What are Makeup Remover Wipes and What are Their Benefits?

One of the worst cosmetic crimes you can commit is to sleep in your makeup, which will lead to some skin problems in the long term. Still, we totally get how tiring it might be to have to go through a full skincare process all over again every night before bed. It might be a pain to remove waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

While it’s essential to maintain a morning skincare routine, it’s more crucial to cleanse your face at night and apply your evening skincare products. It’s a good thing that makeup wipes make this crucial pre-care routine task a little less laborious. Makeup, sweat, and other impurities can clog pores and slow down your skin’s natural cleansing process, but with these handy wipes, you can remove them all in a matter of seconds.

The Benefits of Alcohol-Free Wipes

Wipes that remove makeup without alcohol are preferable to traditional make-up removers since they are gentler on the skin, even for those with sensitive skin. Alcohol is potent and quickly drains the skin’s protective layer, leaving it dry and irritated. Alcohol can cause skin to constrict, which can lead to a narrowing of pores. Alcohol has a drying effect on the skin, making it even more painful for those who already experience discomfort from skin cracks and acne. Because alcohol evaporates so quickly, it can irritate the skin and make it dry, aggravating preexisting conditions like severe acne and skin splits. Alcohol can irritate the skin of those who are already susceptible, but alcohol-free wipes alleviate this problem. However, if you know you have sensitive skin or an acne condition, it’s best to read the components used in any make-up removal wipe before using it. 

Makeup removal wipes have the added benefit of preventing your washcloths from becoming permanently soiled. Those who prefer not to use make-up removal wipes at all might opt for alternatives such as make-up wash towels. Also, they are practical and simple to operate.

Is it Safe to Use Makeup Remover Wipes?

Makeup remover wipes are great for when you don’t have time to wash your face, but do they help your skin in the long run? Let’s be honest here: these wipes are great and will save you a ton of time. While they can clean our skin adequately, they are not the ideal option.

Experts in the field of skincare agree that face wipes aren’t a suitable replacement for your regular washing procedure, especially after wearing a lot of makeup.

An issue they raise is that people aren’t likely to give their faces a thorough rinsing after using these wipes. You normally spray water on your face several times and rinse it well to get rid of any leftover cleanser. Most people who use wipes don’t bother with this last step, meaning they’re basically leaving the alcohol and other chemicals that are in the wipes on their faces. This can cause your skin to become more sensitive, develop inflammation, and experience pore blockage.

Applying too much force to your skin, especially around the eyes, when using face wipes is a problem. You might prematurely age your skin by repeatedly causing it to tug, especially in more fragile regions.

Wipes are insufficient if you have acne-prone skin. They can aggravate acne by spreading germs and debris all over your face and making it red and irritated. Use wipes sparingly and rely on your regular cleansers instead.

Makeup Remover Cleanser Wipes vs. Face Cleanser Wipes

Face cleanser wipes and makeup remover wipes are very similar, with only a few minor changes. Cosmetic remover wipes are precisely designed to remove foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, and other makeup products while also cleansing your face. Face cleanser wipes are used to wash and perhaps remove makeup.

Despite their similarity, if you are just using wipes for your cleansing routine, make sure you utilize both! After removing your makeup using makeup remover wipes, cleanse with a face cleanse wipe. You will benefit from both, resulting in a deeper detox than if you only used one.

Tips for Using Makeup Remover Wipes

Removing makeup

Follow these simple steps if you want to get the most out of your makeup remover wipes:

1. Rinse your face with water as soon as possible to get rid of any of the wipes’ ingredients that might still be on your face.

2. Don’t use wipes near your eyes or lips, which are two of the most sensitive parts of your face and can get irritated more easily. Use an eye makeup remover wipe that has been made especially for this sensitive area. This will not only get rid of dirt, but it can also remove eye makeup, even waterproof mascara, very well.

3.If you have dry skin, put moisturizer on your skin after using the wipes.

4. Don’t use wipes that have a scent or fragrance because these things have been known to make pain worse. It’s better to use makeup remover wipes that don’t have any alcohol or perfume in them. This way, your skin will feel clean and still be cared for.

5. Use the wipes carefully, because the wiping motion is rougher on the skin than just washing your face with water. Wipe from the bottom up and from the inside out to keep dirt and grime from getting into the skin.

What to Think About When Buying Makeup-Removing Wipes

Skin Sensitivity

If you’ve used face wipes that made your skin feel like it was burning and stinging, your skin is probably too sensitive for the formula. If you know you have sensitive skin, look for hypoallergenic and gentle formulas. You should also stay away from wipes that have alcohol, essential oils, or added fragrances. Always do a patch test on your arm before using a new skin care product on your face to make sure you won’t have an allergic reaction or any kind of skin irritation.

But formulas aren’t the only things that can irritate your skin. Swiping your makeup remover wipes too hard can also irritate your skin. Use light, gentle strokes when using a makeup remover wipe so you don’t irritate your skin. But if you stroke your face as gently as you would a newborn kitten and it still burns, there’s probably something in the formula that’s causing the irritation.


Makeup remover wipes aren’t all created equal, and certain types aren’t effective. Having to throw away a whole container of cosmetic wipes because they dried out before you even opened them and irritated your skin is a major pain. Keep in mind that your skin may react differently to various wipes, so always perform a patch test beforehand.


We have to talk about the big elephant in the room, which is how makeup wipes affect the environment. Single-use makeup removing wipes are terrible for the environment. According to the Food and Drug Administration, most makeup wipes on the market are made of polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, or rayon fibers, many of which don’t break down in the environment.

There are some options that are biodegradable and can be composted, but they still take a long time to break down. If you want a more eco-friendly option, we suggest buying a few cotton rounds that you can use over and over again. They do the same job without hurting the environment or irritating your skin.

DIY: Makeup Remover Wipes

These do-it-yourself wipes moisturize the skin while gently cleaning it. They will leave you with skin that looks healthy, smooth, and glowing. They’re also a quick and easy way to take off your makeup when you’re on the go, helping with the kids, or just too tired to get out of bed.

Melaleuca, also known as Tea Tree, essential oil is used in this recipe because it is known to clean and refresh the skin. Melaleuca also helps reduce the look of blemishes and calms skin irritations, which makes it a great addition to this do-it-yourself recipe.


2 tablespoons of witch hazel

2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil

2 tablespoons distilled water 

2 tablespoons distilled water Melaleuca (Tea Tree) oil

Roll of toilet paper


1. Stir witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil, and water together in a small bottle.

2. Add Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil.

3. Use a knife with a serrated edge to cut the roll of paper towels in half across its width, and then take the tube out of one half.

4. Put the half that doesn’t have the tube in a container that won’t let air in, and then pour the solution over the roll.

5. Put the lid back on and shake.

6. To use, pull the wipes out from the middle and wipe your face clean.


The most effective makeup remover wipes are those that remove makeup and debris with a single swipe and leave the skin feeling soft and hydrated. If you wear little to no makeup, you may be able to get away with using only wipes, but remember that no wipe can ever replace a cleanser and clean water.