Top Prada Leather Bags

If you would ask fashion-forward ladies what luxury fashion brand they love more than anything, they would say “Prada.” For ages, Prada has been a huge player in fashion, as the design and superior build of their products have won women over and over. Prada was a big trend in the ‘90s, and as ‘90s trends are becoming popular again, Prada bags are a hit again. It’s easily the most aspirational arm candy of the throwback decade.

So, if you’re looking into the world of Prada and don’t know much about their best-selling designs, here are some of the best. All bags listed here are made of leather, because it’s the material you would like your bag to be in.

1. Prada Galleria Saffiano Leather Bag

The Galleria Saffiano Leather Bag is a classic tote bag from Prada that you don’t want to ignore. This is the bag that comes to mind when most people think of Prada bags. This tote bag, often referred to as the Saffiano lux after the type of leather it’s made of, is a bag that stands out for its minimal design and roomy interior.

Speaking of Saffiano leather, this is a type of leather that undergoes a wax coating process where a crosshatch print is pressed. This material is extremely durable and water-resistant, making it a great, branded leather bag to invest in.

The Galleria bag is incredibly roomy and comes with double top handles and a detachable shoulder strap. The double storage compartments leave ample room for organization, while the removable leashed zip pouch is great for your essentials. Most designer bags are small, but this one is of the right size – offering you more internal space than other iconic bags from other fashion brands. The Galleria bag easily becomes a go-to bag and a safe and useful investment.

2. Prada Vitello Phenix Leather Shopping Tote Bag

The Vitello Phenix Leather Shopping Tote Bag is a fuss-free, simple purse under the Prada banner. This purse comes with plenty of space to put your belongings with, but comes with a simple appeal. This is the perfect bag for shopping and running errands, especially if you want to run errands in luxury.

This tote bag comes with two interior pockets and zip closure that makes it easy to access your belongings. It can also be a great travel handbag to carry on trips and planes. The simplicity of the bag’s design makes it easy to pair with casual, everyday looks.

3. Prada Cahier Mini Handbag

“Cahier” means “notebook” in French, and that’s the style inspiration for this adorable handbag. With a rectangular shape, a buckled strap closure, and a mixture of gold, leather and velvet – this bag certainly has class.

This bag is of just the right size for going out to parties. It’s big enough to hold your cash, credit cards and IDs. The gold chain strap is detachable, meaning you can bring it as a purse when you go.

4. Prada Diagramme Bag

Looking for an elegant Prada bag to elevate your outfit? This Prada Diagramme bag offers a unique take in quilted leather bag designs. The flap has a stripy quilt design, while for the rest of the bag, it’s rounded. It leads to a symmetrical, geometric design that’s interesting and sophisticated.

It’s made of calfskin quilted leather. It has a smaller coin pocket inside where you can slide over the detachable sliver chain shoulder strap. Wear this bag wherever you go and you will look fabulous.

5. Prada Elektra Bag

If you want a bag with a bit of an attitude, the Prada Elektra bag is for you. It’s made with a shiny, calfskin and saffiano leather with sliver studs that decorate the front buckle and the detachable strap. It’s a punk version of the Cahier bag that’s edgy and classy. In bright red color, this bag becomes even more noticeable.

This bag tends to shy away from conspicuous branding. The “Prada” brand is not that obvious at front, and you have to rely on the back and the inner labeling to know that it’s a Prada. Made of saffiano and calfskin leather, this handbag comes with interior zipped pocket, interior open pocket, and a divider.

6. Prada Ouverture Bag

There’s something masculine about the Overture Prada bag. Though it’s designed for women, the bag’s minimalist design will be a great fit for those whose style is androgynous and leans toward modern and urban styles. This structured bag can carry all your daily essentials in style.

This single-compartment tote bag is primarily made of nylon, but it comes with patent leather panels to make it look sleek and sophisticated. The Prada logo shows up as a silk-printed leather tag with a triangle applique beneath it. The branding and the triangle motif offers a fresh take on its signature look. The double handles add a unique touch, as it comes with straps hanging down the body of the bag.

7. Prada Vitello Move Leather Crossbody Handbag

The Prada Vitello Move Leather Crossbody Handbag is the perfect small accessory for any look. It comes at the right size to hold your phone, money, cards, and keys – making it perfect for the on-the-go girl. This bag features the classic raised Prada engraved logo in gold over the durable grained Vitello Move leather.

This cute little bag can be used as a crossbody bag, but you can remove the detachable strap if you want to use it as a clutch bag. It comes with interior card slots.

8. Prada Inside Out Bag

Bags with pastel colors are on trend once again, and this Prada Inside Out bag will help you get updated with the latest styles. This bag is unique as it features a design twist: a carefully concealed twin bag that sits within the outer shell and peeks just enough to offer a pretty look at the two bags. This bag is unlike others, but it doesn’t go over the top when it comes to design. It’s subtle and minimalistic enough to fit the chic and modern aesthetic.

This bag appears in a light shade of pink with a touch of mint green on the inside. It’s the perfect combination of feminine colors that you love.