having said that, it’s frequently the simplest dress codes that cause the most worry, so let’s figure out the essential things for your best summer beach outfit.

Over-Sized Shirt

Any size, shape, or color is acceptable. Basically, whatever you have lying around. Alternatively, you might take it from a father/boyfriend/brother. It makes no difference. When nothing else appears to work, this shirt will be your go-to alternative.

Choose a sheer choice with fewer features if you’re wearing a brightly colored or patterned bikini underneath. Dare to be bold with your shirt choice if you’re wearing a classic swimsuit: an embroidered red number, a vibrant pink, or even a navy blue collarless shirt may liven up an otherwise basic outfit.


Make sure you choose your playsuit carefully because it will be the one article of clothes in your wardrobe that’ll work harder than the rest. Check that you can move about and sit in it before purchasing it and that it doesn’t look unpleasant over your bottom. Playsuits are meant to be entertaining, so go for patterns and prints with vibrant colors.

If you’re going to wear a halter-neck bikini, go for a halter-neck playsuit to avoid strap marks. There are various styles you can pick from, including spaghetti, t-shirt, and strapless, to mention a few. It’s entirely up to you.

Evening Party


What should you wear to a nighttime beach party? Well, this decision is probably one of the easier parts of your outfit-planning nightmare because night beach party attire lends itself to a basic yet stunning outfit. The beach party dress is a one-piece, one-decision option that can spare you hours in your hotel room when you might be out enjoying the sunset.

Because the sun slowly lowers behind the horizon and the party is gently lit, no one will be able to see your dodgy tan lines or horrible sunburn at an evening party. Choose an outfit for your beach night that you wouldn’t dare to don on a weekend at home, or perhaps keep it classic by selecting a shape that you know would highlight your greatest assets.

Off-The-Shoulder Dress

This beach season, your shoulder is having a moment, and this off-shoulder cut is even outperforming cropped styles as a go-to for girls on vacation. Off-the-shoulder outfits come in every pattern and color imaginable, and you can select between a cut that’s straight across the shoulders or with straps. Wear your shorts with a pair of wedge espadrilles and dance into the wee hours of the morning.

Maxi Dress

This has always been a classic in any girl’s holiday collection when it comes to beach party dresses. And once you’ve found the right one, you’ll never go back. Choose a loose jersey fabric for a more casual style or soft cotton with elaborate embroidery if you want to wear the bohemian look all night.

Just be careful with the color you choose; if you are prone to sunburn on the first few days of your vacation, save your white beach party dress for the last few days. Your lobster-red skin shouldn’t clash with your clothing.

Beach Party Shoes


You’ll most probably be on your feet all day, and the shoes you choose can tie your beach party ensemble together. To keep your outfit basic, consider a pair of embellished wedge heels (always wedge on vacation – any other type of heel would look bizarre on the sand and will also be tough to walk in regardless) or a pair of espadrilles. You could also wear a pair of slip-on sandals, which are popular this season.

Beach Party Accessories

Accessories, including the shoes you choose, can make or break an outfit. Consider wearing a floppy hat around the pool to protect your complexion from the sun’s harsh rays.

A wicker basket will not only hold all of your beach supplies but will also look fabulous as you stroll through the night. When you return from your vacation, you may use this on dry land as well; just be sure to shake the sand out before stuffing it full of food. And you can use jewelry to dress up plain clothing or just to accent a bold one.

There are a plethora of possibilities available, so experiment until you discover one that works for you.