The Sophisticated Handbags of Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren is one of the most popular brands when it comes to lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, home furnishings, and fragrance collections for men and women. The Ralph Lauren Corporation includes different brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Collection, Double RL, and Club Monaco to name a few. … Read more

The Fashion-Forward Handbags of Big Buddha


Big Buddha is a brand that designs and markets fashion-forward, eco-friendly, and casual handbags that are made using rich high-quality materials. The company was started by a handbag designer named Jeremy Bassan from his home in Santa Barbara, California in 2003. He established the brand as a front-runner in affordable but fashionable … Read more

The Dashing Handbags of Itscosy


When it comes to handbags, most of us admire those luxurious designer bags. However, not all of us can afford to buy one of those because they are very expensive. But did you know that there are brands of handbags that cost less but offers quality products? Yes, and one of those … Read more

Guide to Wearing Neck Chokers


When it comes to fashion accessories, there are some pieces and trends that most of us can’t wait to make a comeback. Luckily, one of the fashionable accessories we had before made a comeback, and it became more sophisticated than ever. What is it? It’s the neck chokers. Back in 2016 and … Read more

10 Ideas for Fun Light Up Shoes


Light up shoes or more popularly known as LED shoes are one of the perfect accessories for parties and other events. It’s because the flashing lights they produce are attractive and beautiful and they give out dazzling and bright colors as well. Others might think that only kids wear shuffling shoes but … Read more

Ways to Accessorize Yourself for a Prom Night


Women who are going to attend a prom have common questions in their minds, “What should I wear?” and “How should I accessorize?” Aside from finding the perfect dress and choosing the right hairstyle, you also have to decide on what prom night accessories to wear, including pieces of jewelry, hairpins, and … Read more

Fun Ideas and Accessories to Add Some Style to Your Car

Mechanic Showing Color Samples To Customer Against Car

There are many accessories and ideas that you can add to your car to make it more fun. Whether you want a simple change like painting the exterior or adding new tires, or something more drastic like installing a sound system with surround sound, there is always something that you can do! … Read more

Guide to Handbag Charms and Accessories


Looking for a statement purse for a new style but don’t want to leave a dent in your bank account? For the mean time, you may enjoy decorating your handbags with a charm or accessory to add instant personality to your bag. From tassels, to key rings to furry pom poms  adding … Read more