Very Cool and Very Fashionable Ring Watches

Do you find it annoying to have to stop what you are doing in order to look at your watch to see what time it is? If you are writing or typing, it would be so much simpler to look down at your fingers to see the time. In such cases, determining the time of day would be much easier with a ring watch.

Or do you want to make a fun and unusual fashion statement?  A watch on a ring definitely will get some looks and hopefully a few positive comments!  Take some time to look around on the internet and you’d be likely to find a ring watch that will fit your taste budget.

A Brief History of Ring Watches

Some might think that ring watches are a recent trend in ring or watch fashion. Actually, ring watches are not a new fashion statement, although they are coming back into vogue. They’ve been around since at least 1890. In 1911, a Swiss watchmaker created a ring watch that was capable of running for at least 46 hours without winding. The watch, fitted with unbreakable glass, was worn on the finger like any other ring.

After the early 1900s, the ring watch came into favor again in the late 1960s. Traditional items were consistently revamped for a new generation even back then. One of the things that received a new look was the wristwatch, with watchmakers reducing the size to make them fit on the finger. Unfortunately, the ring watch did not catch on in spite of the expected convenience.

Mystery Ring Watch found in 400 Year Old Tomb

A very old ring watch has some archaeologists completely baffled. This is a 100-year-old Swiss ring watch in an ancient tomb that was believed to be sealed more than 400 years ago.

Archaeologists believed that they were the first to visit the Ming dynasty grave in Shangsi, China since it was originally sealed. However, inside the tomb, they uncovered a miniature ring watch in the shape of a ring marked ‘Swiss’ that is thought to be just a century old. A mystery indeed!

Finding Your Own Ring Watch

Today, you can find a number of new watchmakers selling the ring watch. You can find some older models as well, but they’re rare and demand a premium price. The most expensive ring watches will cost over $50,000 and are dripping with diamonds, but you can find several cheaper alternatives. In fact, if you look at, or other websites online, you can find a variety of ring watches for less than $10.

Here are a few of the watches you can find online if you take the time to look:

Where to Buy
Carepeutic Health Love Ring
Ladies Finger Ring Watch Chic White Glittery Rhinestone
ZLOLIA Dial Quartz Analog Watch Creative Steel Cool Elastic Quartz Finger Ring Watch
Quartz Finger Ring Watch-  Bezel Stainless Steel Round Analog Ring Watch for Men and Women(White)
YLucy Vintage Owl Ring Watches Fashion Girls Ring Finger Watches
JewelryWe Men Women Finger Watch Creative Elastic Round Quartz

1. JewelryWe Men Women Finger Watch Creative Elastic Round Quartz Finger Ring Watches

This cute and smart-looking watch provides accurate time with its simple dial with big numbers so you can check the time quickly. In terms of its built, this ring watch is proven tough as it is made with polished alloy band and case; its glass is also scratch-resistant. It’s 100% wear-resistant and durable in any kind of weather condition.  You will also like its elastic strap that makes the watch easy to wear and can be removed from your hands in no time. And in terms of its design, this ring watch perfectly combines a practical watch and a watch that is up for decoration purposes only- because of its stunning design! This cool watch easily matches any kind of getup and is fit to use on any kind of occasion.

2. Carepeutic Heart Rate Monitor Ring

Heath nuts will be happy to know that they can now wear a ring watch for measuring and tracking their heart rate, calories, steps, and workout sessions. This ring watch will make a decent gift for anyone who regularly exercises or wants to get in shape. It’s a convenient accessory, with a large LED screen so you won’t have to squint to see the data.

There are about 6 functions in this ring watch, including a clock, a calorie counter, a pedometer, a stopwatch, and a heart rate monitor. There’s also a display for telling you how much distance you’ve covered.  The design itself is flexible, with an elastic material that will fit most users.

3. Rosallini Ladies Elastic Black Band Rhinestone Case Finger Ring Watch

The black elastic band on the Rosallini ring watch makes it suitable for people with all finger sizes. When you have those special occasions or just don’t want to wear a wristwatch, this is the option you might be looking for. It has a glittery rhinestone and a classy design that will go with almost any outfit.  

The user reviews for this ring watch have been mostly positive, reporting that it’s a conversation starter as well as a reliable timekeeper. You can set it with the traditional pull-out knob available in most modern watches. The simplicity is also an appreciable factor here, as there are no complicated buttons or passwords.

However, be warned that it might not be as comfortable as a wristwatch due to the amount of pressure we put on our fingers. With a fashionable item like this, you might want to reserve it for an evening out or a party where you aren’t hosting. If you have to drive or wash your hands several times, a ring watch is probably not the best idea.

4. ZLOLIA Dial Quartz Analog Watch Creative Steel Finger Ring Watch

This particular ring watch has a modern look, with an analog face and several gorgeous colors to choose from.  You can go for a neutral black or white in order to wear this watch with your whole wardrobe or choose from the blue, purple, pink, or red options.

The price here is quite reasonable as well, not being much more than a single dollar at the moment. It’ll hence make a unique and memorable gift for kids as well as adults. The large dial will make it easy to tell the time, though it’s not clear if the watch has any other functions.

5. Quartz Finger Ring Watch-  Bezel Stainless Steel Round Analog Ring Watch for Men and Women(White)

The Quartz finger ring watch is the one to go for if you want to choose according to your tastes. It’s an elegantly designed ring watch that provides precise and accurate time wherever and whatever you’re doing- dating, casual, party, etc.

The material of this watch is an alloy metal, which means it has a sturdy and durable construction.  It also has a genuine stainless-made band that is 100% wear-resistant. This ensures that the ring watch maintains a shiny and lustrous effect. This ring watch will probably be a suitable gift for both males and females of all ages. 

6. YLucy Vintage Owl Ring Watches Fashion Girls Ring Finger Watches

Owl designs are in trend these days, so why not get a ring watch to match your funky bag or clothes? There are several styles and colors available in the market now, with fashionable owl designs to complement your look. The material here is an eco-friendly alloy, which makes for a durable experience too. It’s not waterproof, though, so make sure you take it off before showering, swimming, or even washing your hands.

Different Watch Styles

Today, there are many niche designers creating all kinds of creative watches. The ring watch, ankle watch, and even earring watches are just a few examples. With the advent of Bluetooth technology and smart watches, there might be a smart ring watch in the making very soon!

The next time you need a new watch, go for the unusual and find a suitable ring watch. It’s sure to be a conversation starter the next time someone needs to know what time it is. Of course, the best ring watch for you will depend on your preferences, taste, and other requirements. Not everyone will want to purchase a ring watch with a skull or flowers on it. To be on the safe side, you might want to consider the ZLOLIA watch. This will give you a color you like and won’t cost much either.