Tips for Styling a Chain Belt

Chain belts have been coming back and forth in fashion, and here they are trending once again. This 90s style has made a huge comeback in the past few years, and even some famous brands have displayed their chain belt collections in several fashion walks. The best thing is that they are now available online and in stores as well. 

If we go back in the past, we can find how chain belts were the best fashion accessory in spring/summer runways. From hippy modernism to the cool-girl utility chain, belts were everywhere. However, a time came when the trend vanished, and leather belts took the place of chain belts. But now that chain belts are back in trend, why don’t we learn about different ways of styling them with various outfits? 

Styling a Chain Belt with Different Outfits 


A chain belt would give your whole outfit a unique grit and edge. Moreover, it also provides a sense of confidence to outfits and tells the people that you are not just an ordinary person. Following are some ways in which you can style different types of chain belts. 

1. Style a Wingman Belt with Business Formals 


A wingman belt is maybe the most practical and cool chain belt of all times. The combination of standard belts adorned with a golden chain makes them look great with business formals like coats, dress pants, or skirts and jackets. Just get ready for your meeting like you do every time, and add a wingman belt to your outfit. The outfit will shine differently; a classy leather chain belt adds elegance and professionalism simultaneously to the business formals. 

2. Pair a Chain Belt with Jeans 


A golden chain belt can be worn with jeans, just like standard belts. Do not wear a chain belt all fitted around your waist; instead, leave it a little loose when wearing with jeans. Pass it through the belt loops, and lock it wear you find it loose and comfortable at the same time; leave the rest of the chain belt hanging as it is. 

However, there are some things you need to consider according to the type of jeans you are wearing. If the jean is a high rise, the chain belt will go around your natural waist. On the other hand, if it is a low rider, you will have to wear it according to your hip size. Remember that you don’t have to tighten the belt up; it should stay a little loose. Moreover, if a pair of jeans already have embellishments like crystal studs, it’s better not to wear a chain belt with it as it will look over-accessorized. 

3. Use a Chain Belt to Accessorize a Plain Dress 



Plain solid-colored dresses look very dull and lifeless, and a glossy chain belt can add life to such dresses. Let’s say you have a plain black dress that looks totally sassy without a belt, but a golden or silver chain would be a great addition to it. Position your chain belt near the dress’s waistline, and that’s pretty much it. Silver and golden chain belts go with almost every solid-colored dress, making them a great addition to a wardrobe. 

4. Wear them with Denim Skirts and Shorts 


Denim skirts and shorts look perfect with a sassy chain belt. Chain belts make them look brighter and add a unique style to them. Even if you are simply going out with friends, a chain belt with your skirt or shorts will look perfect. As the denim skirts and shorts are already quite sprinkling, a little glamour wouldn’t hurt. 

5. Make Your Jumpsuit Look Perfect with a Chain Belt 

Chain belts add definition to jumpsuits which is why one should always wear a chain belt with them. Simply position the chain belt around your waist, and your jumpsuit would look completely fire now. You must remember that too many accessories while wearing a chain belt on a jumpsuit will only ruin your look. It’s better to stay simple and slay simple. 

6. Wear it With a Bikini  

Wearing a chain belt with a bikini would look as good and elegant as with any other type of clothing. For a fashion-conscious person, even the beach seems like a platform where one must keep up with the trends. You can wear the chain belt around your waist or hips to add definition to your figure. 

How to Position a Chain Belt?



The position of a chain belt differs from the type of clothes you are wearing with. Let’s go through a brief guide to positioning a chain belt with different clothing styles. 

Jeans: Chain belt with jeans is positioned like any standard belt, i.e., thread it through the belt loops and secure it. If you think that the belt loops will hide your chain belt, you can skip some loops here and there, and you are good to go. 

A Loose Top or a Plain Dress: You need to wear the chain belt around your natural waist with this type of clothing. Wearing a chain belt at this point will make your figure more prominent, which is why it is advised to wear them with jumpsuits, plain dresses, and loose shirts. 

Skirts and Shorts: You should wear a chain belt low on your hips with skirts and shorts. But make sure you keep it tight enough, so it doesn’t fall down and loose enough not to make you feel uncomfortable.

With Business Formals: A leather belt adorned with a chain would look perfect with business formals; wear it in a sleek way, and you can go to any meeting looking like a boss lady. 




Some Beautiful Chain Belts 

This stylish silver chain belt would go perfectly with almost all the pairings we mentioned above. Moreover, it’s a bit more stylish than a plain chain belt. Wear it with a coat, sweater, dress, or jumpsuit, and it would look as fine as any other chain belt. 

This golden chain belt is perfect for pairing with jeans, denim skirts, and shorts. With its simple and elegant look, it wouldn’t look too accessorized even when out and about with friends or family. 

This one’s another beautiful yet simple chain belt that goes both with dresses and with jeans too. It would look best with plain dresses and oversized shirts, as its design is quite elegant. 


Chain belts are back in trend, and it’s an excellent opportunity to take out your old one or get yourself a new chain belt and start pairing it with your outfits. Either you want to make your plain dress look more glamorous or want to define your figure even in baggy clothes, chain belts can help you out. 

Several designs and colors are available for chain belts, but the best colors to go for are still golden and silver, as they can be paired with almost every other color. Lastly, it is important for a person who keeps up with fashion trends to keep looking fashionable all the time – be it with a chain belt or without.