Beach Games Ideas

Beach vacations can make for great family getaways if you’re ready. Of course, sand and water are a combination that encourages unstructured play and will inspire the imaginations of most children to come up with fantastic games and activities. Also, there are a lot of group game ideas that can be enjoyed in the pool

The beach starts to call as soon as it gets warm. And nothing enhances the enjoyment of a beach trip like some enjoyable beach games. When children are not in the water, beach games for kids keep them occupied. Adult beach games are entertaining and physically active. Our beach ball games take the fun of playing with a beach ball to a whole new level. Every beach has sand, of course, so we’ve included a whole section on sand games the whole family will love. 

Beach Games To Play


1. How Long Can You Go? 

There is nothing better than digging in the sand. Encourage your children to dig a hole as deep as they can, and once they’ve gone as far as they can, see if an adult can fit inside or how long it takes to fill the hole with water. For the safety of other beachgoers, please remember to fill in any holes you create in the sand after you’ve finished playing. 

2. Mini Golf

Spend the day at the sand links with your kid, and let them channel their inner Phil Mickelson. At the dollar store, pick up a plastic set of clubs and balls, or improvise on the beach with whatever you have on hand. To help your child improve their short game, set up some targets for them to shoot at or make holes in the sand.

3. Beach Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf can be used in place of a traditional game of frisbee. Use the beach equipment you brought to set up targets (could be a picnic blanket, an umbrella, a towel, or you could even dig a hole in the sand to aim at). Try to throw your frisbee as close to the target as you can as you take turns. To minimize frustration, make sure that smaller children are permitted to stand closer to the target than the bigger ones.

4. Water Bucket Relay

Relay races are popular with kids, and at the beach, a water bucket relay can take the place of the traditional egg and spoon race. Give each child a plastic cup, spoon, or large shell, and instruct them to sprint to the water, fill it, and then sprint back to the bucket. Kids enjoy the challenge of trying to avoid spilling the water as they fill their buckets.

5. Let’s Go, Fly Kite

I don’t believe I’ve ever met a kid who didn’t enjoy flying a kite. Kids can run with kites and enjoy watching them fly behind them even when there isn’t much wind. Before going to the beach, kids can make their own kites or buy them at toy stores or dollar stores.

6. Beach River Race

This game is great for kids and will keep them occupied for a while. With beach shovels or their hands, instruct them to create two lengthy, narrow trenches that lead to the water. Create a stream by using buckets. To hold the water back and then release it all at once, they can build a dam. Create “boats” out of tiny pieces of driftwood or paper, and let the kids add obstacles and curve the river as they see fit.

7. Beach Treasure Hunt

Make a list of typical beach supplies that your kids can probably find there. Depending on the age and maturity of the kids playing, adjust the length and content of your list. Include items like feathers, hermit crabs, rocks, seaweed, shells, and rocks. Give a copy of the list to every child, along with a big cup or bucket. For safety’s sake, you might want to tell kids they forgot one thing. Make sure children release any live animals as well.

8. Beach Bowling

Set up a row of empty bottles or bring your own plastic pins and balls from the dollar store. The best thing about playing beach bowling is that you don’t need to rent worn-out shoes. Keep in mind to allow the younger children to line up closer to the pins.

9. Tag of War The Beach Style

Stand at the edge of the water and use a skipping rope or towels tied together. This is one of the group game ideas for the beach that everybody can enjoy. Create two teams out of the children and adults. Make sure a line drawn in the sand is directly over the middle of the rope. Give the rope’s ends to each team and instruct them on how to pull. Be ready to get wet if you go swimming.

10. Squirt Ball

In this enjoyable game, kids can cooperate or compete against one another. Give each child a beach ball and a spray bottle or squirt gun, and instruct them to stand across a line you’ve drawn in the sand. To get their ball across another line further down the beach, each child must use all of their strength to squirt it. If the water runs out or you want to restart the game, run to the water’s edge.

11. Sand Hopscotch

In this entertaining game, children can cooperate or compete with one another. Each child should be given a beach ball, a squirt gun, or a spray bottle, and instructed to stand across a line drawn in the sand. Each child must use all of their force to squirt their ball across a second line down the beach. Run to the water’s edge to restart the game or replenish squirt guns if the water runs out.

12. Slithery Snake Game

Hold the ends of a skipping rope down on the sand with the help of two children or adults. Depending on the kids’ ages, wiggle the rope slowly or quickly, then have them jump over it without touching the “snake.” This game may cause you to squeal with delight.

13. Bocce Ball

All ages can play and learn to play bocce ball because it is so simple. On the sand, a “jack” or target is thrown. The player who successfully launches their weighted ball closest to the target earns a point. Until a certain number of points is reached, the game goes on. Use rocks and other beach finds to make a makeshift bocce court if you don’t have a set. When it’s your turn to throw, just be sure no one is nearby.

14. Build An Inukshuk

What could be more distinctly Canadian than to construct a stunning inukshuk? Gather stones or sea glass of various sizes for your kids to collect, then let them create their own landmark. The Guinness Book of World Records’ tallest inukshuk to date is over 37 feet tall, but chances are good that your kids will create something a little bit smaller.

15. Do You Want To Build A Sandman?

Another chance to apply your wintertime expertise to beach activities! For eyes and mouths, sandmen can be adorned with pebbles, shells, or rocks. For their sandman’s noses, arms, clothing, and other features, kids can use other beach finds like feathers or seaweed.