Tips for Storing Your Luxury Purses, Handbags, and Clutches

Women have a thing for their handbags and clutches. Hence it is important to keep them safe and properly organized when they are not in use. A wardrobe is almost incomplete without trendy bags and clutches. However, rough, poorly shaped, and dirty bags will never make you look professional and attractive. Thus, as much as you pay attention to your clothes, you should be concerned about your handbags as well.

Before storing your bags, the important thing to remember is to:

Keep your Purses and Handbags Clean


Luxury bags and purses are not only closet ornaments but your functional accessories; therefore, regular cleaning them (both internally and externally) can go a long way. If you keep your makeup products inside your bag, make sure none of the containers are open.  

Water bottles, kids’ food, stationery should be placed inside the bags with utmost care to prevent any leakage. Proper care should also be taken while placing your bag on any surface. It must be free of dust, water, or any rough surface which may cause damage to the exterior of the bag. Clean your bag regularly after use. 

When you are done using the bag, empty all the content before storing it aside. Generally, it is preferred to ask your shopkeeper to guide you about appropriate material to clean the bag. When cleaning leather bags, use leather cleaners to get the best results. 

Tips for Storing Your Luxury Bags

1. Store your Bags in the Closets

Store your Bags in the Closets

If you have enough space in your closet, you don’t need to think about other ways to store your bags. When storing your bag in the closet, make sure to keep them separated and properly aligned to avoid any damage. Also, try to retain the original shape of the bag while storing. Keeping the bags in shape is also very important when storing, especially for a longer period. There are several ways to protect the shape of the handbags, such as a base shaper or hard cardboard

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If a base shaper or hard cardboard is placed at the bottom, it will protect the base of the bag. It will keep your bag from stagging at the bottom. Mostly clutches and purses do not need base support. You only have to fill them with any material which makes them fluffy and protects their shape.

You can use cotton, cloth, or pieces of newspaper. These will avoid the bags from squeezing and deforming. To keep your bags in order, start by placing the ones you use frequently or daily, then organize the others in your collection.

2. Use your Room or Closet Doors

If you are struggling with space to stow your luxury bags, you can make room in your closet or room doors. You can hang the bags using the door hooks. Don’t hang the bags by their straps; this may result in overstretching of the bag and cause damage to the bag. 

To keep the straps of your bag safe, simply roll them and place them inside your bag while storing them as you may need them any time in the future, do not throw them. You can use the drawstring of your dust bag to hang the bag.

3. Over-the-Door Wire Baskets

Don’t have enough space to store all your luxury bags? No problem! Try out these over-the-door wire baskets to store them. These baskets are very trendy these days for storage purposes. So, you can stay in style while improvising new ideas. All you have to do is hang these baskets on the door hooks and place your bags inside these baskets. However, your bags may get dusty in the open, so make sure to always cover them in dust bags.

4. Acrylic Dividers or Other Organizers

Always keep your bags in order and well-spaced. You can categorize your bags on different shelves or racks. Use different racks for purses, school bags, clutches, shoulder bags, and crossbody bags. If these are not available, you can use bookshelves. However, one thing to remember is to keep the bags apart from each other. If the bags are kept closer, friction might damage their color or material. 

If your closet does not have enough space, you can use acrylic dividers. It will allow the bags to be held in their shape and not shoved in the back of your closet. 

5. Storage Boxes May Provide Assistance

The best way to store a bag is to place it in its original bag. You can also put the bags in their boxes and pile them up. But if you do not have their original boxes, any box with a 1cm circumference around the sides of the bag may be useful for storing your luxury bags. Place the purses in an upright position. You can place one box over the other in a closet, but remember not to exceed the maximum limit a box can withstand as this will damage the boxes and the bags inside them. Clutches, however, be laid flat. They can also be kept in any small drawer as they occupy the least space. 

Plastic containers can also be used to store the bags. These containers come with lids. You just simply have to place the bags inside the container and cover them with the lid. A simple way to store the clutches in these containers is to pile them up like books. To keep the purses separate, you can use acrylic dividers or sweater dividers to protect the bags.

6. Dust Bags

If boxes are not available for storing the bags, you can place them in dust bags. Generally, these bags come with dust bags when you buy them from their official store. You just have to spare a few minutes to cover your bags in these available covers to increase their lifespan. After placing your luxury bags in the dust bags, you can easily put them in your closet, on bookshelves, or hang them on the door. You also don’t need to worry about damaging the bag from dust or color changes from sunlight and temperature.

In case these dust bags are not available, you can use dust covers and pillow covers as an alternative. If using pillow covers, make sure to use a white pillow cover; otherwise, your bags might get stained. It will ultimately damage the bag. 


Caring for your bags is important, especially when you have invested your hard-earned money in your collection. Doing this can increase their lifespan and maintain them in excellent condition. You can store them in moderately humid conditions as extreme humidity will produce lingering odor, color changes, and damage to the bags. 

Silica bead packets should be placed inside the bags to combat the humidity issue. Temperature ranges are also different for various humidity levels. Try to store your bags under moderate environmental conditions, as extremes can adversely affect the texture of your bags.