What are Gladiator Sandals?

Gladiator sandals are open-toe shoes with several wide cross straps holding the sole and a wide strap around the ankle. They have been around for centuries, Roman soldiers originally wore them in combat, but now modern versions are famous fashion footwear for men and women.

Gladiator sandals are made from leather or synthetic materials and come in various colors with an embroidery design on the front straps. Some gladiator sandals have a back strap that goes around the heel.

Gladiator sandals were designed to be comfortable and perfect for walking. With backstraps that go around the heel, it stays securely attached. These perfectly ventilated sandals go well with various outfits, perfect for women with long legs. They look great paired with shorts, skirts, and dresses.

There are tall heels and thick wedges to choose from to make your feet look fabulous. Although, comfort is an essential factor in choosing a pair of gladiator sandals. If you intend to use them for walking around all day, make sure the straps are not too tight and have enough cushioning. They are perfect for hot summertime weather and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The sandals became popular again among the general crowd in the 1960s when miniskirts were a fashion trend. The gladiator sandals complimented the women’s legs to complete the look of the mini skirt. World-famous designers and brands turned to the Gladiator sandals seeing them as the perfect sandals to pair with a skirt. For a more modern look, designers added decorations to them.

The gladiator sandals were affiliated with the Amazon Xena and instantly became the symbol of powerful women. Many female celebrities have worn gladiator sandals in recent years, such as Beyonce, Emily Blunt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kendal Jenner, Mary Kate Olsen, Naomi Campbell, and Sarah Jessica Parker. 

What Made Gladiator Sandals Famous?

The gladiator sandals have a simple design, but they are very comfortable and light. They can be worn all day with a wide variety of outfits to match them. Because the sandals are flat, they help maintain the correct body posture.

Types Of Gladiator Sandals

Knee-high Greek gladiator sandals

The gladiator sandals also have a wide variety of designs. There is a suitable pair to match any personality and fashion taste. The gladiator sandals are categorized into two: the style of strapping they have and the type of the sole’s heel.

The Style of Strapping

Gladiator Sandals by the beach

The style of strapping is the largest gladiator sandals category. 

The Slide – is one of the most famous pairs. It is a simple design yet very common for women and men during the summer. It is perfect footwear when one is on holiday; there is nothing better to wear on the beach.

The Back Strap Sandals – these sandals are close to the slides’ design, but they have one extra strap around the ankle that makes the shoes steadier for the foot. These sandals are ideal for a day of strolling around the shops. 

The Ankle Strap Sandals – are similar to the back strap sandals.

The Laced-up Sandals – these sandals are a perfect match for shorts, skirts, or dresses. The laces can be tied up however you want and as high on the leg as possible. They can be used as a part of your accessories to enhance your outfit and show your legs.

Girl holding a zipper back gladiator sandals

There are also Zipper Back sandals that are the easiest to wear, gladiator sandals. Other non-conventional gladiator sandals are the closed-toe sandals inspired by closed-toe flats, and strapped sandals with braids, giving them a more girly look. There are also other sandals decorated with rhinestones giving it a fancy look, and sometimes with leather shaped into wings on the ankle strap, just like the sandals of the god Hermes.

The Heels

Sedge style gladiator sandals

As mentioned, there are different styles of heels to choose from. It’s up to you to choose the style that makes you comfortable and for what occasion. For casual everyday use, there are flat gladiator sandals. For an exciting girls’ night out, wedges or platform sandals are the usual choices for women. For a more formal occasion, you can go for high-heeled lace-up sandals. 

How to Choose Gladiator Sandals

Brown Gladiator sandals and some accessories

Before deciding to buy a pair of gladiator sandals, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect pair for yourself.

In choosing a gladiator sandal for yourself, the most important thing to consider is the height and shape of your legs. If you have thin or lean legs, you may choose a wide strap sandal. If not, you can go for a narrow or thin strap style. 

Aside from the shape, another essential factor to consider in buying a pair of sandals is the color; make sure it complements your skin tone. There are many colors, such as browns, metallic hues, nudes, and taupes.

Depending also on the shape of your foot, you may choose between short or long variants.

What Outfit Looks Good With Gladiator Sandals?

One advantage of gladiator sandals is that the laces can be adjusted as high or low to complement your legs. You can be in with the summer trend with the right outfit. Whether you prefer to wear casual-chic outfits or boho, or you are a more girly style type of person, there is a perfect pair of gladiator sandals to complete the outfit.

The most common outfit during summer is a pair of shorts. With your favorite gladiator sandals, you are ready to go for brunch on a sunny morning. If you don’t like wearing shorts, you can wear a zip culotte and tie your sandals low, up to your ankle. 

If you are not comfortable with shorts, ankle-length gladiator sandals make the perfect pair for skinny jeans, a stretch tee, a sloppy-joe top, or even a svelte crop top. Although, wearing a skirt or dress would give you a more girly look if that’s what you are after. 

To complete that summer outfit, don’t forget to use some accessories such as a hat, belt, and last but not least, your purse.