What are the types and styles of beanie hats?

Did you know that beanie hats have been around since the Bronze Age? Keeping warm has been a human necessity since the dawn of time. The hat started as an essential accessory to stay healthy and alive. Over time, the hat has become a new fashion accessory.

One of the first hats that we know of today was work by a Bronze Age man called Ötzi, who lived around 3250 BC. His body and hat were discovered frozen in a mountain near Italy and Austria. The hat was made of bearskin with a chin strap, presumably, so it won’t fall off while he was hunting for food. Ötzi was wearing a hat that looked like a Russin fur hat without the flaps of several hides stitched together.

Today, almost endless types and styles of beanie hats are available. They range from contemporary to traditional; it is no longer just go-to headwear during the winter or cold season but a fashion trend even in summer. They have become a thing for everyone; elderly, youth, rich, or poor.

Buying a beanie can sometimes be overwhelming because of its countless types. Read on to know more about the various types and styles of beanie hats and what is good and for whom.

Different Types of Beanies.

American Mohair Beanie

A mohair beanie hat sits close to the head and can be tall or short, just like all other types, but it is made from the hair of an Angora goat. 

It originated in Brooklyn and has become a global fashion hit because of its durability and resilience. People love the material of this type of hat because it is super soft, fluffy, and comfortable. It dyes very quickly for various color options, and you can wear it with whatever outfit you wish. This hat can be a big help during cold months.

Animal Beanie

As the name suggests, animal beanies are made of animal fur but only as an accent instead of an all-over material. Usually, rabbits, alpaca, foxes, and other woodland animals can be used as material. 

It is a famous beanie hat because of its extreme warmth and luxe look. These types resemble the heads of animals, and there are many designs to choose from. Aside from the warmth it gives, it can also be used as a costume for a party.

Bluetooth Beanie

Female model wearing green knitted beanie with Bluetooth speakers

This type of beanie hat is best to wear while taking long walks and conducting business in the fresh outdoors. These hats are one of the newest additions to beanie types. The Bluetooth beanies are one of the newest types of beanie hats. These hats don’t only protect your head from the cold, but it also helps you stay connected. 

Bobble Beanie

Like a pom-pom beanie, a bobble beanie is characterized by a fluffy pom-pom that sits on top of a knitted beanie style. There is usually some form of ribbed knitting to balance out the heaviness of the pom-pom on top.

As for color and pattern, pom-pom hats can offer endless variety. These styles of beanies are also excellent holiday gifts.

Bones Beanie

Bones beanies are simple; they fit your skull like bones. It doesn’t have fuss nor frills; it is simply functional. They can come in any color but usually in dark neutral hues.

Brimmed beanies

The brimmed beanies are unique because they have a visor, like baseball caps. It protects your forehead and eyes from sunlight and falling snow stones. Like a slouch beanie, they can be like or have a standard fitted top. There are also some styles with ear flaps.

Cuffed beanie

It has a distinctive cuffed bottom that completely covers your ears and forehead—making it the best headgear during winter. The cuffed beanies are made of wool and cotton. When wearing cuffed beanies, you are leaving no room for any cold.

This design is a cuffless beanie’s alter-ego; they are essentially the same, only that this one has extra material folded to create a cuff around the lower edge of the hat. These are usually knit, or wool caps and people love them because of the extra layer of warmth it provides around the hat’s opening and excellent ear protection.

Cuffless beanies

The cuffless beanies are among the most popular types of various beanies; you can see them in almost every fashion store in various colors. They are called cuffless because they do not have extended material at the lower brim, unlike the cuffed beanies. They are best to wear when the weather is moderately hot or cold. Many Cuffless beanies come with printed logos, but you can find a plain one.

Earflap beanies

Child enjoying winter. Cute little boy in funny winter hat walks during a snowfall. Outdoors winter activities for kids.

Earflap beanies are children’s and teens’ favorite winter hats. It comes with flaps covering the ears and sometimes a strap running under the chin. They are shaped like the cuffless style but with extra material that comes down over the tops of the ears. They are great for kids, but anyone looking for extra warmth can wear them. This design usually comes with tassels that are both fashionable and functional. 

This beanie hat is usually of wool blend, though many different materials can be used.

Fisherman or short beanie

Short beanies are another new type in the fashion industry. They are made from a thick material to keep your head warm when fishing. The fisherman beanie is not easy to wear because the crown is shallow and only covers the top part of the head. And as the name suggests, this type was initially designed for fishermen who needed warmth in a style that would not get in their eyes. 

This type of beanie hat for men can be made with any material. For more warmth, go for a thicker knit.

