What Hair Colors Are Trending This Season In Australia

The seasons are changing in Australia and in New Zealand; it is time to get ready for summer once again as pool time and barbeques will be happening more often. And, in the opposite hemisphere, fall is coming to an end and winter is making its appearance. The leaves have already fallen, and the weather is getting colder, preparing everyone in both hemispheres for the festive holidays.

In the northern part of the northern hemisphere, people will be celebrating the holidays by being surrounded by snow and chilly weather. They will be dressed up in warm clothing sipping on hot cocoa. Meanwhile, in Australia and in New Zealand, the festivities are being enjoyed by going to beach parties, swimming and having barbeques. However, one thing that everyone has in common regardless of where they live are hair trends that will remain in fashion throughout the year, followed by celebrities, students and working women. What are the year 2019 hair color trends, let’s take a look:

Summer Highlights with a Twist

For people in the North, summer may be a distant memory right now however the Australians are getting ready for the sun to shine out. For hair color and style it is certainly not the same as what you saw trending several months ago. This year is more about highlights with lowlights in blended shades of honey and caramel. Such colors suit all skin tones, remain fresh after several washes and don’t really require much maintenance. You can also customize the tones by consulting your nearest hair salon and make your own match.

Rose Colour Hair

You may have noticed that the rose-colored hair is starting to become popular in summers and winters, depending upon skin color and seasons. The best part is its warmth and shade options that come with this color. There is metallic rose pink hair, platinum rose gold hair, a peach rose gold and many more rose gold hair colour ideas. These shades are intriguing and how could you not love them really?  You can also check out https://beautyhill.com/best-red-hair-dyes for great red hair dyes.

Bright Blonde

Blonde has always been trendy, and you undoubtedly know a number of famous blonde Australian actresses, that you secretly admire for their hair color.  The trend nowadays is for the blonde hair to be extremely bright. And, you will see more and more women walk out of hair salons flaunting a brighter blonde.

Chocolate Hair

Chocolate to eat is never out of the discussion but this year chocolate hair color is becoming a little trendier in the north where the winter is approaching because this dark shade represents what winter is about. Darkness and mystery.


Copper hair is extremely popular and will stay trendy everywhere. Copper shades, when blended with red color, complement each other and look very appealing. Plenty of women are walking out of salons rocking their copper hair such as the actresses Emma Stone and Debra Messing.

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If you can’t afford an expensive salon and you want to try hair coloring at home, read out as much as you can and take reviews of people who have done this at home. By understanding some basic techniques, you will not only do a perfect hair color in a cost-effective way but also damage your hair less by making no trial and error.

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Hair Coloring Techniques

Although this book is meant to give readers technical assistance in hair coloring, it’s equally useful for beginners as well. It lists down 17 hair coloring techniques that are easy to follow and right on spot to give you the perfect shade you want.

These hair colors are becoming trendy, and some are more popular than others depending on where you live. However, whether you are getting ready for winter in the north or getting ready for more sunshine in the south, you can look forward to changing your hair color to any of these listed above! And while you color your hair, don’t forget to take care of them; especially a hair color treatment shampoo and conditioner are a must.