The Proper Way to Store Leather Belts

Who says only women take a lot of time dressing up? Some men take even longer to match all the accessories – their cufflinks, belts, shoes, and ties. And if these accessories are not properly organized, they will not reach on time anywhere – be it work, dinner, or even a date.

While men can manage without a tie or cufflinks, going without a belt may not be an option. It is certainly an essential accessory to hold up your pants. Even for women, it has now become as important as any other accessory to match with their outfits. Many have a belt collection in different colors and styles, making it difficult for them to choose from the stockpiles.

If you own many belts, storage can be a major problem. Though you may have some extra space in your closet, dumping all the belts is probably not the best solution.


Leather belts need extra care, or they are likely to wear off too soon. We have shortlisted some of the best belt-organizers that will make it easier to arrange the belts and avoid jumbling them up in the drawer. You can choose from the following different options according to the space available in your room to store the belts safely.

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Following are some ways you can use to store your leather belts without ruining them:

1. Hooks for Belt


Hooks are probably the first option that might come to your mind when brainstorming ideas for hanging your belts, instead of just rolling them to keep in the drawer. Most commonly, we have seen hooks placed on the wall, but now more creative and convenient options are available. The hook on the wall may not support that weightbecause leather belts are usually heavy.

Plastic hooks are more commonly used, but we believe metals ones are much more durable. Plastic hooks usually bend over time, particularly when used for hanging heavy leather belts. Therefore, we recommend a metal hook hanger, made for long and stable use.

Amber Home’s wooden belt hanger is an ideal choice to access your belts easily.

2. Motorized Revolving Organizer


Another interesting option for a belt organizer is a motorized revolving rack. These types of racks rotate automatically with the touch of a button. They are very useful in saving space and organizing your accessories. The carousel spins slowly, allowing you to check your belt collection. It is an easy and quick way to select the belt that goes with your outfit.

Once you have installed the organizer, you will be surprised to see how little space it takes to hold so many ties and belts. You can opt for Aniva’s Motorized Rack as it can hold 8 belts and 64 ties. It also comes with built-in LED lights for better visibility when choosing the belt.

However, since it is battery operated, we think this might not be the most reliable option. Also, you can’t manage the carousel’s speed, which is another drawback of using a motorized rack.

3. Rotating Hanger


An amazing option for tidying up your closet is using a compact rotating hanger instead of a motorized revolving rack. It can easily fit on the rack and installed with one simple step. With the swivel, you can see all of your belts; taking them off the hanger and putting them back is very easy too.

As compared to a motorized rack, this one is cheaper with more or less similar features. It allows you to spin the hanger manually at a manageable speed. Usually, belt storage requires some folding and extra maneuvering; with a rotating hanger, you only have to hang the belt on it. It makes your wardrobe look neat and tidy without much effort. Are you looking to get one? Consider buying the IPOW’s 2-PACK twirl hanger. It can hold your belts securely as it is equipped with a thick and long hanger.

4. Ring Hanger


A rotating hanger with multiple hooks can be a good option, but the plastic may not be long-lasting. It can’t hold heavy belts and will probably bend. A better option is a closet ring hanger that can easily fit on any hanger rods and rails. The wide opening allows you to organize your belts quickly and can be used to hang scarves and ties as well. The steel rings with plastic coating are durable and will keep your belts from slipping.

You can consider buying Hanger Space Belt Rack. It is rust-resistant without any sharp edges and can hold up to 11lbs. Moreover, the anti-slip plastic coating on the hanger keeps your belongings in place.

5. Belt Rack Organizer


Having a belt rack organizer in your closet is an excellent solution to your belt-hanging problems. Though it may seem similar to any other hanger with hooks, it has brackets, especially for hanging the belts with various sized buckles. If you do not like the idea of hanging the belts in an already crowded closet, you can mount it on the wall or even place it in the closet according to your preference

You can opt for this belt rack by Tenby Living that can hold up to 14 belts and is made of sturdy ABS plastic.

6. Drawer Divider


If hanging doesn’t seem to be a suitable option for you, consider getting a drawer divider. For someone who prefers to hide the belts in a drawer by rolling them, this is a good choice. You can get a wooden or acrylic drawer organizer to keep the belts tidily in a drawer. If you have belts with unusual buckles that are difficult to hang on the traditional hooks, then a drawer organizer is the right solution.

These are usually adjustable and can be customized according to your needs and available space. You can get yourself an acrylic belt organizer by ELPRO that has five clear compartments and can be used to fit belts with buckles up to 2 inches tall.

Roll-up or Hang-up?

Whether you should roll-up your belts and keep them in a drawer or hang them up using hooks, in both ways, you can organize your belts conveniently. However, for high-end leather belts, we recommend you to hang them to avoid any wrinkles. If you keep them rolled-up in a drawer, the leather will dry out and eventually crack.

Hanging them in your closet using rings or hooks is a relatively more convenient option. You don’t have to fold them, and can be hanged easily. When placed inside the closet, it can stay safe from dust and will last longer. Owning a belt is essential, but what’s more important is to store them the right way. You can use innovative storage solutions, as mentioned above, to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy by using organizers.

We hope you now have enough information on organizing and storing your valuable leather belts properly. And yes, make sure to store them away from direct sunlight in your room, or they can get damaged.