What are the Basics Needed in Any Handbag?

One of the essential lessons adulthood has taught us about going out of the house is “to always leave prepared.” Knowing some fascinating handbag facts and what items to always include inside them ultimately removes the hassle out of the equation. Such things can save us from all the nasty, unprecedented troubles that may come right out of the blue.

We can’t put everything inside our handbag. It’s not only dragging, but it also ruins our outfit and can be pretty inconvenient than helpful. So, to give you tips, here is our list of the essential items that need to be ever-present in your handbag.



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1. Spare House Keys

For us forgetful lot who always get locked out of the house, we agree that having a spare key or two inside our bag is a total lifesaver. It doesn’t only make our lives easier, but it also makes us mentally at peace.

2. Card Holder

In this modern age of cashless transactions, having a cardholder becomes a top priority, especially for people who love shopping and grown adults who get the groceries for the family. Debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and discount cards can be conveniently organized (and secured) using a cardholder, so having one in your handbag.

3. Hand Sanitizer

Whatever you do, wherever you go, a hand sanitizer will always come in handy. Having a hand sanitizer tucked inside your handbag will help protect you from viruses and bacteria that may come in contact with other people. Hand sanitizers are also ideal for disinfecting your stuff after being in contact with dirt and other contaminants.

4. Face Mask

Face masks also protect you and the people around you, especially when you’re feeling sick—wearing a mask when commuting or driving to work or school keeps you from the threat of pollution. It limits the spread of the sickness-causing virus, which can be life-threatening for people whose immune system is weak.

5. Moisturizer

Another basic stuff that should be in your handbag is a moisturizer. Having a skin moisturizer ready keeps your skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day long. You need not worry about dry elbows and flaky skin when you have a tube of moisturizing cream on the go.

6. Lip balm

You can always have a lush, hydrated lip when you constantly carry a lip balm stick in your purse. A lip balm stick will ensure you won’t get dry and chapped lips no matter the season. A lip balm enhances our looks and protects our lips from dehydration, which can be highly, annoyingly ugly.

7. Hair Ties and Hair Brush

Worry less about having dry and frizzy hair by always carrying hair ties and hairbrushes. Having this handy stuff is essential for those unexpected moments where you need to be on your best look. Imagine coming for an interview with your hair tossed in all angles and having no way of fixing it!

8. Wet Wipes or Tissue Paper

Wet wipes are convenient items that you can use multi purposely. You can use it to wipe off stains on your dress, disinfect your hands, and wipe your face squeaky clean. Make sure, though, that the wet wipes are safe for your skin, as some people might be allergic to chemicals present in them.

If you are not a fan of wet wipes, tissue papers can also be an excellent alternative.


9. Phone Charger and a Power Bank

We had to admit; we couldn’t help it. Most of us spend most of our time with our smartphones exploring social media, and sometimes we don’t notice how much time has passed. When leaving the house, make sure that you have brought your phone charger or a power bank to keep your phone charged so you stay connected with your social media followers.

A charged phone comes in handy during unprecedented occasions as well. You can quickly ask for help using your smartphone during emergencies and unexpected occurrences. Likewise, you can always be prepared to take photos and videos when needed.

10. Meds and Plaster

We can’t undermine the importance of having these items in our handbags. It is only sensible to bring just the right amount of meds, especially if you have ongoing treatments for allergies and illnesses. Plasters are also pretty handy for accidental slips and minor cuts that need immediate care.

If you plan on going somewhere that might take a long ride, better leave prepared with medicines that will help you get through motion sickness or unexpected diarrhea attacks.

11. Umbrella

Nowadays, weather can be very, very unpredictable. One minute it’s super sunny; the next one, it’s a massive downpour. So, unless you plan to dance through the rain on your way home, make sure to bring a foldable umbrella that fits inside your handbag.

Choose an umbrella that fits perfectly in your handbag and ensure that it doesn’t consume most of the space. If you do, you will end up with a bulky bag with items bulging from the inside. Select a small but functional one that matches your fashion and personality.