Tips for Moisturizing Dry Knees

Have you ever used a moisturizing soap or body wash, and applied lotion in your body only to find out that your knees are still dry? If that’s the case, your knees need a little more TLC in the skincare department.

The skin in the knees are different from the skin on the rest of our legs. It contains less sebaceous glands, and produce less lipids to help moisturize the top layer of the skin. This dryness can be caused by hormonal changes, health conditions, and hereditary skin conditions like eczema. But in most cases, dry knees and elbows are caused by unconscious habits that makes skin thicker due to friction.

The dry skin on your knees is likely unnoticeable, but it may get you self-conscious, especially if you’re wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses. Sometimes, it may look obvious that the skin on the knee is thicker due to buildup of dry skin. The good news is there are tweaks you can make to your grooming and beauty routine to remedy that. Here are some of the tips that can help:

1. Use humectant moisturizers

Thin, and light body lotions won’t work on thick skin like dry knees and elbows. Look for creams and body butters that can penetrate through rough skin and work its magic. When your skin is so dry that skin is literally cracking, use a powerful tropical butter cream. Carapex Tropical Butter Cream for Dry Skin & Cracked Hands is a great option, as it uses cocoa seed, grape seed oil, shea butter, and vitamin E to rejuvenate the skin. It penetrates deep beneath the layers of scaly and dried-out skin for hydrating moisture when your body craves it the most. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is another great moisturizer to use for super dry and even sensitive skin.

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2. Apply petroleum jelly at night

Petroleum jelly is a cheap and widely available moisturizer you can use on dry and scaly skin. Just apply a thick layer on the knees after taking an evening shower. It locks the moisture from your shower or bath, and since you’ll be asleep, you won’t be bothered by the grease.

3. Reapply lotions during the day

Always keep a travel-sized bottle of heavy lotion or a mini jar of petroleum jelly in your purse or office drawer so you can keep your knees moisturized throughout the day. Make it a habit to rub your moisturizing cream whenever you’re taking a break. You can keep it next to your computer, so while you’re waiting for a reply from a client, or mentally compose an email, give your dry spots a little extra touch of moisture.

4. Buff off dead skin cells

Sometimes, your skin becomes dry because of the accumulation of dead skin cells from the surface. What you need to do is to remove them by exfoliation, so your skin can become softer once again. You can buff it off using a loofah while you’re on a steamy shower. The best time to exfoliate is always during bath or shower time, when the skin is extra hydrated. This pair of loofas can scrape off dead skin on the rough side, while the softer side can offer a lighter exfoliation in areas of the body where you need it.

If you’ve got dry skin not just on the knees  but also in other parts of your body, you can invest in a good brush and body care kit for a complete and customizable exfoliation experience. It comes with a large brush for the body, a soft one for the face, a pumice sphere and a body exfoliator for other parts that need more exfoliation. Plus, its invigorating vibrations can also make skin cell turnover much easier.

5. Exfoliate with body scrubs

Besides tools, body scrubs are effective exfoliators. Body scrubs are made with special ingredients that work together to exfoliate and replenish the skin.

Herbivore Natural Coco Rose Body Polish is an excellent, all-natural body polish that gently buffs away dead skin while nourishing the skin with coconut oil. The Moroccan rose oil reduces redness and adds a boost of hydration.

Alba Botanica Revitalizing Sea Salt Hawaiian Body Scrub is a cheaper yet highly effective option. This citrus-scented body scrub is full of the best hydrating ingredients like macadamia, jojoba, avocado, and sweet almond oil. These ingredients work to leave the skin nourished and renewed, while the sea salt scrubs away dead skin and other impurities.

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6. Use body wash

Bar soaps are fine, but it’s actually dehydrating for the skin when used in the long run. Switching out your soap to organic and moisturizing body washes can be the change your knees (and your whole skin overall) need to jump-start its hydration.

Puracy Natural Body Wash is an organic body wash you can use to create rich, luxurious foam that can hydrate, purify and balance your skin. It uses a soothing coconut base to prevent dryness.

If you need a body wash that’s widely available and highly recommended, try Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture. This creamy, plant-based body wash is one of the leading moisturizing body washes in the market.

7. Soak skin in coconut oil

If exfoliating exacerbates your irritated skin on the knees, take the opposite route and use coconut oil. Apply coconut oil on your knees after bathing to keep your skin hydrated. Use Herbivore Natural Coconut Milk Bath Soak to help the skin absorb nutrients and moisture while coconut oil nourishes the skin.

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8. Add moisture to your air

When topical treatments won’t work or produce only little results, help your skin by surrounding yourself with moisture. Using ultrasonic moisturizers like the Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier can help keep the surroundings moisturized, so your skin won’t dry out due to the air.

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