The Best Bomber Jacket for Men with Style

Like many types of clothing (such as the onesie), the bomber jacket also has traditional iterations as workwear. Initially, the bomber jacket was specifically designed for fighter pilots during World War I. Because fighter jets had no enclosed cockpit at the time, it was too cold to fly at higher altitudes. Pilots had to wear thick clothing to keep them sufficiently warm  and the bomber jacket was born.

From workwear to classic fashion wear

Over the years, the bomber jacket has made a crossover from the cockpit to the fashion runways. Luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci and Ralph Lauren have lent their efforts in recreating bomber jackets with a new twist.

Of course, there are also budget-friendly options that are as even as fashionable as their high-end counterparts. Fashion designers, brands and retailers are also investing in this classic fashion jacket with a contemporary design to attract younger shoppers.

Bomber jackets have an interesting combination of toughness, rebellion, sharpness, and elegance. Not everyone can look great in a bomber jacket, and every day is not an excuse to wear it. There should be an acceptable reason to rock a bomber jacket – such as cold weather or impressing your date, or as a big bike gear.

Pair a bomber jacket with your best designer sneakers to create a sophisticated yet casual look. Even wearing it over a plain white T-shirt is a quick and easy way to create a smart casual or even a business casual ensemble. Having a meeting with a client at Starbucks? A nice bomber jacket is the way to go.

The best bomber jacket for men with style

Where to Buy
Alpha Industries MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Bomber Jacket
Zanerobe Men's Dugout Bomber Jacket
Carhartt Men's Flame Resistant Bomber Jacket
Nautica Men's Reversible Bomber Jacket
Airborne Leathers Men's Goat Skin Bomber Jacket G-1


For the fashionable guys out there who have not worn a bomber jacket, do not hesitate to try wearing one! It’s always good to experiment with a bomber jacket alongside other outfits until you arrive at the right combination.

1. Alpha Industries MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries is a clothing company based in Virginia and has been in the business for over 50 years now. So when you come across this brand, there’s no doubt about the quality of its products. Alpha Industries’ famous MA-1 Bomber Jacket has always been a first-rate choice. Now, the company offers a slim-fit version of the MA-1 Bomber Jacket, the MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Bomber Jacket.

Made of 100% genuine leather, it has a diamond-pattern quilted lining that will keep you sufficiently warm. When you need something to store while you’re on the go, the MA-1 Slim Fit Flight Bomber Jacket has two flap pockets and another two inside. It is accented with antiquated brass zipper, waistband and wool cuffs to add a classic touch.

2. Zanerobe Men’s Dugout Bomber Jacket

This bomber jacket from Zanerobe is made with a combination of nylon, polyester, and cotton. The padded polyester lining keeps you warm, while the nylon exterior keeps you protected from water and snow. The low-profile collar gives a comfortable feel around the neck, and there are also a couple of welted pockets.

The cool thing about this jacket is that you can pair it with almost anything. Wear this nice jacket over a white shirt for a perfectly smart and classic casual ensemble.

3. Carhartt Men’s Flame Resistant Bomber Jacket

The modern bomber jacket should be functional, first and foremost. This bomber jacket from Carhartt brings so much more to the table than just protecting the wearer from the cold (aside from being fashionable). It also protects you from flames! It has an 8.5-ounce flame-resistant canvas, which is a combination of 88% cotton and 12% nylon. This material can prevent you from accidental sparks or flames.

4. Nautica Men’s Reversible Bomber Jacket

When you purchase Nautica’s bomber jacket, it’s like scoring two bomber jackets for the price of one! If you feel like you’re wearing the same color every day, just wear the jacket in reverse to reveal a different color!

Each of the wearable sides of this jacket has a different texture, as well. On one side is a wind- and weather-proof polyester, and on the other side is a soft fleece.

5. Airborne Leathers Men’s Goat Skin Bomber Jacket G-1

This leather bomber jacket from Airborne Leathers is inspired by the movie (you guessed it) Top Gun, which stars Tom Cruise. This sleek leather jacket is made of high-quality goat’s skin and has a detachable lamb shearing on its collar. So if you want to look cool like Tom, you can imitate his Top Gun look with this jacket!