Teaching Teens About Proper Skin Care

Some of the challenges that teenagers face, are raging hormones, changing bodies, and as well as increased responsibilities and their desire for independence. As the bodies of teens change, their skincare needs change, too. Therefore, if you have teenagers, it’s important to teach them how to care for their skin properly. This will help in building their confidence, promote good habits, and keep their skin healthy. 

Acne, blackheads, and oily skin are some of the most common complaints of teens about their skin. This is actually normal because hormonal surges lead to enlargement of the oil glands. That’s why most teens have oily skin, which is also the reason for acquiring acne and blackheads. 

If you are noticing changes on the skin of your teens, or they are starting to get conscious about skin issues, then maybe it’s time to teach them skincare. Here are some of the best tips we can give to help you in teaching your teens about proper skincare. 

Start Teaching Them Early

If you want your teens to learn about proper skin care, then it’s better to start early. Actually, you do not have to wait until they become teenagers to start teaching them. Once your kids are old enough to do some of their self-care tasks by themselves, this means that they are old enough to be responsible for caring for their skin. 

Start by teaching them about personal hygiene. After that, introduce skincare routines to them, such as washing their face in the morning and in the evening before going to bed. You can also start introducing moisturizers and facial cleansers to them. Remember that it won’t be long before they start dating and living with roommates, who will surely appreciate it if your teen practices proper skincare and personal care. 

Be a Good Role Model

As a parent, you are your child’s first teacher in life. Therefore, if you want your teens to learn about proper skincare, you need to be a good role model for them. If they see you following a healthy skin regimen, they will better understand how important it is to care for your skin and body. Let them see that you are cleansing your face, applying moisturizers and lotions, and other routines you have when it comes to caring for the skin.

Take Your Teens with You When Shopping

If you plan to do some skincare shopping, it’s also a great idea to bring your teens with you if you want to teach them about proper skincare. Allow them to have input in buying their own skincare products so that they’ll have a sense of ownership. This will also give you a chance to tell them about the different types of skincare products and how they are used, without any pressure. Going skincare shopping with your teen will also help you in learning about the concerns they have about their skin, which will give you ideas on the best products that they need. 

Know When to Push Through and When to Back Off

If your teen does not listen to the tips or advice you are giving him or her and doesn’t practice good personal care, maybe you need to find another way to intervene and give encouragement. On the other hand, if your teen is doing a great job with his or her skincare routines but does not want to talk about it with you, then it’s fine to step back and let them be. You can just tell your teens that they can always approach you if they have questions or if they need some advice about proper skincare. 

Tips for Teens on Proper Skin Care

Here are also some useful tips we can give to teenagers who want to practice proper skincare:

Cleanse your skin carefully: If you have oily skin, a foaming or gel cleanser might help for your daily skincare. Cleanse your skin once or twice a day. If you wear makeup, it’s better to remove eye makeup first before using a facial cleanser to clean your face. Always carry some facial tissues with you to blot your skin. But for teens who have dry skin, a milky cleanser and moisturizer is a better option. 

Make sure to wash off makeup before bed: Sleeping with your makeup on is not a good idea. This can lead to acne breakout, and as well as a bumpy rash called periocular dermatitis. If you are exhausted and don’t have the energy to wash off your makeup, at least use a pre-moistened cleansing wipe to take off your makeup, together with dirt and oil on your face. 

Try to control oil: If you want to keep down the shine without being harsh on your skin, then there are three steps you can follow. First, choose a salicylic acid cleanser. Second, use an oil-free primer to control shine. And third, blot oil during the day using specialized cloths or tissues. 

Exfoliate regularly: Exfoliating the skin is important, and you need to do it once or twice a week. But make sure to use a relatively gentle product. Avoid scrubbing because it won’t help with acne or blackheads. Also, do not over-exfoliate. 

Choose the right products for acne: If you are having breakouts, you need to find the right products to use to overcome them. You can wash your skin, use a toner, and then put some medicated acne gel to your skin to help remove your breakouts and prevent dark marks on your skin.

Do not share your makeup: Never share makeup with your friends or with anyone, especially eye and lip products. Even if it’s tempting to try your friend’s new eyeliner or lipstick, don’t, and get your own instead if you want to try it. 

Always wear sunscreen: If you want your skin to look healthy now and for the years to come, then always wear sunscreen or apply sunblock. This can also help in keeping acne breakouts from turning dark. It’s also great if you can find cosmetic products that contain sunscreen.

Keep your hands clean all the time: For your skin to stay healthy, you need to protect it from dirt and germs. Therefore, before touching your face or do your makeup, make sure that your hands are clean. It’s also important to keep surfaces that touch your skin clean, including your smartphone. 

These are some of the simple but very useful tips we can share on teaching teens about proper skincare. Tell your kids that being a teen is fun, and that includes being in charge of their skincare routines.