Tips for Adding a Brooch for Extra Glam Style

An unassuming outfit can become effortlessly chic with the addition of a small accent. The ultimate functional accessory to upgrade any classic outfit and make it ultra-chic is decorative jewelry, such as brooches. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for advice on how to wear a brooch for extra glam. Read on!

What Is a Brooch?

A brooch is a fashion accessory that attaches to clothing. The brooch’s weight is supported by the garment to which it is pinned. Brooches can be made of vibrant colors and intricate designs in materials like enamel and metal, or they can be made of precious stones like amethyst, emeralds, and sapphires.

Jewelry isolated over white backgroundBrief History of Brooches

The fibula was the original name for the brooch, which dates to the Bronze Age. Early versions of brooches had a practical function. For instance, during the Roman Empire, brooches served as fasteners for heavy clothing, such as tunics and cloaks, rather than as ornamental pins. On the other hand, brooches are pieces of jewelry with vibrant designs or gemstones worn to accessorize a look.

6 Types of Brooches

The designs and functions of brooches vary; some popular types of brooches include:

Cameo Brooch

Cameo brooches, which feature mother of pearl, seashells, or agate and show the silhouette of a person set in an oval or round stone, are renowned for their distinctive style and construction.

Dress Clip

Dress clips, which are modified brooches, rose to popularity as a fashion item in the 1920s. Dress clips have a clip that attaches to a garment’s edge. To add a splash of color to your outfit, fasten one of these vintage brooches to the neckline of a dress or sweater.

Enamel Brooch

Enamel brooches are vivid and colorful, fusing glass and metal to produce vibrant color schemes. Enamel brooches have a glossy, smooth finish as a result of the manufacturing process. Other naturalistic designs used in enamel brooches include flowers, leaves, and animals.

En Tremblant Brooch

The en Tremblant brooch, a type of French jewelry with a trembler in the center, is renowned for its distinctive design. This component serves as a spring, allowing the brooch to float along with the wearer. Brooches from En Tremblant frequently feature vibrant floral patterns that catch the light.

Mourning Brooch

The morning brooch, which was popular in Victorian times, was a pin made to honor and remember a loved one. These vintage brooches may have an inscription, a lock of the deceased’s hair, or their initials engraved on the setting.

Portrait Brooch

These brooches feature a miniature, hand-painted portraits of loved ones. These brooches serve as safety pins to fasten scarves and coats in addition to having sentimental value.

Tips for Adding a Brooch for Extra Glam Style

Wearing a brooch can give any outfit a dash of glitz and elegance. Depending on the kind of brooch you select, they can easily reflect your style. Here are some smart ideas for enhancing your look with a brooch.


Pair It With a Sweater

Cozy sweaters are a must-have for any complete autumn capsule wardrobe during the chilly autumn and winter months. Given the popularity of sweaters as a type of clothing, pinning brooches to a plain sweater is a simple way to include them in one’s everyday appearance. Placing a lovely brooch just below the collarbone will add style and personality to any cozy sweater, but be careful not to gather too much material or you could risk damaging the fabric. The ideal way to combine comfort and style is to wear a decorative brooch with a warm sweater.

Pin It on a Blazer or Coat Lapel

While heavier brooches can be safely pinned to coats and blazers that are typically made of thicker, more durable fabric, lighter brooches go beautifully with delicate sweaters. In addition, a brooch worn on the lapel of a coat or blazer is simple to position and has the most decorative impact. A plain blazer or simple coat can be quickly transformed into a stunning item embellished with character and chic beauty by simply pinning on a brooch.

Place It on Your Collar

Securing the collar with a stylish brooch elevates any outfit, whether you’re wearing a stylish denim jacket or a plain white shirt. A smaller statement brooch works well to dress up a plain shirt, while a larger statement brooch can soften the look of a stiff-collared shirt. Regardless of the look, one is going for, a brooch is an easy fix that gives the wearer a fashionable flair.

Enhance the Neckline

Even when they aren’t attached to a shirt collar or a lapel, brooches can add a striking touch of glam to necklines. One striking brooch placed at the center of a V-neck or a row of brooches arranged around the neckline will instantly make a distinctively individual fashion statement. Utilizing different brooches enables the wearer to express their creativity and liven up a plain top or little black dress. No one can resist combining some creative fun with a good helping of fashion sense.

Embellish That Waistline

Of course, brooches don’t have to be secured close to the neck. A simple outfit can be dressed up and given personality by pinning a brooch to the waist. A strategically placed brooch on the waistline enhances and flatters the silhouette, effectively replacing a traditional belt, and adding dramatic flair to an otherwise straightforward dress.

