Top 5 Duffle Travel Bags For Men

Whether you’re off to a quick getaway with your girlfriend or on to a business trip with your colleagues, you need a functional bag. You need something that will fit your shoes, change of clothes, and it must be easy to carry and look great. Enter the duffel or weekender bag.

Backpacks are great, but they can’t handle much stuff. Briefcases and messenger bags are great for work, but that’s all it can offer. Suitcases are great for travel, but there’s not always room for them. Duffel bag fills the need for a functional carry-on bag that’s large enough to fit lots of stuff, but still small enough to carry with one hand or throw into the back of your trunk.

Duffel bags allow you to pack efficiently and move quickly while still maintaining a good appearance throughout your trip. After all, it’s designed for short-term travel or for the gym.

When choosing a duffel bag for travel or business, think professional. A dark-colored, quality leather bag is ideal for taking directly to meetings and conferences without giving the appearance that you’re running late for the gym.

Best Duffel Bags for Men

From sophisticated duffels to casual carry-ons, here are the best bags that can keep you well-equipped, stylish, and stress-free for your next trip:

1. FRYE Men’s Logan Overnight Duffel Bag

When choosing a man’s leather bag, you’ve got two options: one that looks shiny and brand new, and one that has a rustic, worn look. FRYE Men’s Logan Overnight Duffel Bag gives you the latter. Its soft, tanned leather is welcoming, and will truly age well over the years. Available in cognac, dark brown, and slate colors, this bag gives off the look of experience and sophistication. It gives a beautiful, worn look that will continue to look good after decades to come.

This bag comes with handles and a shoulder strap with leather padding, so it won’t exert too much strain on your shoulders. Its metal frame keeps its shape, so you don’t have to worry about the bag looking contorted in an unnatural way. It comes with a leather travel tag on the exterior, and an interior zip pocket inside. It has a perfect carry-on size, and it meets most airline carry-on size requirements.

2. Leathario Genuine Leather Overnight Travel Duffel

Whether you’re travelling for pleasure or business, doing it in style is always the best. Leathario Genuine Leather Overnight Travel Duffel offers a unique and eye-catching retro design that’s perfect if you want a high-quality and stylish leather bag that will stand the test of time. This duffel bag is designed for weekend getaways and business trips. While it’s made of genuine cowhide leather, you can notice a glossy surface due vegetable oil finish. It helps the leather retain its natural characteristics while making it durable and flexible. The leather went through a vegetable tanning process that will help retain the natural characteristics of the material.

The glossy finish of this bag makes for a polished, classic, and timeless appearance. It has a premium lining in the interiors, and it’s spacious enough to hold at least 3-4 days’ worth of clothes. Plus, it will gain you complements wherever you go. It comes with a smooth zipper, magnetic buttons in top hand holders, an adjustable shoulder strap, and a lock for the outside zippers. Inside, you can find three inner pockets for small items, one inner pocket for your laptop, and an inner pocket for your iPad or tablet.

3. S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Duffel Weekend Bag

For you to have a great weekender bag, you don’t have to splash out big money. The S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Duffel Bag offers excellent value for your money – it’s a functional, stylish, and lightweight duffel bag with very durable materials. It has a masculine design, thanks to its soft canvas and top-quality leather trim attached to thick rivets to prevent tears. The bag’s hardware is made of solid copper, making it resistant to rust.

The adjustable and detachable shoulder strap of this bag is also made from thick leather. Its zipper closure opens from end to end of the bag, so you can have complete and easy access to your belongings. It comes with a large, main pocket for your clothes, an interior pouch pocket for small items, and a front pocket for your passport or ticket. This bag is small enough to meet carry-on guidelines for most airlines. It’s casual enough to bring anywhere, but still maintains a style suitable for business trips. It’s available in six colors: gray, dark gray, army green, blue, light gray, and khaki.

4. Filson Medium Duffle Bag

If you want a bag that looks a bit more down to earth but still a quality, heavy-duty bag, this one is for you. Filson Medium Duffle Bag Is a water-repellent, mid-sized duffel bag designed to carry plenty of stuff and is built to take a beating. This bag is beautifully constructed, and has a classic design and detail.

This bag is made of cotton oil-finished, rugged twill. It has genuine bridle leather handles and grips, plus solid brass zippers, buttons, and hardware. Inside, you can find two interior stow pockets and a large main compartment. Since it’s water-resistant, it’s easy to maintain. You only need to wipe it or brush it to make it clean. It’s the perfect carry-on bag for busy men who have no time maintaining items like bags.

5. Leaper Canvas Travel Duffel Bag

Looking for a cheap, quality duffel bag that costs less than $50? You can consider Leaper Canvas Travel Duffel Bag a steal! Leaper makes a wide catalog of luggage and bags for more than 15 years, and this model is one of their best-selling ones. It has a classic, military style designed for packing high volume of luggage without adding excess weight. This bag features a heavy canvas construction with genuine leather straps at the base attached by rivets for additional durability. It has a leather tip detail around the bottom and metal studs for feet to protect the canvas underneath.

This bag has the approximate size of a large carry-one tote bag, but it meets the carry-on size requirements with most airlines. Its primary zipper is made of heavy-duty nylon teeth with a metal tab. Inside, you can find a woven material with space for laptop, and two zipper pockets for smaller items. It also comes with two open exterior pockets for things like tickets and your phone. The wide, adjustable canvas strap makes the bag easy to carry over your shoulder. This bag comes in army green, black, dark blue, gray, coffee, beige, and khaki colors.