Ways to Accessorize Yourself for a Prom Night

Women who are going to attend a prom have common questions in their minds, “What should I wear?” and “How should I accessorize?” Aside from finding the perfect dress and choosing the right hairstyle, you also have to decide on what prom night accessories to wear, including pieces of jewelry, hairpins, and bags. That is quite overwhelming, right?
Before you start thinking about the accessories you like, you need to keep in your mind the color and style of the dress that you will be wearing. It’s because you need to ensure that you sparkle and shine on your prom night without too much or too few accessories. You have the option to go with classic silver or gold accessories, and as well as with other kinds of accessories, depending on your outfit.

To prevent you from overthinking and being stressed out on your prom night prep, we are here to help you. Today, we are going to give you the best ways to accessorize yourself for a prom night.

Know What Type of Prom Night Accessories to Choose

The secret to accessorizing well on prom night is picking out the best accessories that will match your dress. You need to ensure that they are well incorporated with the color of your dress. For example, if your prom dress does not have any shiny or glittery details, you can choose accessories that sparkle, such as diamonds. You can also consider visiting jewelry stores dallas to explore more options. However, if your dress already has sparkling embellishments, you will need to find accessories with the same sheen, whether it is gold, silver, bronze, and other gemstones.

Here are the different prom accessories and how to choose the perfect one for each:

1. Earrings

When choosing prom earrings, it will depend mainly on your hairstyle and the top-part details of your dress or gown. If your dress has a lot of details around the shoulder and neck area, the best earrings should be smaller. But if the dress is strapless or has smooth details on the top, then choose a larger and more sparkling pair of earrings.

If you are wearing your hair down, you don’t need to wear big earrings. But if your hair would be up or tied, then you can wear bigger and more detailed earrings. The color of your earrings will depend on the entire appearance of your look.

Here are some examples of prom earrings:

2. Necklaces

For prom night, you can choose between two styles of necklaces. One is the choker style, and the other one is the maxi collar with glitters and rhinestones. The rule in accessorizing with necklaces is pretty simple. If you are wearing a strapless dress or gown, you can opt for a glitzy necklace. If it has a deeper neckline, then choose a longer necklace to enhance the natural lining of your dress. For dresses with straight or higher necklines, you can wear shorter necklaces. However, if your dress is already decorated around the bust, then you can leave it clear and skip wearing a necklace.


Here are some prom necklaces that you might want to look at:

3. Tiaras and Headbands

Wearing a tiara to prom night does not mean you need to pick one that is big. In fact, the smaller the tiara is, the more elegant and classier it can look. It is also perfect for women who have short hairstyles. When choosing a tiara, opt for one that matches your dress, hairstyle, and other accessories you have to make your look more sophisticated. If ever you do not want to wear a tiara or if you feel that it’s too much, then you can instead go for a jeweled headband or a hairpiece with sequins.


Here are some beautiful tiaras and headbands for prom night:

4. Bracelets

There are many bracelets out there that can help you compose your prom style. For a sleek and balanced look, you can opt for a sophisticated one with a good finish. What you need to do is find harmony between elements that are closer. If you are going to use a heavy bracelet, you should avoid wearing flashy necklaces and rings. Another important thing to consider when wearing a bracelet is the sleeves of your dress. If it has long sleeves, then you can skip wearing any bracelet. And if your dress is very detailed, you need to wear a simpler bracelet.


Here are the best bracelets that are perfect for prom night:

5. Rings

The same rules apply when choosing what ring to wear. It should have balance and harmony between sizes, colors, and details. Choose a delicate piece that can make your style look more romantic and feminine. You can choose shinier pieces like double rings with jewels to complement other simple elements on your attire.


Here are the best rings you can wear to prom:

6. Clutches

Clutches are the perfect choice if you are thinking of what bag to use on prom night. They are designed to bring an extra elegant look to your style as they make a statement while holding all your prom night essentials. Clutches come in many styles. There are printed ones and plain ones too. You can also find some that have exquisite details, including laces, sequins, embroideries, and jewels.


When choosing a clutch bag, you need to consider the color of your gown and accessories. You also have a choice between a clutch or a wristlet. If you are not wearing any bracelets, then you can choose to use a wristlet instead. Aside from being stylish, it also saves you from leaving it behind.

Here are some of the elegant-looking clutches you can use for prom night:

Choosing what accessories to wear for a prom night can be time-consuming, but doing it right leads to a perfect and gorgeous look. We hope the techniques, ideas, and tips we shared in this post will help you in putting together a wonderful look for your upcoming prom night. In fact, these tricks can also work for other formal evening events that you will be attending.