Tips for Organizing Your Purse

Purses are an essential accessory. They are simple, but they can quickly turn into an endless pit where we can’t find a single thing we are looking for.

Have you ever experienced constantly digging through your purse, muttering, “Where’s my phone? Where are my keys?” or “I know I brought that lip gloss, but where is it?” If this describes you, you are not alone. Most women who bring their essentials in their purses have experienced this struggle. Sometimes, the one thing you need to get right away is lost at the bottom of your abyss of a bag. Rather than constantly wasting time, you have to keep your handy little tools organized.

Here are some helpful ways to help you organize your purse:

1. As much as possible, buy a purse with the right compartments and pockets that you need

Consider buying a purse that has some organization built into it. We know to make sure that everything we need is brought in a bag, which causes some women to bring the giant suitcase purse that can fit anything. Many cute and stylish handbags offer different compartments for storage, keys, credit cards, phones, makeup, and more. Picking these kinds of purses lessens the hassle of going through all your stuff before you get to the one thing you need.

2. Pull everything out of your purse

If you choose to stick with the purse that you have – especially that everyday bag that you love – the best thing you can do is to organize it. Pull everything out of that bag so you can give your purse a nice clean slate for organizing. Going back to zero will help you clear your mind about how you set up stuff in the past and to think outside the box.

3. Sort your bag’s content into categories

Sort all the items in your purse into categories, like receipts, makeup, gum, mints, etc. This helps you visualize how many items you have of every type of thing and what size of pouches or containers you’ll need to keep these organized.

4. Decide what you want to keep

Your bag may be full of trash (unnecessary receipts, gum wrappers, etc.), so now would be a great time to purge the trash and other items that have mysteriously made their way inside your purse and don’t belong there. Set aside things you don’t need to keep in your purse and put them away.

5. Think of how you can lessen your purse’s contents

Bringing a heavy bag can take a toll on your shoulders, back, and neck, and you can end up having spine damage in the long run. Keep your purse light and take out anything that you don’t need daily. Here are some tips about what to remove from your purse:

  • Only carry an umbrella when a forecast says it will rain. Umbrellas also take some weight and space, which you will otherwise use for your needs.
  • Toss the excess coins you don’t get to use. Empty them in a jar or coin bank, then convert them to bills in the bank or grocery store. You’ll make your purse lighter.
  • Keep copies of your cards and IDs in your home. Since you’ll be cleaning out your bag, you can photocopy these, so you’ll know whom to call and what to cancel if your cards are already lost or stolen.
  • Put away the makeup counter’s worth of products you’re carrying in your bag. It’s better to go for on-the-go beauty supplies will be much handier to grab if it fits into a single pouch.

Make sure your bag has extra space for other items you may need. For example, sometimes you drop by a convenience store to buy snacks to eat when you’re feeling snacky. If your bag isn’t full, it can still handle these things.

6. Find the items that you use most frequently and make them accessible

Your smartphone and keys are just a few of the items that you’ll be taking in and out of your purse frequently, so instead of keeping them inside the main compartment, leave these pieces out in its separate, delegated area. For instance, you can keep your smartphone in the zipper compartment at the back for easier access while still being secure.

7. Organize

A woman getting ready to put personal things into a handbag

Now, it’s time to use storage to your advantage. Decide what should go where. Keep the things you use the most in the most accessible places to be in. Then, organize the rest. Here are some practical tips for doing it:

  • Keep your cords together

One of the most annoying items in the bag is earbuds and chargers. The cords can become a tangled mess and wrap around everything inside the bag. You can keep them in a case or in leather cord holders like cord tacos.

  • Store your coins in a coin purse

Get a coin purse instead of tossing your coins in the pockets of your bag. This way, you don’t need to dig in a lot inside your bag in case you need to use the loose change.

  • Put all your makeup in a pouch

Put your makeup in a small, zippered pouch to make it easy to grab when you need a quick touch-up. This helps keep lip gloss, mascara, or liquid foundation from bursting open and getting all over your purse. Plus, it’s also easier to take a quick touch-up in your office or school by only bringing your pouch to the restroom and not your whole bag.

A clear or semi-clear makeup bag can make it even easier for you to look for something you need at the moment.

It also helps to downsize your beauty products. You don’t have to bring that big bottle of lotion or cologne and your large moisturizer jar anywhere – keep them in your home. If you wish to bring some anywhere you go, decant them in smaller travel bottles to keep things compact.

  • Use an organizer for your paper goods, such as receipts and coupons

For coupons, gift cards, and receipts you have to keep, you can manage them by getting a designated spot for them. These paper items can stuff up your wallet, leaving you with no more place to put other things in.

Instead of putting these receipts and coupons in your wallet, use a mini accordion organizer. Label each section with categories such as pantry item coupons, bills, receipts, merchandise receipts, beauty coupons, gift cards, etc. This way, it will be easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

8. Get a purse organizer insert.

A woman using a purse organizer insert 

If you don’t like spending too much time organizing your purse, you can always use a purse organizer insert. This tool has compartments and pockets for everything, so you can put them in your purse and go.

A purse organizer insert is an excellent option if you’re constantly changing out your purses but don’t want to take the time to organize your purse each time you do. An organizer insert only needs to be dropped in and out of each purse, so you’ll know exactly where everything is. These are often made out of a felt material that is somewhat stiff. It does not only give your purse some shape, but they also keep them all organized. It fits most handbags and has lots of interior pockets.

9. Use compartmentalized wallets

If you usually have to weed through your purse to find where you put your debit card, license, or passport, organize them in a compartmentalized wallet with an easy-to-view organizing system. This can save you time and energy. Use a cardholder if you bring mostly cards and rarely bring cash. Card holders are usually smaller than a typical woman’s wallet, so it also saves space in your bag.

10. Store your meds in a pillbox

Have you ever experienced running out of a specific medication, only to find out days later that you still have one in the insides of your purse? To avoid this and have your available pills ready when you need them, put these pills and other medications in a travel pillbox. Label each compartment, so you won’t forget what’s inside. If possible, stow it in a zipped area in your purse along with your dental floss, gum, and other personal items.

11. Go digital

Do you have lots of store and restaurant loyalty cards? Since you most probably have a smartphone, be aware that there are apps that allow you to store cards right on your phone. Using your phone instead of actual cards help cut down on clutter.

Also, use apps to record memos and appointments instead of bringing a planner or a notebook. If you plan to read even when you’re out of the house, consider switching to e-readers like Kindle or eBooks on your smartphone.

12. Prevent messes

Stop creating messes before they happen by removing the trash and other wrong items from the bag. Make sure every pen has a sturdy cap. Properly secure any bottles – whether it contains lotion, water, coffee, or more – and make sure they are closed before putting them back in your bag. Throw any gum straight into the trash instead of sticking it in your purse. To prevent messes with your cosmetics, put them in a cosmetics bag to avoid encountering crushed powder ruining your extra white shirt or having goops of moisturizer on your books.

13. Maintain what you organized

Once your purse is organized, make sure to keep it that way. Commit to tossing any unimportant receipts, trash, or wrappers that may have left your bag. If you’re done using your earbuds or chargers, put them away in their dedicated container. If you’re done paying using your credit card, put it back in the card slot of your wallet where you got it. This way, you are forced to keep out the junk and keep away from making your handbag a mess again.