Tips on Wearing and Styling Florals

Floral prints are among the trends that have been popular for years, just like stripes! It can be timeless and feminine and is a summer wardrobe staple for most people. They come in a huge array of variations and colors that you will never tire of.

If you’re looking for new clothes, floral printed ones might be good. They are, however, difficult to style and pull off. It can be a difficult task for those having difficulty incorporating them into an outfit.

Continue reading to learn how to wear and style floral prints for any occasion. And improve your style further by checking out the guide to wearing and styling plaid next!

Combine a Floral with a Plain

The floral shirt and floral jeans are great, but do you think they’re too much? Combining floral prints can be risky. It is, however, simpler than you think.

The key to wearing florals is to pair them with a plain solid color, ideally, one that is complementary or co-ordinating with the print. Because florals are typically multicolored, any color is fair game, giving you many styling options.

Are you still not prepared for the garden party? Dress up in floral prints as a statement piece — but only one.

When in Doubt, Remain Neutral


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It’s nearly impossible for a floral print to look bad when paired with a solid neutral color. When you don’t have to wear many colors, such as those found in the actual print, neutrals such as white, black, ivory, grey, and beige are another styling option. It’s also a “safe” styling technique when you’re unsure what to wear but want to incorporate florals into your wardrobe.

Maintain Unpredictability

If you think florals are too girly or matronly for you, it’s time to toughen them up by giving them a modern edge. Over your skirt or dress, throw on a denim trucker jacket or a leather biker jacket. Alternatively, pair a sharply tailored jacket with floral silk pants.

When paired with floral prints, the mix of feminine and masculine is incredibly alluring. Alternatively, go short and pair with strappy gladiator sandals or sexy heels.

Remember Your Accessories

It’s always useful to have a floral accessory in your wardrobe, even if it adds a whimsy touch. But don’t go overboard. Remember to keep it simple, as with any statement-making outfit.

If you’re wearing eye-catching prints, keep the accessories simple and let the print speak for itself. Choose a chunky bracelet or cuff, one stunning pair of earrings, or a statement necklace—never all three— and avoid small, dainty jewelry, which the busy florals will swallow up. On the other hand, scarves, bags, and hats can add a splash of color.

Here’s an ultimate guide to fashion accessories that might help!

Combination of Print and Pattern

If you want to go wild and mix print with print, one should be smaller than another and in the same or similar color family. Try mixing print with monochrome or like-toned graphic prints like stripes or spots to shake things up.

What Floral Should I Wear With My Body Shape?

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  • Florals come in various sizes, but if you are curvy, avoid larger oversized prints. The same is true for smaller Liberty-style prints.
  • A plain-colored jacket will slim you down over a floral dress, whereas brightly colored skinny jeans or pants will slim you under a floral top. Experiment with different proportions to see what works best for you.
  • If you have a larger figure, avoid large oversized prints because they will make you look even larger.
  • Depending on which area you want to highlight, a medium floral print will fit thinner people, some hourglass figures, pear shapes, and athletic figures.
  • Use a larger floral print to make things appear larger and a relatively small floral print to make things appear smaller.
  • Everyone can pull off a small floral print.

Start Small

If you’re unsure how to style your floral print apparel, start by only wearing it in a small part of your outfit. Begin by incorporating print into a small portion of your entire look, such as a printed scarf, bag, or shoes. This print can make a statement without overpowering the rest of your outfit.

As you gain confidence in your ability to wear prints, you can opt for a larger scale print, such as printed pants or a printed blazer, with the remainder of your outfit remaining neutral.

Don’t Ignore the Scale

Take note that scale is important. Floral prints come in various shapes, colors, and sizes; therefore, opt for smaller prints in monotonous colors if you want to be more subtle. 

Because of the prints, you can easily match the garment with others. Scaled-up prints appear playful and chic, but the look is dressed down and more wearable when paired with minimal accessories.

Floral Prints: How to Wear Them for Any Occasion


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For a Romantic Evening

Get a floral-printed wrap top and a chiffon blouse! These lovely blouses will make you appear romantic and feminine on your date. You can pull off this look by wearing it with neutral-colored heels and distressed skinny jeans.

At the Workplace

Put on a pair of floral-printed wide-leg pants! It is possible to be both fashionable and comfortable. If you’re wearing floral pants, pair them with neutrals.

Neutral colors like beige, taupe, ivory, and grey serve as excellent foundations for putting together an outfit. Make it perfect with a pair of floral pants on the bottom and a loose button-up shirt on top.

Go Casual

We have the ideal floral print for you if you want to look more comfortable and relaxed. A graphic tee shirt paired with a mini floral printed skirt will incorporate energy and freshness to your overall look, making it ideal for a weekend outing. They will look effortlessly chic with white sneakers and a denim jacket.

Keep It Classic

On a chilly day, a floral printed blazer in a dark color will bring a touch of femininity and brightness without sacrificing formality. You can add a fun twist to the overall look by wearing blue jeans and a white shirt. Don’t forget to accessorize with some minimalistic gold jewelry to complete the look.