What Types of Foundations are Good for Oily Skin?

Having the right foundation is important if you want to look perfect. Foundation gives you a smooth base for the rest of your makeup, so you can play around with other products to improve your look. But most of us choose the wrong foundations, which either take too long to dry or turn gray over time. So, if you want your makeup to look great, you should focus on finding the right foundation.

The base on which you build your makeup. If your base is wrong, you’ll never be able to get the right makeup look. So, you should be very careful when choosing your foundation. Because foundation is used to even out skin tone, you should look for one that matches the undertone of your skin. Overall, foundation makes your skin look better by giving it more warmth or toning down redness and other flaws.

Makeup smudges and skin looks greasy midday. When the humidity goes up and the temperature goes up, your makeup probably gets even worse and harder to control. It’s not easy to choose the best foundation for oily skin. Read on to find out how to choose the best foundation formulas that will keep you from getting shiny all day.

Different Types of Foundation

There are many different kinds of foundations to choose from, so it’s important to find one that works well with your skin. If you’re confused about which foundation to choose among all the options available to you (cream, matte, liquid, etc.) you’re not alone. Knowing both your skin type and the foundation’s specifications is essential.

1. Cream Foundation 

One of the best foundations out there is cream foundation since it gives skin a flawless, velvety finish. Cream foundations are an easy-to-use solution for those who want winter-friendly makeup that moisturizes and beautifies skin. A good makeup brush and a sponge are all that is required. If your skin is dry, then you should try this.

2. Liquid Foundation

The second most common type of foundation is a liquid. When you choose a liquid base, you’ll have access to a wide range of customization options, including a wide range of shades and a wide range of finishes. This water-based foundation can be used everyday and is ideal for normal to oily skin types. In addition, a liquid foundation will provide you the option of a matte or dewy look.

3. Cream to Powder

This enchanted makeup must-have goes on creamy but dries to a powdered finish. This foundation’s high silicon content makes it easy to conceal imperfections. Matte finishes hide flaws and don’t attract attention, so they’re ideal for oily skin.

4. Pressed Powder Foundation

Although less well-known than liquid or cream foundations, pressed powder foundation is excellent for oily skin. This is an excellent option if you are concerned about excess oil production on your skin. Foundations made of pressed powder are ideal for those who want a sheer finish. Apply a high-quality primer that contains moisturizing ingredients before applying pressed powder foundation.

Asian woman applying foundation powder puff on her face

5. Mineral Powder Foundation

If you have sensitive skin, consider using a mineral powder foundation. In addition to making the skin look more even, it also blends in beautifully.

6. Cushion-Type Foundation

If you’re looking for a product that will even out your skin tone while also hydrating it, go no further than a cushion-type foundation. This beauty primer with a dewy finish is the perfect foundation for a full face of makeup. Convenience in portability and usability characterize this product.

7. Airbrush Foundation

An airbrush gun is required for this foundation application. Applying foundation involves transferring it to the skin. The impact of airbrush foundation lasts all day. However, proficiency and experience are required for the foundational application. Makeup artists specialize in working with this foundation because of its complexity.

Makeup artists specialize in working with this foundation because of its complexity. This foundation is perfect for those who prefer natural appearances to those with obvious makeup. Despite its low weight, it provides full protection. As a result, pigmentation marks go away effectively.

8. BB Cream

Also known as blemish balm cream is a cutting-edge foundation that does a great job of hydrating and protecting the skin. Furthermore, it provides excellent coverage and sets the stage for a long-lasting makeup look.

9. CC Cream, or Color Correcting Cream

For this reason, it might be the most effective treatment for skin discoloration. The skin-healing properties of CC cream have made it famous. Packed full of moisturizing elements. Using CC cream as a base for your makeup will ensure that your look stays put all day.

Positive Effects of a Foundation

A good foundation does more than just cover flaws. The perfect foundation can do wonders for your skin, and here are a few of them:

1. Sun protection

While vitamin D from sunlight is beneficial for skin health, too much sun can cause skin damage and early aging. A good foundation will shield your skin from harmful UVA and UVB radiation with natural sun protection, employing elements like zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

2. Having a uniformly flawless complexion

A flawless complexion and radiant sheen can be achieved with the help of foundation, which masks imperfections and evens out the skin tone. A more even skin tone is the result of using one that provides natural coverage. Some high-quality foundations have ingredients that actively improve the skin tone beneath the surface, bringing out your natural glow.

3. Enhance your skin care routine 

Your foundation should do more than just cover up blemishes; it should be an integral part of your skincare routine. A good basis is one that you won’t have to rely on indefinitely.

4. It has anti-aging effects

Applying foundation before going outside can help keep harmful bacteria and environmental toxins from sticking to your face. This protects cells from free radicals, which can cause harm and speed up the aging process.

Suitable Foundations for Oily Skin

Midday face powder foundation touch up to keep looking fresh

There are a variety of causes of oily skin in humans. Some people’s oily skin is the result of overproduction of sebum, while in others it’s due to enlarged pores.

Hormonal fluctuations, stress, and environmental factors can all contribute to oily skin.

Sometimes it’s as easy as a matter of biology. Chances are high that you’ll inherit your family’s oily skin if your parents did.

Is your skin being naturally greasy?  If so, then you know how hard it is to find a foundation that doesn’t exacerbate your oily skin. After a few hours, even the ones that initially feel light and airy end up feeling thick and cakey. Read on to learn about the finest foundations for oily skin that won’t leave you feeling greasy.

Hydrating, oil-free formula

Use a foundation with moisturizing elements (like hyaluronic acid) to combat oily skin and keep your face looking matte all day. It’s commonly believed that oily skin can’t become dehydrated, but the opposite is true; in fact, lack of water can cause the skin to produce even more oil. Adding a bit more moisture to your routine can do more benefit than harm in terms of keeping oily skin at bay.

Keep it matte and out of the spotlight

An oily skin type can never go wrong with a lovely matte finish. Pick a foundation that doesn’t include oil and has a matte finish. In as much as your oily skin radiates in its own right. Avoid using anything that has a dewy, radiant, or illuminating finish, as it will make your skin look oily and will likely rub off over the day.

Go for powder foundations

Foundation powders are a great option for those who suffer from excessive oil production. Powder foundations are great for controlling shine because they are matte, buildable, and feel weightless on the skin. 


If you want your makeup to look perfect, it is essential to select a foundation that is suited to your particular skin type. A powder foundation or a liquid foundation that does not contain oil works best for oily skin. Using a foundation of this kind will keep your face from appearing oily and will stop it from slipping off.