Wear a Stylish Women’s Belt to Work

A belt can change the entire feel of an outfit. In fact, they are very astute in conveying emotions as well. A good belt can make any outfit look glamorous, professional, vibrant, and serious. In a professional environment, a belt can give your look an edge of sophistication and power.  Not just clothes, a well-matched belt can flatter your figure as well. However, it can be quite difficult to style an outfit with a belt. Worry not, we’ve got you. Here is everything you need to know about wearing a belt to work. 

Are Belts a Necessity on Work Pants?

Belts are considered a very important accompaniment to a man’s dress pants. However, the same goes for women as well. Dress pants look better with a belt because of how they are made. A belt holds the pants in place and creates a stark contrast between the blouse and pants. The rule of thumb is, if the pants have belt loops, belts should be worn. You can avoid wearing a belt if there are no belt loops available. If you still want to, you can wear a rope or braided belt over your dress. Both of these belts will go very well over blazers as well. 

If the outfit is a matching suit, not wearing a belt is a better choice. This is because wearing a matching suit creates a continuous line. This line gives the impression of height and grace. Wearing a belt with a matching suit breaks that line and gives the illusion of being short and plumpy. On the other hand, when wearing separate pants and a shirt, a belt helps draw attention to the individual components of the outfit. Again, for women that are very tall, wearing a belt with a matching suit may help. The belt will help draw attention away from their height.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Women’s Belt

The Style That Suits Your Figure

If your hips are the defining part of your figure, you have a pear-shaped body. To adjust your hips against your torso, wear a normal width belt. Belts are worn just below the chest to create a nice flair. If your torso and hips are defined, with your waist cinched in the middle, you have an hourglass figure. Statement belts with large buckles suit people with an hourglass figure well.

Women who have a full figure overall have an apple-shaped body. A belt worn just below the waist helps give a delicate look. People with inverted triangle body shapes should wear skinny belts, and stay away from excessive details.

Girls who have a rectangle body frame can give the illusion of curves using the right belt. Adding a belt to the narrowest part of your waist will help accentuate it, and give the impression of curves. On the other hand, girls with short waists should steer clear of wide belts or statement buckles. Skinny belts with small buckles help take away from the slimness of their waist.


Match Your Belt With Your Shoes

The rule when wearing colored belts is to make sure you match your belt to your shoes. This rule is considered extremely important for both men and women both. If you don’t have an exact matching to your belt, here’s what you should do. If you’re wearing a brightly colored belt, make sure your shoes are nude. If you’re wearing a warm-toned belt, like leather, your shoes should also be warm-toned. 

The Right Way to Wear a Belt

Men wear their belts in an anti-clockwise manner. On the other hand, women wear their belts clockwise. The belt should go left from right. This is because of the difference in the way both genders button their pants. Make sure you wear the belt in the right direction. 

Statement Belts Go With Monochrome Outfits

A monochrome outfit is an outfit that is only one color. A statement belt helps give it a pop of color and adds a little bit of personality to an originally bland outfit. Black and white monochrome pantsuits are also perfect to wear statement belts with.

Leather Belts Go With Warm Nude Shades

Leather belts are the perfect addition to warm nude shades. Colors like beige, cream, coffee and brown, all work well with a leather belt. The warm color of the belt, paired with the warm tones of the outfit, gives a very cozy and earthy feel. Leather belts with warm nudes are the perfect pairing for winter and autumn. The best part is that it won’t look odd when it comes to professionalism at the office. 


Avoid Studded Belts

While statement belts give your outfit an edge, studded belts are inappropriate for an office environment. The bling of all those rhinestones takes away from the sophisticated feel an office worker should have. Studded belts give more of a punk and rock feel. An office belt should be graceful and elegant.

Best Women Belts to Wear to Work

Where to Buy
Pack 2 Women Belts by UnFader
Women Skinny Leather Belt by LeaCoolKey
Marimber 2 Pack Fashion Skinny Belts For Women

1. Pack 2 Women Belts by UnFader

Pack 2 Women Belts by UnFader

 Fashion at the office requires everyone to be simple and elegant. For this reason, these 2 belts are going to be the perfect accessory for an outfit. They are simple yet eye-catching thereby creating your impression without violating any dress code. These belts particularly look stylish due to the buckle that is attached to them. There is a double ring closure so that you can easily wear the belt as well as have the perfect lock for it as well. 

The best part is that you get 2 belts for a nominal price tag. These two colors (yellow and black) can be worn with a variety of shirts. Use the black one with lighter shades and the yellow one with darker shades. The best part? The company has a 1-year free exchange and refund policy so that you have a stress-free purchase. Keep in mind that there are 4 different sizes available in this belt including Small (25” to 30” waist), Medium (31” to 36” waist), Large (37” to 42” waist), and Extra Large (42” to 47” waist). 

2. Women Skinny Leather Belt by LeaCoolKey

Women Skinny Leather Belt by LeaCoolKey

If you find the first option too simple, there is something else that we consider a bit fancy yet it can be considered as the perfect stylish women’s belt to work. This is a pack of three belts where you get multiple combinations and you can choose the most appropriate one. There are three colors which include white, brown, and black. 