Hand Knitted Beanie

Nothing beats the luxe feeling of a colorful chunky hand-knit hat. The hand-knitted beanies show craftsmanship and art.

These unique hats are usually made with natural fibers like super soft wool or organic cotton. 

High top beanie

A High-top beanie is made for both warmth and fashion. The best part of this hat? You can wear it in countless styles and look like a Hollywood star in a winter movie.

Don’t forget to wear the knitted section at the forefront of the head and make sure that it does not make your head look weird.

High-top beanies are like skull beanies but are much deeper so that the hat can stand tall atop your head. 

This beanie can be cuffed or cuffless and usually comes in simple colors, and are tightly ribbed.

Hipster Beanie

Although they are called hipster beanies, they can be a fashionable choice for anyone with style. These hats are usually tightly cropped and often cuffed, coming in different shades.

They are popular because of their comfort. This beanie borrows a mix of the cuffed beanie and the slouchy beanie, but it is more trendy and stylish. You can wear these beanies whole year-round.

Lid Beanie

Lid beanies are a pretty basic hat. They are timeless classics known for the feature fold at the top. The ‘lid’ usually comes in solid colors or a simple stripe design.

Parisian Beanie

happy stylish female outdoors in city park in winter

The Parisian beanie has that casual slouchy feel but is done in a beret style, so its signature circular shape is not lost. These are summer beanies characterized by a small knitted border and usually come in beautiful and delicate knit patterns.

Parisian beanies are more for the style than for warmth, and it is a pretty hat, usually in a lovely neutral or fashionable color.

PomPom Beanie

Adorible child girl with big blue eyes in grey wool knitted sweater and hat with white pompom looks at camera with hands on cheeks. Place for text, mock up, banner. Grey background.Handmade clothes

These hats usually come with a chunky knit and always contain a fluffy, soft pom-pom on top of the headgear that feels nice to the touch and looks elegant. 

Ponytail Beanie

A ponytail beanie is perfect for a ponytail. If you have a problem wearing a hat because of your long hair, this is the perfect solution to your problem. It comes with a small hole at the back so your hair can easily hang out. Best choice if you are planning to enjoy your favorite winter sport.

Propeller Beanie

Propeller beanies are colorful hats that usually fit close to the head and a spinning propeller that sits directly on top.

Kids love this hat because it is playful and fun. They are usually available in a fisherman hat style or a baseball cap fit. 

Ribbed Wool Beanie


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This beanie hat is a closely-knit ribbed look with wool, one of the warmest natural fibers. Natural fibers are fantastic because they aren’t synthetic and more sustainable than polyester and acrylic products.

Ski masks

Bad guys in movies and real-life usually use ski masks to hide their identity because they cover the head, face, and neck with holes cut out from the eyes and mouth. However, this hat was never really meant to form that purpose. They are supposed to help you beat the cold from the neck to the head. It is ideal for blocking all wind and preventing sunburn and chafing.

Slouch beanie

The slouch beanie is the only beanie without a cuffing at the brim. Because it is styled backward and sits comfortably over your ears, it creates a slouch hence its name. This beanie is still a big fashion piece today because it can give you various looks, whether you want the hipster vibe or need a hat to hold dreadlocks, or even look like a star like Taylor Swift and David Beckham were big fans of this beanie.

Many people love how this hat uses excess fabric to create stylish folds. Slouchy hats can come in any fabric: wool, cotton, acrylic, and polyester blends.

Tactical Beanies

Tactical hats are well-known for their touchable fabrics; they are usually simple, close-knit varieties in primary colors. These hats are usually made of fleece or a fleece blend and are great for kids.

Turban Beanie

The turban beanie is a close-fitting skull-like cap covering the ears and twisting at the top of the forehead providing a clean face. Turbans can be both a protective hairstyle for black hair and stylish for all. It’s not worn for warmth but more for functionality and style.

Visor Beanie

The visor beanie hat provides a few more inches over the face to protect your sensitive skin. Visor beanies usually have a cuff so that portion of the hat can quickly and seamlessly incorporate a visor into its look.

Waffles Beanie

These hats get their name from the square waffle design of the knit. While the tightly woven knit is flat, it contains extra pop of texture that will instantly enrich your look. The waffle design is tightly closed, making it super warm and stylish. 

Woven beanies

Woven beanies, also known as skullcaps, are considered the oldest beanie type. Archeologists discovered human skeletons with hats still intact on their skulls, hence the skullcap.

These beanies are made from leather, felt, or twill and can be worn to work or sports events. Women or men can wear them.

Beanies provide the best flexibility and the most warmth out of all the types of hats out there. Many people love them, making these beanies a perfect gift for anyone you know.