Tips for Adding a Brooch for Extra Glam Style

Most people remember their grandmother when they hear the word brooch. It’s one most versatile, yet underused accessory out there because many people think it’s out of fashion. But actually, it has made a comeback now and they are back in style. No longer it is a grandmother’s accessory!

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Wearing a brooch today can add a touch of glamour and elegance to any outfit you wear. They can easily reflect your personal style depending on the style of brooch you pick. Still not sold? Here are some clever tips for using a brooch to achieve an extra glam style.

1. Jazz up your coat

One of the most common ways to show off a brooch is to add it to the lapel of your coat. It’s an effective way to add originality to your look, especially if you own a coat, a jacket or a blazer that looks the same as everyone else’s. It’s also a great way to boost your style on dull and gloomy weather.

Add a feminine touch to your black coat with this Pink Rose Flower Brooch from JewelryHouse . This cute pink brooch adds the right amount of glam and dainty to your otherwise utilitarian coat.

2. Pin to your scarf

If you want to add extra glamour to an otherwise plain scarf, one of the easiest ways to do it is to add a brooch. You may also use a brooch to secure the scarf in place around your neck by putting it where the scarf is knotted or tied. It’s a fantastic way to infuse your get-up with some vintage-inspired or French chic glamour.

For a beautiful and elegant addition to your scarf, pin this Merdia Elegant Butterfly Brooches. Its vibrant color instantly adds life to your plain scarf.

3. Add sparkle to a handbag or clutch

If you have a handbag or clutch that looks too boring, yet you love using it because it’s very functional, add a brooch to give it some glitz and sparkle. A stunning brooch can easily add a glamorous boost to it, so pin one somewhere in the center or near the clasp.

Merdia Classy Bouquet Bridal Brooch Pin has a nice, sparkly glam look because of the cubic zirconias inlay, and it’s a perfect pin to add sparkle to your plain handbag. It also looks great on dresses, blouses hats or shawls.

4. Accessorize your collars

Metallic collar tips have become a popular accessory during these recent years. Taking inspiration from that trend, you can also pin a brooch on each side of your collar to glam up your formal or semi-formal attire.

This Elegant Gold Wheat Leaf Suit Collar Brooch from Star and Sea adds a glossy decoration to your suit, as the leaf branch perfectly rests on the length of your collar. It’s not too sparkly and girly so you can also lend or give it to anyone.

5. Make a focal point

A brooch can easily become a focal point in your outfit. If you think your outfit lacks that “wow” factor, adding a brooch gives it an interesting twist that will earn you some compliments.

If you’re wearing a plain masculine tuxedo blouse and black pants, add a feminine touch to it by wearing Sunvy Premium Retro Bow Brooch and attach it on the upper middle part near the collar. It’s a lovely and elegant accessory for your plain outfit.

If you’re about to wear a

6. Accessorize the waist

Wear a brooch directly on the waist of a dress to give it a sparkle. Another idea is to pin a brooch on one side of a pencil skirt while your top is nicely tucked in. It’s so clever and unexpected.

Also, you have a loose blouse or t-shirt that you want to make more fitting, simply use a brooch. Cinch a brooch at the back waist area fashionably, gathering together excess fabric. What a clever hack for a glam girl, right! It even gives your “audience” something to look at when you turn around.

Treat yourself with a set of sparkling, rhinestone pearl brooches that are perfect for accessorizing the waist with eGlomart’s Gold-tone Rhinestone Brooches . It comes in a set of 9 brooches of different designs featuring gold-plated base, off-white pearls, and clear rhinestones. These brooches can surely upgrade any outfit to make it look pretty and glamorous.

7. Fasten your clothes

Brooches can serve as an alternative fastener to buttons and clasps while making your outfit more unique than ever. Use it with your cardigans, coats, and jackets.

Get this dainty little clip with an antique silver-toned rose design for a timeless, feminine accent for your vest, cardigan, jacket or collar. Evelots Vintage Rose Sweater Clip easily clips to any clothing and brings an elegant effect to spice up your outfit.

8. Pep up a boring ensemble

If you just naturally end up wearing 50 shades of black on an evening, a brooch can instantly add a new dimension to your outfit. Instead of wearing a dangly earring or a weighty necklace, a statement brooch can accessorize your dress well without putting weight on your ear or neck.

Joyci Cardigan Crystal Bowknot Brooch can add a touch of glitz and glamour to your otherwise plain dress. It’s a cute bowknot you can wear for a classy and dainty touch to your outfit.

Wearing a plain, turtleneck sweater or a plain button-down blouse? Glam up its breast pocket by pinning a pair this ZAKI L’vow Elegant Temperament Double Faux Pearl Brooch Pins. Made of faux pearl and gold alloy,

9. Compliment your head piece

Add a little flair and sparkle to your casual beret, fedora, floppy hat or cabbie-style hat by pinning a brooch on it. You can also add a focal point to your turban headband by attaching a brooch to it as well.

Merdia Floral Bouquets Brooch is a classy and glamorous brooch you can add to your hats. Its created cat’s eye stones have a dainty light hue, as the rest of the brooch is adorned with shiny glass.