What Is Metallic Foil Nail Polish?

Metallic foil nails haven’t been this trendy since the 1980s. They were more lacquered and thicker back then than today’s foils, which are powdery thin, and almost blotting paper-like.

From Rihanna’s on-trend tips to Beyoncé’s high-voltage, metallic nails, bling nails are still a massive hit among Hollywood’s elite. Plus, this eye-catching nail art style has dazzled the red carpet and the runway for designers like Mary Katrantzou and Preen.

Foils have been a popular alternative to the costly, hand-drawn, and often impossibly complicated nail art that dominated the early 2000s. They are multi-dimensional and come in a variety of designs, hues, and metallic tones.

This trend’s popularity is due to its ease of use and surprise factor in the final effect. Whether you place different-colored foils over and over one other to create camouflage or split them into strips and press on to produce a stripe effect, it may leave all sorts of abstract designs depending on how you administer it.

Experimenting with foils is part of the fun. There are no restrictions!

Furthermore, nail foils are simple to use at home, transforming even plain polish into a work of art. Play some tunes on and give yourself a metallic foil manicure to take a break from homeschooling, Zoom calls, and other activities. We’ve got every instruction and suggestion you’ll need to get started with putting and removing nail foils right here.

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What Is Metallic Foil Nail Polish and How Does It Work?

Foil, which has been around for years as a fast and easy nail painting method with conversation-starting results, is making a significant resurgence.

Nail foil, a metallic-effect nail sticker or wrap, can be used to create complex nail patterns. The first chunky nail art foils appeared in the New Wave era of the 1980s, but these aren’t your mother’s foils!

Today’s nail foils are as thin as tissue paper and come in sheets the size of blotting paper or small pots of foil chips. Both versions are available in virtually every hue imaginable.

Nail art foils are put over a base coat and a topcoat. For a dazzling appearance, use nail art foils to cover just the tips, the entire nail, or splashed sporadically over the nail. You may also make a stripe effect by combining various foil colors or cutting them into strips.

With any package of foil stickers, you can create anything you can imagine.

fingers, nails with metallic nail foil, edge of a sweater

How Do You Apply Nail Foil?

While you may apply some nail foil stickers with just your finger, most of them require a few simple and readily available tools. You must include the following in your nail art foil kit:

Nail Polish

At least one coat of lacquer is required before applying foils to your nails. Some experts recommend a dark or silver undertone, but you can use any color you like with your foils. Experts also recommend gel polish since it has the tackiness required for the foils to attach correctly.

You can use regular nail polish as long as everything is totally dry before proceeding to the next stage.

Nail Foil Adhesive Glue

This is a specific glue that aids in the adhesion of nail foils to your nail. Ensure that the glue is intended for use with nail foils. You can find it in many nail art foil kits or order a few bottles online.

Heat Lamp

A nail lamp is a must-have for anyone who enjoys at-home manicures, but it’s crucial if you want to perform nail foils. You should cure most nail foil glues under a lamp to be effective. A heat lamp will complete your nail aesthetic and dry your manicure in no time.


Tweezers, rubbing alcohol, cotton swab, etc. Keep tweezers and cotton swabs on hand to apply nail art foils and press and polish them into place.

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Steps to Applying Foil Nail Polish

Make sure you have all of your nail foils and equipment ready and give yourself more than enough time. The importance of precision and curing time can’t be overstated. Put some music on or watch your favorite Netflix show, relax, bide your time, and enjoy yourself.

Apply the Polish

Apply the base coat and nail polish (gel) after cleaning your nails. Gel polish is preferred because it’s more suited to glue and nail foils. You can use ordinary polish in a pinch, but ensure that your nails are totally dry before moving to the next stage.


Cure your nails until they are fully dry with a nail lamp. You’ll need to use rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad to remove the sticky film on top of your nails carefully. Before continuing, verify that any tacky residue is gone, or your foils will not attach.

Glue It up!

Over each nail, apply a coat of nail foil glue. This is, once again, a highly particular glue for using with nail art foils. Make sure the adhesive you use is suitable for foil art.

Allow it to dry completely until it’s entirely transparent.

Select Your Foils

Now comes the exciting part: applying the nail foils! Select the foil pattern/s that you’d want to apply. You can use it to paint the entire nail or maybe a portion of one to complete your manicure or an accent nail. Don’t be scared to use numerous foils on one nail or to cut the foils. You have complete freedom to be as inventive as you want.

Foiling Time!

Make sure the design on the foil is facing upwards and away from the nail. Apply the foil by lightly pressing it down where you want it. Press the foil down with the cotton swab to ensure no creases or bubbles are on the nail. Continue to massage until the foil separates from the nail. It’s fine to give it a slight pull to remove it entirely.

Apply a Finishing Coat

Finish with a top coat and take a look at your work. Take a moment to enjoy your lovely nail art creation. Apply at least a single layer of clear top coat to lock everything down and prevent your lovely nail art foil from peeling.

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How Do You Get Rid of Nail Foil Stickers?

Don’t worry; removing nail foil is simple. Applying nail art foils takes time and patience, but removing them is quick and straightforward if you make mistakes or want to change things up.

You can use acetone nail polish remover to remove foil stickers. Apply a small amount to the nails with a cotton pad. Rubbing alcohol may also be used in a pinch. Pick up stray foil fragments from the nail beds and cuticle with an orange stick.

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