Using Rollers for Shorter Hair

Everyone has used hair rollers at least once in their lives, no matter what their hair is like or how long or short it is. And since using heat to style hair is becoming less and less popular, the glorious hair roller, which used to be associated with the 1960s, has made a comeback like no other. Hair rollers aren’t just an old-fashioned tool anymore. If you want curly hair without the hassle and damage of using a heat styling tool like curling tongs, they’re back to take their rightful place in the sun. They’ll make it easier than ever to get beach waves, defined curls, and coils. 

What is a Hair Roller?

Hair rollers are made up of different hair tools that help curl the hair and sometimes even straighten curly hair. Each type of hair roller, from heated rollers to velcro rollers, is made for a different type of hair and serves a different purpose, but the goal is always the same: to spice up your hairstyle. 

Types of Hair Rollers

1. Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers are probably the most common type of hair roller in popular culture, and they are also the ones that people use the most. Depending on the size of the roller and how it is used, it can turn any hair into big curls or even tight ringlets. Velcro rollers come in different sizes to fit different hair types and needs. They stay in place on their own and can be used to curl hair in different ways without heat.

2. Flexi Rods

Flexi rods, as their name suggests, are flexible rods that can be bent into different shapes. This makes them perfect for making beautiful ringlets because they don’t need any holds. There are different sizes of these, and you can use them to loosen up tight curls or make ringlets. They work best on shorter hair.

3. Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are a good choice if flexi rods and velcro rollers hurt your scalp or if you want to style your hair overnight. You can keep these rollers in place with clips, but don’t worry if you toss and turn at night. They will keep you from getting irritated. Most people use them at night because they take a little longer to work, but if you have time, you can use them all day for a few hours and let them do their magic. Just make sure they aren’t too tight near your hairline because they can pull on your hair and hairline.

4. Steam Rollers

Even though the name isn’t very clear, steam rollers are a gentler, safer way to style your hair than using heat, and you can make beautiful ringlets by wrapping your hair around the cylinder. Once you’ve wrapped your hair around the cylinder, wait about 20 minutes and let it go. You’ll have soft, bouncy curls with almost no work.

5. Hot Rollers

Hot rollers come in different sizes and may be the quickest way to curl your hair. With instant heat and set time, these classic hair rollers can give you anything from shiny, loose waves to tight, ringlet-like curls, depending on the size you use. What’s the best? There are so many choices, and each one can be used in so many ways.

7 Tips for Using Hot Rollers on Short Hair

Set of hot curlers

1. Determine the capabilities of your rollers

You should look at the rollers you have and know what you can do with them before you start. For example, small hot rollers for tight curls are not the same as large rollers for loose waves.

If you have short hair, you need to add a lot of volume, so tighter curls might do the trick.

If you get a set of rollers in different sizes, you can also try different things to add volume and texture.

2. Don’t make your hair skip the preparation

Even if your hair is short, you should still protect it from the heat you will be putting on it.

Wash your hair with shampoo, but don’t use too much conditioner to get it ready. You should also put some kind of heat protector on it to make sure it doesn’t get broken.

Make sure your hair isn’t tangled, and if you want the curls to last longer, you can use a moisturizing mousse.

If you have hair that is especially hard to curl, you can also use hot rollers on hair that you washed the day before.

3. Divide and conquer

This step is easier to do with short hair than with long hair, but some people forget that they need to divide their hair into smaller sections if they want tight curls that stand out.

Prepare your hair and keep it out of the way with clips. Most of the time, 1-inch sections will do the trick. The smaller your sections, the better your curls will look and the more defined they will be.

This is also a matter of personal choice, since you can try out different hairstyles by changing the size of your rollers.

4. Prepare the rollers

Again, depending on what you have, most hot rollers heat up really quickly, so make sure you know how many (and which) rollers you will be using.

Prepare only that and heat it up so that you can easily roll your hair onto it when it’s ready.

Also, make sure the clips are ready because you’ll need to clamp them onto the rollers to keep your hair in place.

It will also help to know ahead of time where you can safely hold the roller if it gets too hot.

5. Roll them on

The best way to divide and put on the rollers is from top to bottom.

This will keep your hair from tangled up and keep you from getting lost. Make sure to roll everything in, including the tips, so that you get a nice curl.

Roll your hair over your head and use the clip to keep it in place.

