The Guide to Invisible and No-Show Belts

For most girls, wearing a slim fitting tunic or shirt over jeans can be a pickle because of the belt buckle that sticks out, giving you an awful pouch. You can have your jeans altered so you won’t need a belt, but that’s not always economical. And if you don’t wear a belt, people may see your underwear or, worse, your coin slot.

Getting an invisible belt allows you to wear the most fitted tops without any trace of a belt buckle bump. These kinds of belts have a flat clasp that guarantees your top will lie flat. It solves a fashion dilemma, making you look slim, sleek, finished, and polished. Invisible and no-show belts give the functionality of a belt without the bulk of the buckle.

Best Invisible and No-Show Belts

Where to Buy
Invisibelt Original Lay Flat Women's Belt
The InfinityBelt Women's Stretchable Elastic No-Buckle Belt
isABelt Clear Belt Invisible Belt
Beltaway Square Adjustable No-Show Flat Buckle Belt
Beltaway Narrow Skinny No-Show Adjustable Stretch Belt
Gelante Women Invisible Belt


Here are some of the best invisible and no-show belts you can find online:

1. Invisibelt Original Lay Flat Women’s Belt

The Invisibelt Original Lay Flat Women’s Belt is an “as seen on TV” product, so it’s probably the most popular belt of its kind. It’s a flexible, undetectable belt with a flat clasp that allows you to wear fitted tops over pants or skirts minus the unsightly belt bulge. It gives the support of a belt but comes with a flat and smooth finish. It’s a practical belt that’s all about function, but not fashion. As it’s named as “Invisibelt,” it’s merely a clear, flat type of belt made of flexible PVC. It’s also available in noir or black color that’s suitable if clear is not a good option for you.

This slim belt is fully adjustable like a bra strap to conform to your exact size. You don’t have to cut it or punch extra holes, like in a usual belt. It’s a metal-free belt, making it ideal for air travel. It’s also perfect for those with metal allergies.

2. The InfinityBelt Women’s Stretchable Elastic No-Buckle Belt

Looking for a simple, stretchable, no-bulk belt? The InfinityBelt Women’s Stretchable Elastic No-Buckle Belt is what you need. It’s a buckle-less, no-show belt that’s easy to wear. It has hooks like a bra for closure. The elastic is wide and does not roll up even if it doesn’t have silicone grips. Plus, it’s super comfortable to wear.

For this belt to work, you have to buy one at your correct size, and the good thing is this belt is available in sizes from xx-small to x-large – perfect for teens to adults. This belt is not attractive since it looks like a strip of elastic, so it’s best to wear it only if it’s going to be covered the whole time. The important thing is, it gets the job done. It’s available in black, brown, gray, navy, nude, and white.

3. isABelt Clear Belt Invisible Belt

isABelt is the original maker of clear belts with a patented plastic design. This isABelt Clear Belt Invisible Belt adjusts to your shape and lays flat on your waist to ensure a smooth appearance. With the absence of buckles, it’s super comfortable to wear. It keeps your pants in place very well. It may look flimsy, but this belt is meant to last for a long time.

This belt is available in two options: a clear one that works as a bra strap and the newer magnet-style version. The magnet is super strong, and it doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Whether you pick plastic or fabric design, it can fit all sizes because the strap itself is adjustable.

4. Beltaway Square Adjustable No-Show Flat Buckle Belt

The Beltaway Square Adjustable No-Show Flat Buckle Belt is a durable stretch belt for jeans with a thin buckle design to avoid bulge. The flat buckle offers an instant slimming effect. The difference of this belt from the belts above is that it’s also presentable even when you tuck your shirt in. It’s a low-profile belt that’s great for casual outfits. To wear, you need to insert the tab into its slot, and press on the tab from behind to snap it into place.

While wearing this belt, you will forget that you have a belt on because it’s super comfortable. It’s nearly invisible under clothing, and can literally get you through thick and thin. The belt is adjustable, so it’s never too tight or too loose. It can adjust easily as you lose or gain weight. It’s also available in different colors, such as black, white, denim, gray, and sand.

5. Beltaway Narrow Skinny No-Show Adjustable Stretch Belt

When your belt loops are smaller, choose Beltaway Narrow. It does what the original Beltaway no-show stretch belt does but in a narrower package. It can smoothen your waistline instantly, and it sits flat under clothing. Plus, it’s super durable and will last you for years. Because it’s made of lightweight elastic material, it isn’t uncomfortable to wear on hot summer days, unlike your traditional leather belts.

This belt is not just for skinny people, it’s also available in plus sizes. You can buy it in denim, black, white, or sand colors.

6. Gelante Women Invisible Belt

Say no more to unflattering waist bulges, thanks to Gelante Women Invisible Belt. It’s a smooth and elastic fabric belt strap that fits most jeans and pants, even those with smaller loops. Its flat PVC buckle doesn’t create a bulge. This belt adjusts like a bra, and is available in several sizes, including plus sizes. If typical belts make you feel too uncomfortable, switching to this belt will benefit you. It’s super durable and stretchy, too.

You will use this belt a lot if you’re shrinking in size or gaining additional inches. It fits beautifully no matter what size you are. You can buy it in black, gray, beige, navy, pink, red, or white.