Tips for Adding Glamour to Your Living and Working Spaces

Being a glamorous woman, you take pride not just with your sartorial style but also in your glamorous home and workspace look. You want your apartment or homes to represent how good you look, as well as your lifestyles, your passions, and your livelihood. You want your office space to feel as glamorous as you are. Adding a touch of glamour to your living and working spaces is easy and you don’t have to spend a fortune. Here are some helpful tips to transform your home and office from drab to glam:

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1. Get organized and keep it clean

The foundation of a glamorous space is not showing off all the gold and glitter – it’s being tidy and organized. The first thing you need to do is to keep your home and offices neat and clean. Remove clutter and organize your belongings in their proper containers. Keep your surfaces clean and shiny. Any peeling or discolored paint or wallpaper in the walls and ceilings should be redone. Your metallic items and glass surfaces must always be polished.

In your office, stacks of paper and other types of clutter just can make your office dreary. Get some organizers to keep all clutter in place.

The thing about a glamorous space is that you can show off your collection (just make sure the presentation is artful and not tacky or over-the-top), but don’t show off anything that can look like an eyesore.

2. Stick with a simple color scheme

Glamorous spaces stick with a simple color scheme. If your space looks like a color jungle, the less glamorous it will look. White and cream add an allure of luxurious space. When mixed with gold, reds, deep greens, rich blues, purple, black or pink (for girly gals), it gains more personality. Just use various shades of white or cream and bring in small pops of your accent color.

Any color that looks rich and luxurious can be added, but make sure you use them in a smart way and in moderation. Consider the photo above for instance. The space is all white and even the draperies are white. It’s accented by touches of olive green through the accent chair and wall art. Then, it’s grounded by light neutrals on the floor and the rest of the furniture.

3. Splurge in some quality furniture


To make your home look glam, you need to invest once in a while. Buy furniture pieces of quality craftsmanship to make sure it will last and it will be worth your money. Move away from the chippy furniture and distressed items. They look rustic and cute, but not glamorous. Either choose modern, Ikea-style furniture or go traditional with Chesterfield sofas like this one from Stone & Beam paired with Parisian area rugs.

When going modern, go for sleek furniture and with black or gold linings. Benton Collection Mirrored Reflection Adelisa Bathroom Sink Vanity looks perfect for a glamorous bathroom since the cabinet doors are mirrored with a touch of gold. Furnishings with gilded details and rich bookmarked veneers will always be a glam addition. Home office chairs with exposed metal legs like Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive Swivel Chair is also a glamorous choice. The shiny, chrome base and white leather bring a touch of elegant glamour.

4. Place some chandeliers


A chandelier is almost always glamorous, especially if it’s made of more glass and crystals. Pick chandeliers like this and look for some with touches of gold. Place your chandeliers on your living room, dining room, den or even in the bedroom and walk-in closet for a more glamorous feeling.

For an elegant, European palace-style glam, Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier will do the trick. It’s made of real crystals, so it won’t look cheap. For your high-ceiling rooms, place something like Saint Mossi Modern K9 Double Swirl Crystal Raindrop Chandelier to add a long and fascinating touch of sparkle to your home.

If your interiors are more industrial, loft, Scandinavian or modern contemporary-style, the Rivet 5-Arm Industrial Pendant Chandelier would be perfect. This fixture is sleek and is made of metal with black and antique brass finish that can easily add a fresh and glamorous industrial-style along with the exposed bulbs.

5. Add mirrors


Mirrors reflect more light into the room, making it feel larger and more luxurious. They bring elegance and glamour to the space without bringing too much effort. It’s best to choose mirrors with metallic frames, so the reflection or light bounces.

Make your mirrors double as glamorous accent pieces on your walls. Adding a beautiful sunburst mirror like NOVICA Leaf Round Starburst will easily do the trick. Or, you can just pick one with a shiny or reflective frame, like this Elijah Glam Circular Wall Mirror or the Irene Rectangular Bubble Detailed Wall Mirror

6. Use some fancy and dramatic lighting

Besides chandeliers, lamps are a great choice to start looking for extra ways to add glam to your home’s interior or in your office. Lampshades can easily add some sparkle to your space. Placing an accent light near a cozy couch or bed, or on top of your office table helps create a glamorous vibe.

