What Are the Best Celebrity Colognes for Men?

One of the perks of being a celebrity is that they can take advantage of their famous names by turning them into a label. Celebrities can promote their names all over the packaging of those fashionable things, namely: clothes, shoes, and perfumes.

However, not many people have a good impression of that “celebrity fragrance” stuff. Sometimes, it even leaves a bad smell (pardon the pun). Once reserved for the most respected Hollywood A-listers, celebrity fragrance has become somewhat of a marketing vehicle for anyone who has achieved instant (but somewhat undeserved) fame. Even someone who rose to popularity via a sex tape scandal can now market his or her own perfume.

But let’s put these celebrities’ backgrounds aside for a while, as this article judges these perfumes purely on their own merit. Despite the high-profile names, not all celebrity fragrances are created equal. Some are incredibly good, while others are really bad. But these celebrities know that their fans are willing to shell out their money, even on really high-priced stuff. Not to mention they have made cool millions from these perfumes!

Still, there are some best celebrity colognes that will convince even the most sensitive and discriminate olfactory senses. More so, lucky you if your idol’s signature fragrance happens to smell pleasant without making you gag.

As for celebrity men’s fragrances, it took a while for male celebrities to recognize their potential But they did jump on the bandwagon, with everyone from P. Diddy to David Beckham promoting a new fragrance. They range from mass-market drugstore bottles to high-end luxury labels.

You want to smell fresh like Jay Z? Or have a come-hither scent like Antonio Banderas that leaves a big impression on the ladies? If you want to wear those fragrances like your idols, check them out below:

Where to Buy
Sean John (P. Diddy)  – Unforgivable
David Beckham – Signature
Antonio Banderas – Blue Seduction
Usher – Usher
Pitbull – Man
Jay Z – Gold
Bruce Willis – Personal Edition
Cristiano Ronaldo – Legacy


1. Sean John (P. Diddy)  – Unforgivable

There is nothing unforgivable about Sean John’s Unforgivable scent. It is a reasonably-priced perfume, but smells a lot fancier than its much pricier celebrity cologne rivals. The bottle may look simple, but it also looks sleek, just like a bottle of top-shelf liquor. It features notes of juniper, Italian bergamot, green mandarin, and birch leaves. There are also hints of sparkling champagne. You only need a single spritz of it to last you for the whole day and you will definitely feel like a million bucks like P. Diddy!

2. David Beckham – Signature

Star English footballer David Beckham has released a string of fragrances. While some are unremarkable, others are woefully abysmal. But this cologne, Signature, hits it right. It’s available in various price ranges, and you can buy it at drug stores or at high-end department stores. Launched in 2008, Signature has a bright and citrusy scent and has notes of watermelon, patchouli, cypress, juniper berry, mandarin, and white amber. It has mossy hints, too, that lends a forest-y whiff as well.

You can also purchase a tester on Amazon (see link) to find out if you’re classy enough as David Beckham to wear this scent!

3. Antonio Banderas – Blue Seduction

A lot of men swear by Antonio Banderas’ “Seduction.” It is modern and stylish, and also reeks of masculinity. While the scent lives up to its name, it can also be a surprisingly safe ground as an everyday scent for the summer season. Both brooding men of substance, as well as fun-loving, outdoorsy guys, can wear this soft and subtle scent.

It is not as long-lasting as the other scents here on this list (re-applying is recommended if you plan to hit the nightclubs). But citing the price, Blue Seduction is a handy spray, especially for the warm weather.

4. Usher – Usher

You will never go wrong with Usher’s eponymous scent – it is so enticing that it will even take complete strangers by surprise and make them wonder where that pleasant scent comes from. It features notes of pineapple, verbena, lavender, violet, melon, sandalwood, and some pungent hints coming from pepper and musk. Clearly, Usher is a scent for the debonair. If you want to impress the ladies at a swanky bar or casino, you’ve got to wear this scent. It’s the scent that makes everyone around you say, “Yeah!”

5. Pitbull – Man

At the first whiff of the Man, rapper Pitbull’s signature scent, it immediately recalls fun nightlife and trips to the world’s famous cities, which exactly inspired this fragrance. While it is a masculine scent, it brings an unexpected twist of floral and the sexy notes of verbena and woods. At first spritz, it brings top notes of citrus, sage, and cardamom. As it stays in you, the middle notes of violet and woods surface, and then it finally descends into the seductive base notes of tonka bean, vetiver grass, amber, and musk.

6. Jay Z – Gold

Jay Z entered into the foray of fragrance for the first time with Gold in 2013. Fortunately for a lot of Jay Z’s fans who want to wear his scent, you can also score them at super-affordable prices (depending on the size of the bottle and the packaging).

It features top notes of ginger, grapefruit, cardamom, and blueberry – one scathing review compares its smell to blueberry muffins! But before you jump to negative conclusions, the middle notes will remind you of more masculinity with vetiver grass incorporated with pink peppercorns, violet leaf, and lavender. Finally, the base notes come with a comfortable blend of amber, teak, vanilla, and myrrh.

7. Bruce Willis – Personal Edition

Bruce Willis is the last person you’d think who will wear a specific fragrance, let alone market his own. Yes, he’s world-famous, ridiculously wealthy, once married to a famous actress, but he’s hardly the style icon or red-carpet slave.

That said, if you have a big name and millions of bucks, you can do whatever the heck you want, so how about marketing your own perfume? Whatever Willis’ reason for launching a perfume is none of our business. Fortunately for the Die Hard and The Sixth Sense actor, he does something right in his first fragrance venture. Personal Edition is a pleasant surprise – it is a masculine, mature and full-bodied scent. It happily marries citrusy and peppery top notes, smoky heart notes of tobacco, and finally, base notes of leather and agarwood. The fragrance perfectly suits a “man’s man,” just like Willis.

8. Cristiano Ronaldo – Legacy

For the spornosexual males who want to be well-groomed and smelling fresh after kicking away at a football field or hitting the gym, there’s nothing wrong if they try Cristiano Ronaldo’s Legacy perfume. Legacy is said to be the famous Portuguese striker’s signature scent. It melds a crazy variety of fragrances: the top notes combine bergamot, cinnamon, green apple, and lavender. The heart notes bring aromatic whiffs of orris root, cedar, violet, peony, rosemary, and sage. Finally, the base notes are a combo of fragrances coming from ambergris, patchouli, and vetiver.

That said, the amalgam of various scents won’t assault your nostrils. Legacy is a wonderful and pleasant scent, best paired with a puffed jacket and late-night parties in Ibiza.