Keep in mind that these are hot rollers, so there will be heat. This also means that you should be extra careful when you’re handling the rollers.

6. Allow hair to cool down

Even if you’re in a hurry, you should wait until the hot rollers are completely cool before taking them out and brushing your hair.

For the curls to work and last, you need to give them enough time, so you’ll need to set aside some time. You’ll save a lot of time if you get those rollers that heat up really quickly.

You can also use hairspray while the rollers are still in your hair to make the style last even longer.

To take off the rollers, first take off the claw clip, and then gently pull the roller out without pulling too hard, which could cause damage.

7. Style it one last time, and you’re done

Don’t be surprised when you take the rollers out and your hair looks shorter than it is.

Use your fingers to loosen the curls and style it however you want.

As a finishing touch, you can use a small amount of anti-frizz serum and spread it out evenly.

You should pay extra attention to the ends of your hair, which are the most likely to frizz.

How to Style Short Hair with Velcro Rollers

Hairdresser setting curlers

There are different ways to use these tools to make different looks, but some things stay the same. When you use your velcro rollers, make sure to follow these rules:

1. Damp hair, not wet

When your hair is a little damp, Velcro rollers work best. This style is set when your hair dries, so you don’t need heat to make it look good. If you don’t wash your hair first, you can use a water bottle to dampen it.

2. Use a good product for setting

Setting sprays and lotions make it possible for your hair to stick to the velcro roller and keep its shape after you let it down. These help give your short hair health and shine.

3. Be patient, twice

Before you take out your rollers, your hair should be fully dry. If you pull them out too quickly, you’ll only have half a style or one that falls out quickly. Check the hair near the roots to make sure it’s completely dry before you try to take the rollers off. Also, don’t pull your hair rollers out. Take your time unrolling each one carefully. If you pull on them, you can hurt your hair and end up with frizzy locks instead of luscious locks.

4. Speed up your dry time.

If you don’t have much time, you don’t have to let your hair dry on its own. You can improve your style by using your blow dryer on low heat for just a few minutes. Because Velcro rollers work by letting your hair cool, a few minutes of high heat won’t necessarily help you get a style, but it could hurt your hair.

5. Make it last

When you’re done styling your hair, use a fine mist hair spray to keep it in place all day. If you have a busy schedule, live in a high-humidity area, or are very active, finishing spray will keep your hair looking clean even after your fourth cup of coffee of the day.

How to Use Flexi Rods on Short Hair 

1. You should only use flexi-rods when your hair is completely dry. This could take as little as an hour or two if you have a dryer with a hood, or it could take all night if you don’t want to use any heat and just let your hair dry naturally while it’s in the flexi-rods. Shorter hair takes less time to dry, but if you take out the rods before your hair is completely dry, the results won’t be as good or last as long.

2. Cleanse and condition hair well. Your hair needs to be clean and ready to stay curly for days or even a week or more. Depending on the type of your hair and how you usually take care of it, you may want to add a leave-in conditioner or curl cream at this point. If your hair is thin and straight, you should use less of any products that might be too heavy and make it hard to curl it.

3. Be careful not to break hair as you brush it out and get rid of tangles. Frizz can happen if hair is tangled at this point, so it’s best to smooth it out before wrapping it around the flexi-rod. If your hair dries quickly or if you waited a while after washing to do this step, you might want to dampen it with a spray bottle of water. That’s because flexi-rods work best with wet or damp hair.

4. Split your hair into small, manageable pieces and roll them onto the flexi-rods. Note: If you like to add product, now is the time to do so. Try a mousse or gel for extra hold. Short hair can be harder to wrap around the flexi-rods until you get the hang of it. Use the thinnest rods on the shortest hair. Start at the bottom of a piece of hair and wrap it around the rod, going back over where you started to keep it in place. Keep rolling up, and then fold the rod so it lays against your head.

5. Once you know your hair is completely dry, carefully unroll each flexi-rod one at a time and separate each curl to get the look you want. When very short hair is wound around the smallest rods, tight curls will form all over the head. There is a lot of room for experimentation with flexi-rods because you can change the look by rolling your hair in or out. Use a scarf or a silk pillowcase to protect your curls while you sleep, and see how long you can keep the style.


No matter how long or short your hair is or what kind of hair you have, there is a hair roller for the style you want to make.