Add some vintage glam effect with Ore International 8315C Deco Glam Table Lamp. It’s a pretty crystal shade that adds just the right amount of sparkle. For a Hollywood glam on a budget, get Park Madison Lighting Contemporary Crystal Table Lamp. This one is made of a more solid crystal shade, compared to the other one made with dangling pieces. Both these lamps have a sleek, polished chrome body and stand.

Besides lamps made of crystals, picking a lamp in a chic metallic color (like gold, rose gold, copper or brass) can add a glamorous glow into your living space. If you’re a fan of the typical lampshade design but with a contemporary edge, buy the Rivet Copper Geometric Table Lamp. This lamp can easily add some glam to your room because of its copper-finished geometric base that pairs best with dark furniture. But this can be a bit bulky, especially in office spaces. Stone & Beam Vintage Task Lamp is a sleek task lighting perfect for your office table or your reading nook. Its antique brass finish adds a simple touch of glam in any space.

When it comes to adding glitz, its powerful effect lies on the placement. Don’t overdo it; just keep it as an accent piece to deliver a subtle yet effective touch of glamour.

7. Use luxe fabrics


If you want your home to look glamorous, don’t use cheap-looking fabrics for your curtains, rugs, throws, and pillowcases. Choose luxe fabrics like fur, silk, and velvet. Get some dramatic drapery, and go for those with a solid color. If you want an extra elegant effect, swap your area rugs, linens, curtains, pillows and other fabric with hints of gold. A gold, silk-like drapery like the Elrene Gold Window Curtain Drape can easily make your space look elegant.

Dress up your pillows with fur and trim. Faux area rugs are on the rage, so look for something of high quality like the Ashler Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Area Rug and it can glam up your floor at home or in the office. In your office, drape some faux fur blanket or use a fur pillow case like the PHANTOSCOPE Decorative Merino Style Fur Throw Pillow Case for extra cushiony back support.

9. Use glamorous accessories

Your accessories must be all about the sparkle, drama, and depth. Glass, metals, pearls, and gems are your go-to accessories since they all evoke a feeling of richness and sophistication.

Here are some glamorous accessory ideas for your home and office:

  • Accessorize your tables, countertops or bookcases with cylindrical vases made of glass, crystal or glossy metal. A vase-like VINCIGANT Silver Hollow Crystal Cylinder Flower Vase looks really glam and is perfect for displaying your faux flowers and bouquets.
  • Use elegant apothecary jars like MyGift Designer Clear Glass Apothecary Jars for storing small kitchen items like dried pasta, grains, candy or fruit; or for storing decorations like petals, sand, seashells, and pebbles.
  • Display your cupcakes in a classy cupcake stand with mirrored surfaces, like Amalfi Décor’s 3-Tier Mirrored Cupcake Stand. It’s plated in rose-gold for an extra glam girl effect, but you can buy one in gold or silver, too.
  • A glam girl uses scented candles to freshen up rooms and lighten up the atmosphere, but you can take it to the next glam level by using LA JOLIE MUSE Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Scented Candle. The scented candle itself offers a calming aroma of ylang-ylang with notes of jasmine, musk, and chamomile; but the container itself comes in a modern, metallic pink that adds a glam chic effect.
  • Show them you can be extra by picking up luxe accessories even for holding items as cheap and mundane as a tissue paper.  Creative Scents Rectangular Tissue Box Holder in Mother of Pearl is an elegant tissue box for your bathroom or even in your office, as it’s made with the highest-grade resin. The design comes in a beautiful mother-of-pearl Milano color. You can also get this type of product in the form of a soap dish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and wastebasket.
  • For your home or office, get a pretty cute mug like Stonelainy Ceramic Swan Mug. Enjoy your coffee or tea in this beautiful mug with an elegant gold-foil swan design and a pink, glossy handle.  
  • Organize your office supplies while keeping it in style with Blu Monaco Office Supplies Rose Gold Desk Organizer Set. This set comes with letter sorter, pen holder, paper tray and magazine file – all made of rose gold wire. It’s so perfect for the offices of working millennial girls out there.
  • Load up your office desk with pretty glam objects that you use every day, like this white marble print, rose gold-plated stapler; golden tape dispenser; and a set of gold paper clips. Now, how glamorous can it get?

Whatever interior design style your home or office has, you can achieve glamour by staying classy and tailored. It doesn’t always have to be formal – it should just represent how fine and sophisticated you really are.