Tips for Wearing a Yellow Dress

Yellow dresses are stunning, bright, and elegant, making them an excellent choice for any special occasion. When wearing a bright and striking color like yellow, it can be hard to find the appropriate shade of yellow and the right colored shoes, makeup, and accessories to complement your yellow dress.

To assist you, we’ve listed a variety of tips and options for wearing a yellow dress.

Choosing the Right Color

two women wearing yellow dresses holding hands in a lavender field

This striking color is receiving a lot of attention in the fashion world these days. The rationale is simple: yellow colors make women appear more vibrant and beautiful.

Consider your skin tone when selecting the proper shades. All skin tones are good for dark hues (even gold ones), but ladies with tanned or dark skin will benefit from an olive shade.

Because of the variety of yellow shades available, you can create any impression you want. You can either look cute or mysterious by choosing the right hue. A yellow midi dress can also be worn for any event, from a casual movie to a colorful celebration.

The colors lollipop, canary yellow, and pastel yellow are especially popular. Shades of copper, gold, and lemon could also be an alternative. Wearing a lovely yellow summer dress brings out your individuality and strengths.

Furthermore, this color will put you in a pleasant mood. Have you heard of color therapy before? It states that the bright yellow color has the intriguing effect of boosting your energy levels.

How to Style a Yellow Dress with Different Colored Shoes

Nude Heels


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The combination of bare shoes and a yellow dress is a fun and effortless look. It will draw attention to your dress while supporting you and providing your ensemble with a very casual and sophisticated appearance. Nude heels look excellent on everyone and with both casual and formal yellow dresses.

It’s also a plus that because nude heels are such a terrific wardrobe staple, they’re usually already in every woman’s closet. These are an excellent alternative if you’re searching for a straightforward option that won’t have you going from store to store. Test them out with your yellow outfit to see how you like them.

Black Heels

Black heels are another traditional option, as almost every girl has a pair in her closet. They’re a terrific staple in any collection, just like nude shoes, because they seem to go with anything without drawing too much attention away from the primary item of your ensemble, like your yellow dress.

Some outfits are more laid-back, while others are more formal. It only shows that black shoes can be worn to every occasion, including weddings and graduations.

Gold Heels

If your yellow dress is paired with a golden belt or your accessories are gold, gold heels are a must-have. These heels will undoubtedly add a pop of color and luxury to your ensemble. If you want to make a statement on your next occasion, wear gold heels and match them with your earring and other accessories.

Brown Heels

Brown boots, heels, or sandals can be worn with a yellow dress for a more relaxed look. If you pair it with a handbag or belt, it will seem especially polished and put together. If you want to go for a more summery and boho style, brown heels are a good choice.

The benefit of these heels (or sandals or boots) is that they allow you to express yourself more freely. You’ll also be able to select your preferred brown shade. These shoes are also fairly adaptable, as they may be worn with various outfits other than your yellow dress.

Brightly Colored Heels

Last but not least, to create a quirky contrast with your yellow dress, pair it with vividly colored heels. This combo is for the daring who want to make their look more interesting and unique.

If that is you, try pairing your yellow dress with a pair of bright purple, bright pink, or even bright blue shoes to add another flash of color to your ensemble. To emphasize the color palette of your attire, use that hue in your makeup or eyeshadow. Remember to have fun with it; a yellow dress might be extremely nice and fancy, but a pair of bright shoes can make it fun and unusual.

Tips For Wearing Makeup With Your Yellow Dress


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With a yellow dress, the foundation makeup should be understated and natural. Don’t strive to outshine your dress’s color; you’ll wind up with a glittering, tacky mess. Yellow is a warm color, so it’s best to have a light, breezy appearance on your face.


Make sure to use warm-toned makeup if you’re one of the rare people who can pull off a yellow dress.

Let your cheeks boast of a healthy glow and warmth while your base is modest. This is when cream-based transparent cheek tints come in handy. Powder bronzers are also effective.


Perfecting your eye makeup is crucial whether you’re going to the prom or a wedding in your yellow flowy dress! Eye makeup for a yellow dress can be done in a variety of ways. While the smokey eye is stunning and works with virtually anything, you could concentrate on your lips and add simple kohl lines to your eyelids.


If you’re opting for a smokey eye, keep your lips neutral. You can use either orange or pink lip butter or a rose or nude pink lipstick. 

You should avoid wearing a yellow dress with bright red lipstick! With a vibrant red and buttery yellow combination, you’ll stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd!

Accessories To Wear With A Yellow Dress


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Stick to very light or white gold or silver when selecting a precious metal. Keep it straightforward.

If you wish to add a belt, go with one of the colors suggested for the shoes, preferably the same; alternatively, a little deeper shade of the dress’ yellow will trim your waist subtly.

Unless you’re going to the beach, in which case all of your accessories will be modified, stick to tiny bags in black, white, or silver, depending on the shoes you’re wearing.

Wearing ethnic-inspired accessories is a great and effective complement that will not break the wallet. The gorgeous autumnal tones of red, yellow, and sand can contrast the ensemble to a stylish perfection as long as they match.

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