How to Put the Glam Into Your Home and Office

Modern glitz is a widely adopted aesthetic for both homes and offices. This style strikes a lovely mix between minimalism and elegance. The point is not to go overboard but to give a clean and contemporary room a refined elegance.

It’s a popular choice for home stagers because it’s universally flattering and can bring in buyers of both sexes. At its best, this aesthetic exudes a laid-back sophistication that is both stylish and comfortable. This style often uses a black-and-white base with colorful accents. However, if you pay attention to color balance, you can employ even more hues.

A Classical Glamorous Living Room

Guide in Adding Glamour to Living and Workspace

It’s natural to want to spruce up your living space occasionally. You could spice it up a bit if it’s something you’d call ordinary or boring. It’s a frequent misconception that decorating requires a lot of time and money when, in truth, it takes some imagination to make it more stunning. Still, you need to figure out how to consider the following advice.

1. Maintain order and tidiness

The key to creating an opulent atmosphere is not flashing your gold and glitter but maintaining a spotless and well-organized environment. The first step is maintaining a clean and orderly environment at home and in the workplace. Please get rid of the clutter and sort everything into their respective bins. Remember to maintain a gleaming appearance on all surfaces. The paint or wallpaper on the walls and ceilings should be changed if it is peeling or has faded. Always be sure to polish any metal or glass surfaces. Having piles of paper and other distractors around your desk might be depressing. Invest in some storage bins to corral your mess.

Elegant Living Room

2. Use the Appropriate Color Scheme

Decorating a room begins with the selection of a color scheme. Blending incompatible hues create an unpleasant visual effect. If you want to relax and feel at home in your living area, painting the walls a neutral tone and then adding colorful accents is a great idea.

White or cream is a solid bet if you’re going for understated elegance. In contrast, if you want to make a statement, you could paint just one or two walls a daring color like black or gray. That would be a fascinating contrast, not to mention a solid foundation for building the rest of the picture. 

3. Give Attention to Specifics

One’s attention to detail determines a design’s success or failure. A good starting point for selecting furniture is prioritizing both convenience and individuality. Cushions are the first to splurge when making a place look more glamorous. You can stick with the tried-and-true method of tossing cushions on the couch and chairs. 

Designers have highlighted the practicality of bright floor cushions by demonstrating how they can create additional seating. Get the longest curtains you can locate and hang them as high as possible to make a dramatic visual impact. Your ceiling will appear higher, and the fabric will pool on the floor, creating an air of extravagance throughout the space. 

Working space with plants

4. Mix and Match Fabrics and Patterns

While it’s true that most people would rather play things safe, using the same materials and patterns can always get boring. Try mixing and matching various materials to give your living area that special touch. You can pick from a wide variety of options.

Don’t be afraid to experiment by combining seemingly incongruous fabrics like lace with sequins and ruffles with faux fur and classic velvet. And if you want to emphasize that opulent feel, a piece of furniture with a marble design is a surefire way to do so. Get over your prejudice towards animal print and include it in your home decor if you’re ready to level up.

5. Use Appropriate Lighting to Highlight the Room

The lighting in a room is the single most important design element. It’s not just useful but also what gives the space its personality. A quality chandelier is a must-have accessory to add glitz and sophistication to any room. Whether you choose traditional crystal or something more up-to-date, it will elevate the look. Look for some old table lamps or floor lamps if you enjoy variety. Always choose warmer lighting options, as they create a cozier atmosphere. They can go wherever they like. You can align them in a symmetrical pattern or move them to a more convenient location for reading.

A Classical Glamorous Living Room

6. Mirrors are used to create an illusion of depth

In every luxuriously furnished room, you’ll notice mirrors. Mirrors reflect light, creating the optical illusion of a deeper space. For example, mirrored coffee tables and storage cabinets are also worth looking into. If you must choose between simple and elaborate, go with the latter. Those with ornate frames already have the appearance of works of art. A wall covered in mirrors of varying sizes and shapes is an intriguing option, creating a much air in the living space.

7. Embellishing with metal

Adding glitz to your home is as simple as using metallic finishes, such as chrome or gold, on your furniture, walls, and ceilings. The number of vases, flasks, paintings and other display pieces will increase as you think about metallic finishes. For those on a tighter budget, smaller, less expensive pieces, such as brass vases, will also do the purpose. Gold and silver metallic spray paint applied to corner crevices is also a visually appealing design element.

Room with Candles

8. Embellish the space with some plants and flowers

Decorating with plants is a must. Flower arrangements and plant decor are timeless and tasteful additions to any room’s decor. They come in various styles and colors, so you can easily find one that complements your existing aesthetic and adds a touch of glitz. Palm fronds, for instance, are a superb choice for a chic beach house, while orchids are a wonderful addition to a modern apartment.

9. Add some fragrance as a final touch

Adding a little fragrance is optional, but it enhances the experience. Scented candles and sticks come in a wide range of scents and sizes. Having your favorite scent wafting through your living area will boost your spirits every time you enter. The perception of tidiness will also increase. Candle holders or, for the full effect, antique candelabras can also be used as opulent decorations. In addition, illuminating the space with candles makes it feel more intimate and mysterious.

10. Be Careful Not to Go Too Far

“Less is more,” as the adage goes. These days, a mark of luxury is a pared-down approach. The choice, though, is entirely up to you. You can maintain style to get there. Your taste can be easily incorporated into the decor of your living space in various ways. Finding everything you need takes time. Even yet, it’s always a good idea to take a second look since going overboard can have the opposite impact of what you want and make the whole thing appear distasteful.

Room with mirrors


Most people feel most comfortable in their living room. They go there to relax after a hard work day or hang out with loved ones. Spicing things up has been shown to boost one’s self-assurance, stamina, and even sense of style. Setting decorating goals and embarking on a quest to make your room just a bit fancier is always refreshing.

Finding the proper harmony is the key to achieving a sense of sophisticated glamour in your interior design. The hallmarks of contemporary design are uncluttered surfaces and sleek furnishings. Glamor can be introduced using plush materials, shiny finishes, and ornamental touches. Everything should be understated and cozy for modern glamour. Be picky when you whittle down the furniture and art.