Pin It to Sleeve Cuffs

Wearing a brooch on the cuffs of a shirt or coat may make sense depending on the outfit and the brooch itself. After all, a little sparkle can always be added to the mix to completely change the look. To make matching smaller brooches appear like cufflinks, pin them to the cuffs of your shirts. Alternatively, pin a larger, more ornate brooch to the cuff of your favorite winter teddy coat. In either case, accessorizing an outfit with a brooch will help make a striking fashion statement that will catch the right kind of attention.

Style That Scarf

Unquestionably, scarves are a fashion necessity, particularly in the chilly months of autumn and winter. The simplest way to style your warm blanket scarf, or even a regular scarf, might be to fasten the ends with a brooch. A stunning brooch elevates the entire ensemble while also aiding in keeping the scarf in place. Pinning a brooch to one side or in the middle, depending on personal preference, will keep the scarf reassuringly snug around the neck and add some extra glitz to the outfit without the need to know any fancy knots or intricate twists.

Decorate a Bag

By pinning a brooch directly onto a plain, unadorned bag or its strap, a simple accessory can be quickly and easily transformed into a striking piece of clothing. One clever way to use a single bag for multiple occasions and conserve valuable closet space is to pin a brooch to it.

Brighten Up a Hat

This advice will enable anyone who simply adores donning a warm knitted hat or who cannot resist the elegance of more formal hats to subtly upgrade their hat styling methods. Any hat can be made more colorful and given a more personal touch by the addition of a brooch. Any brooch can be used to personalize that hat, whether you opt for one with delicately set stones or one with a more whimsical design; all you need to do is find a suitable spot and insert the pin through the fabric.

Wear It in Your Hair

Whatever method is used, a brooch can make the ideal hair accessory and be used to create a variety of looks. Pin it on a headband, thread a ribbon through it, or secure it with a bobby pin. This is a great tip for weddings and other formal events where the setting calls for a little sparkling elegance in your up-do.

Occasions: When to Wear a Brooch

precious jewelry brooch isolated on white backgroundFamily Reunion

Choose a warm and welcoming fashion brooch, such as an antique gold floral brooch or a silver-tone flower brooch, to wear if you are going to a family reunion. This type of brooch should express love and joy.

Office Wear

You need a brooch that exudes style and sophistication if you work in an office. Small to medium-sized, subdued brooches might be used. Choose the ones based on black metal to go with your light-colored shirt or blouse or choose the ones in silver or gold colored with faux pearls or diamante to go with your darker jacket.

A skirt suit with pearl jewelry is a classic look for feeling ladylike and elegant for the day. For a traditional office, a faux pearl brooch with a matching necklace or stud earrings is appropriate.

Business Woman

Small, elegant brooches that are fastened to a lapel or the upper pocket of your jacket are the best choices if you have a business meeting or an important appointment with a client. The best options are small, posh-looking brooches with Swarovski crystal paving.


If you’re getting ready for a party with your friends, pick a unique brooch that will stand out more at night. Large, chunky ones will have a greater impact. When combined with big, numerous rhinestones, polished gold, silver, and rhodium-plated jewelry will shine brighter than anyone else!

Club Night Out

First and foremost, you need to get cool ones. Big, blingy ones are awesome! Put the brooch in your hairstyle if you have a lovely updo and are going out one night. Additionally, now is the time to be daring, so don’t be hesitant to try something new.


You might want to think about wearing a brooch that expresses something about your personality if you are going on a date. Get a cat brooch if you enjoy cats; if your pet barks, get a dog brooch. If you are a dreamy person, pick something that encourages lightness and is not overly substantial.


A brooch won’t do much for you if you’re the type of person who prefers to stay home and is always looking for an excuse to do so unless of course you’re throwing a party at your house and inviting everyone. In addition, since you can change brooches multiple times throughout the evening, this is the ideal chance to showcase your stunning collection and make everyone envious.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing and Choosing Brooches

brooch fish with diamonds isolated on white

Do: Keep an eye out for patterns and shapes that go well with your sense of styles, such as flowers, animals, or abstract objects.
Don’t: Try to trick yourself into feeling comfortable in something you know you won’t like.

Do: If you are at a complete loss as to which jewelry to choose, either seek the guidance of a close friend or consult a professional stylist.
Don’t: Ignore the potential impact you could have on the situation if you selected the appropriate accessories.

Do: When picking out a brooch, be sure to take your time, examine other pins with a comparable design, and focus on how it feels in your hand.
Don’t: If none of your clothes match it, consider buying a brooch to wear with it. Dresses are meant to be accessorized with brooches, not the other way around.

Do: You might rediscover some of your older brooches if you try wearing them in a manner that is different from how they were intended.
Don’t: Be afraid to expand your collection by purchasing new brooches or disposing of your old ones.

Do: Make your style, and then make it again.
Don’t: Follow without question the most recent fashions.


You can dress up a variety of outfits with the addition of a brooch because it is such an elegant accessory. Learn more about these decorative pins and the proper way to wear a brooch by following these tips.