As far as the material is concerned, these belts have been made of PU Leather and come with a gold metal pin buckle. Furthermore, these belts can resist rough usage as well because they have high toughness. Even if you splash water on them, they are easy to clean. The soft texture makes them quite comfortable to wear while making sure that your fashion goals stay on point. There are 5 different sizes you can choose from which offer a waist size variation between 21” and 45”. 

3. Marimber 2 Pack Fashion Skinny Belts For Women

Marimber 2 Pack Fashion Skinny Belts For Women

Another great option we have for women who want a classy belt to wear at work is the 2-pack being offered by Marimber. The 2 colors are black and light skin tone. Unlike the belts we mentioned above, this one has been made with 80% PU Leather while the rest of it is alloy. Therefore, they have to be hand washed. With a pull-through closure, wearing this belt becomes quite easy. 

The best part about these belts is that they can be a part of your formal dressing as well as casual dressing. Use the skin tone belt with darker colors and matching shoes while using the black belt with lighter colors but matching shoes. The high-quality leather, as well as precise manufacturing, has given these belts a strength that will ensure that they last long. This belt also has 4 different sizes to choose from.

  Pack 2 Women Belts by UnFaderWomen Skinny Leather Belt by LeaCoolKeyMarimber 2 Pack Fashion Skinny Belts For Women
MaterialFaux LeatherPU Leather80% PU Leather / 20% Alloy
Sizes4 Size Option (S, M, L, XL)5 Size Option (S, M, L, XL, XXL)4 Size Option (S, M, L, XL)
DesignSimple FormalSkinny FormalCasual + Formal
Package Size2 Belts2 Belt, 3 Belt, 4 Belt2 Belts
Gift PackagingYesNoNo

Expert Recommendation

Based on the information above, our suggestion is to go with the belts being offered by “UnFader”. Not only are they highly professional but they also have a good color scheme. The customer reviews also suggest that these belts have done a great job in upbringing fashion and elegance among women. Moreover, you will be having a stress-free purchase because of the 1-year warranty. As an alternative, you can go for the belts by LeaCoolKey as they have multiple combinations as well as they offer one extra size as well. Women who are looking for a skin tone belt as a specific option should consider the Marimber 2 Pack Belts.

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Ideas to Wear a Belt at Work for Women

A Maxi Dress with a Braided Belt

Maxis are in fashion with people wearing them everywhere from weddings to offices. The perfect choice for a maxi dress is a braided belt. Braided belts are usually made of leather, and their rich color, as well as their impeccable creation gives any maxi an elegant feel. 

The color palette is also another benefit of this look. You can wear braided belts with maxis of any color. Dark blues, shades of purple and lighter colors, all work very well. Even the light colors can range from browns and cream to pink and orange. Remember that the higher up your belt is on your dress, the higher your outfit would be.

A Skinny Belt with a Pant Suit

A skinny belt works well to provide a lot of structure and fit a pantsuit. At the same time, it does not overpower the subtle sophistication of a good power suit. A skinny belt also creates the perfect way to play with colors. You could wear the most outrageous and bold colors, and because the belt is so thin, it will automatically understate it. Therefore, choose an appropriate color combination with regards to your dress. 


Wear a Matching Belt

This is especially useful for women with short height. These can cinch your waists, adding structure to your look. At the same time, they do not break the continuous line of the dress you are wearing, thus, giving the illusion of length.

A Wide Belt with a Loose Blouse

A wide belt and loose blouse combination are perfect for people with pear, or inverted triangle-shaped bodies. These are people with wider hips and slimmer torsos. The loose blouse helps give their torsos a wider appearance and balances them against their hips. A wide belt in the middle, cinches the waist, creating curves. People with rectangle or straight bodies can also benefit from this style. 

A Bright Belt with a Black Outfit

Whether a black suit, skirt, or dress, a bright belt adds a pop of color and personality to all of them. An orange belt especially stands out. Just be sure to keep your shoes and bag either black or matching the bright color of your belt. 

A Belt with a Pencil Skirt

You can wear belts with pencil skirts in a lot of different ways. You can wear wide belts, skinny belts, or even belts with normal widths. If you choose a skinny belt, belt it 1 cm below the line where you have tucked the top of your skirt. For a wide belt, it is best to wear it more towards the top than the bottom. This will help create an hourglass figure.

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Belts can give life to any office outfit. The trick is to make sure you add enough character to your outfits, that they look bold. But keep them so tasteful that they don’t look overdone. If choosing a bright color, choose skinny belts. When choosing wide belts, keep the color of the belt subtle.

If you’re wearing an outfit with a bold color, choose a plain black or brown belt. Also, when wearing statement belts, avoid any jewelry. Make sure the outfit you choose is very plain too. A statement belt is made for this exact reason, to be the center of attention. Follow the above-mentioned tips to match style and professionalism at the office.