Tips on Wearing Faux Fur

Faux fur vests and jackets make great statement pieces, and with celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham wearing fur regularly, it’s no surprise. It’s warm, comfortable, and ideal for transitioning an outfit from daylight to evening – but to get it perfect, avoid gaudy prints and novelty items in favor of elegant and chic pieces.

Have to get it right quickly? Here are several tips on wearing faux fur perfectly.

Faux Fur Outfits

Faux fur has many advantages: it’s stylish, it’ll warm you up on a cold winter day, and it’s more politically and economically correct than the real stuff. However, wearing faux fur is a challenge because you want to avert looking like a chimp and instead come across as a stylish lady!

Here are some outfit ideas and inspiration for wearing the popular fabric:



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A fur-accented or wholly faux fur coat may be what you need in your wardrobe this winter for all you daring fashionistas out there. Try not to overdo the trend by combining loud, funky prints with your outerwear or incorporating other furry pieces into your ensemble.

A fur coat goes well with sophisticated high-heeled boots, simple, blousy tops, and solids. Try a bright red lip color with dark stockings, a white fur jacket, and a black pencil skirt for a touch of 1940s glamour.


When in doubt about wearing a lot of faux furs, it’s best to tone it down with a more subtle, wearable piece like a sweater. A casual fur-trimmed collar or fur-lined zip-up allows you to wear the look daily, maybe with dark-washed skinny jeans for a stylish city vibe.

Level up your sweater ensemble with this ultimate guide to sweaters!


The cropped faux fur vest is one of the most versatile and easy ways to add one more layer to your attire, whether it’s over a white babydoll tank, a striped off-the-shoulder top, a classic button-down, or even a minidress. Cap-sleeved or sleeveless shrug-style vests with two-toned color combinations, animal prints, and various collar styles are also popular.


Fur may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gloves, but furry accents are just as fashionable as wilder, more conspicuous pieces this winter. These are unquestionably a more fashionable and superior tactic to winter accessorizing. 

Search for a pair in a neutral color that is sturdy yet sleek and comfortable. You’ll love supple, womanly leather gloves trimmed in soft faux fur!


Faux fur on boots is making a comeback for another season! This time, zebra, tiger, and leopard prints join the popular plain, dark-colored fur that has become widely known on winter boots in recent years. Due to the variety of materials and textures currently in style, we can pair fur-trimmed boots with lace tights, leather leggings, or plaid jackets.

Fashionable Ways to Wear Faux Fur

Teen hipster girl in stylish glasses and fur posing on street neon light wall background, female teenager fashion model woman with beautiful face looking at camera in city night light glow, back to 80s, portrait
Teen hipster girl in stylish glasses and fur posing on street neon light wall background, female teenager fashion model woman with beautiful face looking at camera in city night light glow, back to 80s, portrait

Introducing a layering piece to an outfit is akin to putting the icing on the cake. It can dramatically change a boring outfit into a chic one.

Do you already own some faux fur and wonder how to incorporate it into your wardrobe? Keep reading because we will share some styling tips for incorporating faux fur into your outfits today!

Put on Some Gloves

For cool days, everyone has a stash of wooly jumpers and thick tights that look great paired with faux fur! Incorporating some fur gloves into your aesthetic is a quick and easy way to stay warm while also looking good. Plain black gloves are a timeless option that will go with anything or choose gloves with a monochrome design to make them stand out.

Consider a Vintage Look

Faux fur coats are unpractical. Don’t make the same mistake as others who let their brand new, plush warm faux fur coat get soaked – and completely ruined – in a sudden rainstorm.

Choose a coat made of thick wool and accessorize it with faux fur cuffs and a collar. Pairing them to your coat will bring it a brand new, one-of-a-kind look, or choose a complementary color to add some detail.

Home County Style

Gilets aren’t just for the countryside. Look around for a lovely one in a vintage shop that matches most of your wardrobe so that you can dress it up with everything from maxi dresses to dressed-down jeans. It’s soft and warm, and it’s easy to layer with thicker coats and jackets on colder days.

A vintage faux fur gilet should be in everyone’s closet!

Check Out Fur Lining


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Unless fur gloves and collars are enough, a fur-lined jacket is in sequence. These are typically made of a waterproof material on the exterior and a thick fur lining on the inside to keep you warm.

Jumper Joy

Jumpers are meant to be worn in hotter weather but add fur, and you have the perfect winter piece. Avoid jumpers entirely made of faux fur because they are likely to be difficult to clean; instead, choose jumpers with faux fur detailing or collars.

Cable knit styles look stunning when paired with dark skater dresses and knee-high boots. For the office, thinner button-up jumpers look great with pencil skirts.

Keep Your Toes Warm

Because your feet lose a lot of heat, make sure you have warm socks ready for the cold season. Choose thicker patterns, and don’t be worried about getting higher socks than usual. Warm ankle socks with a fuzzy top are also recommended.

Do you require something else? Fur-lined snow boots are warm and waterproof, and they are among the comfiest shoes people own.

Head Accessories

And at last, don’t forget to look into the fur head accessories. If you like hats, a wide range of hats is available that range from the crazy to the chic and will keep your head warm. Furry head warmers are also a great invention – they may not appear to do much, but that group of fur keeps your head warm.

You’ll be warmer this winter once you’ve figured out how to dress up faux fur the right way. Just read the care instructions for fur carefully, so you know how to take care of it – or whether or not it’s waterproof.