What Was the Most Popular Sneaker in the 90s?

For many reasons, the 1990s were a stylish decade, particularly when it came to footwear. Sneakers were huge during this period. You can look stylish in a huge variety of outfits by wearing sneakers. Sneakers go great with a variety of outfits and look great with jeans, shorts, and casual dresses. Here are the most well-liked sneaker designs from the 1990s.

Most Popular Sneaker Styles of the 90s

1. Authentic Sneakers

These thin-profile sneakers are lightweight and available for both men and women. The majority of real sneakers have canvas uppers. They were first developed in the 1960s as a type of skateboarder shoe. Since then, they have gained popularity. These low-profile shoes come in a variety of hues and designs.

Usually, they have laces up the front. There are options with gum soles, though the majority have rubber soles. If you frequently walk on slick surfaces, look for footwear with waffle tread. These shoes have a lot of built-in cushioning, making them a great choice for a day when you anticipate doing a lot of walking.

Strong shoes for a journey of fitness)

2. Canvas Sneakers

Sneakers made of canvas may end just above the foot or extend up to the ankles. These footwear options are frequently among the most affordable for both men and women. Typically, canvas or synthetic material that resembles canvas is used for the uppers.

On hot days when you need closed-toed shoes, these shoes are typically very breathable and a great option. These shoes can have a variety of treads, but rubber is frequently used. These sneakers look great with a variety of casual attire. But it can be difficult to pull this option off with more formal attire.

3. Designer Sneaker

Each significant sneaker manufacturer offers a line of high-end footwear. These sneakers are frequently worn by celebrities with more formal attire. The upper is typically made of luxurious material, with calfskin and alligator leather being popular choices. Many high-end sneakers are stiffer than competing models.

You should think about the insole when choosing designer sneakers for men and women because they can be made of flimsy materials that wear out quickly. There are both high-top and low-profile options. So consider which one best suits your needs.

4. Basketball Sneakers

Basketball shoes are usable for both sexes. There is a ton of cushioning built into these shoes. They also have unique attributes made to enable players to jump higher. They also have additional support that is intended to help players move sideways.

Most basketball shoes have a high profile, and because they are so cozy to wear with jeans, many people opt for this style even when they are off the court. Basketball shoes come in a variety of colors even though many of them are white.

 Young player. Low angle of a handsome young man holding a ball while playing basketball

5. Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers go well with casual attire, but because they are so comfortable, many affluent people also wear them with suits. Particularly, white leather sneakers are a style that might never go out of style.

6. Printed Sneakers

There are many different patterns for printed sneakers, and they can be a great way to spice up almost any look. These canvas sneakers are a versatile way to express your interests. Additionally, you might want to consider making decisions based on the psychology of colors.

For instance, the color blue denotes dependability, while the color pink denotes your love of fun. Sneakers with graphics frequently draw attention to themselves. So make sure to counterbalance them with something that draws attention to your face and upward. Although more women than men choose to wear this option, there are options for both sexes.

7. Hiking Sneakers

There are a variety of hiking shoes available for both men and women that are made to protect the feet of hikers while assisting them in improving their footing. For muddy trails or creek hiking, some waterproof or water-resistant options are excellent.

Others have unique plates or spikes that make bouldering easier. The majority of hiking sneakers are low-profile and have front laces that are tight. Some people wear gaiters that rise and cover their ankles.

Woman tying her trekking shoes on a hiking stone marking the tourist route

8. Running Sneakers

Running shoes are typically lightweight and have a special tread pattern that helps runners, whether they be men or women, grip the ground. The heels of these shoes frequently have additional padding. Additionally, they might have incorporated elements that make it less likely for the runner to sprain their ankle. 

The majority aid in preventing overpronation, but you may find special running shoes to accommodate various foot types. These shoes can be a great option for cycling or aerobic exercise in addition to running. There are several colors available for these front-laced shoes.

9. Court Sneakers

These high-top and low-profile sneakers are appropriate for both men and women. They are created by manufacturers to be played on hard courts, like basketball courts. Many people discover them to be more comfortable to wear than high-top sneakers, even though they still offer some ankle support. 

They are made by manufacturers from a variety of materials, like leather and canvas. These shoes’ tread offers more court contact, which aids athletes in maintaining better balance. Court shoes were originally all white, but you can now find them in a variety of colors. These shoes are frequently promoted to younger players by professional athletes.

Feet of a team of basketball players sitting on the sidelines waiting to play in assorted sport shoes and trainers, with focus to a young man in a colorful pair of red and yellow footwear

10. LED Lighted Sneakers

These shoes, which are offered for both men and women, have LED lights in the soles, as the name would imply. While the majority of options are high-profile, there are some low-profile options as well. Many pairs of sneakers with LED lighting are slip-on.

The first LED shoes, which gained popularity in 1992, had a design flaw and relied on a mercury battery that would eventually run out of power. These sneakers were even outlawed in some states because of the widespread belief that walking on mercury was harmful.


These are the 90s’ most popular sneaker styles. These particular sneaker designs were a real high point for the fashion industry. Additionally, you can still use these sneaker designs to complete your outfit because they are still readily existing today.