The Best T-Shirts for Tech Geeks

Most of us might have one tech geek friend or that someone who has ridiculous skills on computers, phones, and other electronic devices, and is inordinately dedicated to and involved with technology. They are really cool people and they can always help us when we encounter issues with our gadgets. However, they are also one of the most challenging people to give gifts to.

When thinking of what gift to give a tech geek, some of us might try to find cool gadgets that they may like, but since they are tech geeks, it’s difficult to find a gadget that they do not have yet, and those can be really expensive as well. So, instead of trying to find things that they probably already have, why not give them funny geeky t-shirts instead?

If you will be shopping for the engineer in your life, or if you’re a tech geek yourself, here are some of the tech geek designed shirts that you may like.

Where to Buy
Café Press Motherboard Heart White T-Shirt
Product Name Product Link Image Highlights Blue Screen of Death Geeky T-Shirt
“Turn On and Off Again?” Funny T-Shirt
Citation Needed T-Shirt
Computer Whisperer T-Shirt
Home Wi-Fi T-Shirt
I Will Not Fix Your Computer” T-Shirt
Never Forget T-Shirt
Internet Was Down T-Shirt
Retro Distressed Commodore 64 Inspired Shirt
Shruggie Emoji T-Shirt
Somewhere, Something Went Terribly Wrong
“6 Stages of Debugging” T-Shirt
Change Your Password T-Shirt


1. Café Press Motherboard Heart White T-Shirt

This shirt is pretty self-explanatory on why it is a great shirt for tech geeks because it features a ripped heart-shaped design with a motherboard inside. This shirt comes in a variety of colors and sizes and it is for both men and women. Your tech geek friend or special someone will definitely appreciate this shirt.

2. “Turn On and Off Again?” Funny T-Shirt

This shirt is designed with the age-old advice that is so good and true. This is a really cool shirt for tech geeks, especially for that family member who’s always in charge of fixing grandma’s computer. It comes in colors black and blue.

3. “6 Stages of Debugging” T-Shirt

This shirt is perfect for programmers because it is designed with the 6 stages of debugging. This shirt is instantly relatable to anyone who spends a lot of time writing code. If you give them this shirt, their next debugging cycle might be a little less difficult.

4. Retro Distressed Commodore 64 Inspired Shirt

The Commodore 64 is no longer relevant today but this 8-bit computer still has a place in the hearts many tech geeks. Therefore, honoring it with a shirt can be great. This shirt is designed with the Commodore 64 logo and it is best to give to that friend who loves to hang onto obsolete technology.

5. Never Forget T-Shirt

This shirt features a floppy disk, VHS tape, and cassette which you will appreciate if you’re old enough. This shirt is like a tribute to old-school media storage and it is available in different wonderful colors. If you’re not old enough to know these things, you can still wear this shirt ironically. But it is perfect for that friend who still talks longingly about his Walkman.

6. Blue Screen of Death Geeky T-Shirt

The blue screen of death has been a striking fear for PC owners for years. But it can be amusing when used as a t-shirt design. This is a perfect gift for those smug Mac owners who like to troll their PC-using coworkers.

7. Shruggie Emoji T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with a shruggie emoji, so why not have it as a shirt design as well? This shirt is best for your office gift exchange or for someone who simply loves these kinds of emoji.

8. Citation Needed T-Shirt

This t-shirt strikes exactly the right balance of nerdy and self-deprecating. People who are always looking for facts online, especially on Wikipedia might relate to the design of this shirt. It is also a perfect gift for your teacher friends and you’ll be surprised that they’ll know why.

9. “I Will Not Fix Your Computer” T-Shirt

This is a funny shirt that is perfect for your tech geek friend who’s always being asked to fix his friends’ computers. Or if you’re that guy, you might want to wear this shirt when you get invited to a friend’s house one of these days.

10. Home Wi-Fi T-Shirt

Tech geeks and even just normal people who are always online will relate to this shirt’s design. Who doesn’t have their gadgets connected automatically to their home network?

11. Computer Whisperer T-Shirt

This shirt is excellent for those who are big on computer science, programming, and coding such as IT professionals who can read binary, hexadecimal, or even ASCII because they can be considered as computer whisperers with the amazing skills they have.

12. Computer Geek Error Shirt

This is a funny shirt with the design, “Got a new error in progress.”. It is a great shirt to give to hacking fans and as well as to your programmer friends.  

13. Somewhere, Something Went Terribly Wrong

This shirt features a funny evolution of man drawing where the end of the evolution is a man sitting in front of a computer. This is another shirt that your computer programmer, tech, or coder will definitely love to receive as a gift.

14. Change Your Password T-Shirt

This is a nice shirt you can give to your friend who is always reminding you to change your password. Or you can also give it to someone you’d like to remind about changing passwords. It’s definitely a great shirt for tech geeks and it comes in different colors.

15. Internet Was Down T-Shirt

This is a funny shirt that says, “Internet was down so I thought I’d come outside today.”. It’s a perfect give for someone you rarely see outdoors because he’s always busy with computers and other techie things.

These are some of the best t-shirts for tech geeks we can recommend. The designs are indeed cool and funny and your techie friends and loved ones will definitely love to have even just one of these shirts.