Tips for Wearing Lace as Part of Your Fashion Wardrobe

Lace as we know it dates back to the sixteenth century, though fine nets have been swishing around for centuries before that. Bobbins or needles spun silky threads in dreamy colors to adorn the day’s fashionable outfits. We’ve been looking for new ways to wear lace ever since.

As beautiful as it is, lace is usually not permitted in a formal or workplace setting (especially in a conservative office) due to its suggestive connotations. When styled incorrectly, it may appear lingerie-like, making you look like the heroine of a steamy romance novel. However, there are some days when we would like to wear a statement look to boost our confidence, and lace will do just that.

While some lace tops appear more boudoir-esque and alluring than others, this is due to how the lace is worn rather than the lace itself. Here are some fashion tips to help you pull off the lace trend. And speaking of fashion tips, check out these tips for staying fashionable while traveling too!

Go for Casual Cool

If you’re an athletic woman who wants to wear lace but doesn’t want to change your entire look, detailing is the perfect solution. Choose a sporty-chic sweater with lace patterns across the shoulders; you can even make one yourself. Wear your work of art with your favorite skinny jeans and pointed-toe flats.

Choose Neutral or Light Colors

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If you wish to keep your style more casual and innocent, neutral-colored lace, such as beige and white, will do the trick.

Less Lace Is Better

If you’re new to lace, it can be tempting to splurge on dainty pieces and wear them all at once. It’s a bad idea! Stick to a single lace garment (such as a skirt or dress) or two small accessories to avoid looking like you just walked out of your grandma’s closet (like shoes and a clutch).

Play Peek-a-Boo

Try a lace-lined skirt or coat underneath if you’re still on the fence. You can flaunt a sliver of the trend while leaving the rest to the creative mind. How enticing!

Don’t Wear Anything See-Through

Investing in a cami or slip is one way of wearing lace tastefully. You should never leave the house wearing a flimsy lace top that exposes a mini dress that reveals your thong or bra. Do you want to have to deal with half-naked photos when applying for your first job? No, we didn’t think so!

Live on the Precipice

With tights, a badass leather jacket, and booties, you can live on the edge and beat the chilly fall breezes. It’s one fashion collaboration you won’t be kicking yourself for in a few years.

Choose “Big” Lace

Lace is classified into many different types based on how it is made. MacramĂ© lace is among the lace motifs with the least “boudoir” integrity. It’s a type of textile-making that uses knotting instead of knitting or weaving, resulting in a coarser fabric with large lace pieces.

Too Short Is a Scandal

Avoid buttock-baring shorts and ultra-short skirts. Cover up to keep it classy. Remember, club attire is not appropriate in the school hallways!

Wear as Little Jewelry as Possible

When learning to wear lace, one thing to remember is to keep your jewelry to a minimum. While earrings can add some pizazz to an outfit, wearing too many baubles can be a fashion disaster. Allow your lace to speak for itself, and save the arm parties and chunky necklaces for your neutral sweaters.

Layer Something Over It

Layer a knitted tunic over it if you favor light, delicate laces. A dress with a lace-edged hem peeking out will add the perfect touch of femininity to your ensemble.

Reduce the Opulence of Your Shoes

If you want to go for a “busy” head-to-toe lace aesthetic in the form of a lace dress, keep your shoe design simple and clean. You can also keep your heel height low to make it more appropriate for the office.

Combine With a Masculine Outerwear

Masculine cuts will assist in “neutralizing” the sexiness of lace items. Wear a draped vest or blazer over your outfit, and you’re ready to go! Try wearing a lace top with pants rather than a skirt to look more polished and sharp.

How to Put on a Lace Dress

A shift version of the lace dress is versatile enough to be brutalized or feminized, dressed up or down, casual or chic.

If you want to avoid an all-over effect, use filigree details and trims instead of edge floral prints with black lace. Alternatively, carry a lace-covered bag and make it a focal point by choosing a bright color.

Introduce a crocheted kimono or sleeves with openwork. You’ll be hooked before you know it, and lacework will sneak into your wardrobe unnoticed.

Maintain Simplicity


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Keep fussy accessories to a minimum to avoid crowding the intricacies of lace. Choose heels for symmetry and elegance, or go bold with block-heeled ankle boots under a sheer maxi or midi. You won’t need anything else!

Experiment with Different Colors

Even if we say don’t overdo it, a little thought will elevate your outfit above the ordinary. Pair pastels with similar pale shades such as lemon and pale pink, beige and baby blue, or coffee and cream to create a well-thought-out overall look. And lace in hot pink or red would be stunning!

Experiment with Different Options

However, simple does not have to imply basic. Throw on a blazer to incorporate a touch (or two) of class to your dress. Off-white over deep blue, with satin heels and a string of pearls for a sophisticated look.

Pair a body-hugger with a pencil skirt or a full-skirted dress with a narrow belt or a denim jacket for some street-style fashion.

Day and Night

A lacy bodice will have your little black dress ready for when the martinis arrive. Earlier, go for a demure daytime look in white with taupe gladiator sandals, or convey a message with a fedora and black footwear.

Wear a lace dress for sex appeal, but work appeal with class, and you’ll have a timeless ensemble that will never go out of style. Keep it simple in a style that we’re sure will be popular for another 500 years!