Style Guide for Sling Backpacks for Women

These days, sling bags are the must-have accessory. The trend has grown in popularity over the past several years and appears bigger than ever.

A sling backpack is a must in every season. It goes well with casual attire like jeans and a tee and more formal attire like a maxi dress.

Influencers, celebs, and fashion bloggers adore sling backpacks, often called bum bags or fanny packs. They are a simple, low-maintenance design that allows you to carry a stylish, functional bag without using either of your hands. Here is a handy guide to sling backpack fashion for those who already possess one or are considering making a purchase.

What Is A Sling Backpack?

Sling backpacks are similar to traditional backpacks, except that the straps only join at one end. Sling bags might replace backpacks as the preferred method of carrying personal items on short trips and vacations.

One of the most prevalent causes of interest in learning how to wear an alternative type of backpack—known as a sling backpack—is that it has recently become both trendy and widely used.  The sling backpack’s finest feature is its versatility; it may be worn in three ways: over the shoulder, across the waist, and diagonally across the body. How you carry your sling bag should be mostly determined by how it fits into your lifestyle and what you use it for.

Don’t get the sling bags and the shoulder bags mixed up; they both serve the same purpose. The primary objective is to improve the aesthetic quality of the sling backpack while also making it more conventional and convenient to use.


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How to Wear a Sling Backpack

Sling backpacks can be worn in various ways, including over the shoulder, over the chest, and even around the hips. Fashion isn’t the only consideration. There are pros and cons to carrying the bag in each of these ways. 

In this article, we’ll examine the four most common sling backpack-carrying styles and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Over the Back

Most people carry their belongings this way, making it the most typical sling bag carry method. Depending on how much you have to carry, a cross-body sling backpack on your back can be helpful. 

To start with, it unrestricts your movement. You may focus on the cityscape behind it while still taking in the scenery in front of you. This is the apparel you should reach for first if you ride a bike or a motorcycle to work.

For safety, riding a bike is the best option, and if you must walk, investing in an anti-theft bag is money well spent.

If you’re planning on carrying expensive items and your sling backpack isn’t theft-proof, consider switching to a different method of carrying your belongings. This is the safest and most comfortable way to carry a sling backpack when bicycling or riding a bike, especially if you won’t be stopping to access its contents very often.

a woman wearing a sling backpack in front standing on a field

In Front

Toting your belongings around your body using a sling backpack is quite popular. As with many global trends, this one began in New York. 

Wearing bags at the front of the body has recently increased in popularity. This is an exceptionally savvy and effective way of dressing.

This style’s main advantage is the convenience of not having to remove your bag to access your gadget. All essentials, including cash, a phone, and a snack, fit comfortably. A backpack should be worn across the front of the body to avoid being robbed.

Furthermore, you can wear a cross-body sling backpack in various ways depending on the wearer’s preferences and sense of security. The discovery of a convenient method of carrying is a wonderful thing.

However, the sling backpack’s shoulder strap should be a manageable length. Put it on yourself and tweak it to fit.

Around the Midsection

The quick release on your sling backpack is designed to be functional. It serves its purpose well and provides ample storage space for your daily necessities without adding unnecessary bulk.

While it may not be as trendy or well-liked as it once was, there are still benefits to wearing one around your waist. When going on a trip, the waist bag comes in handy. If you’re constantly on the go, it’s best to let your hips do the heavy lifting instead of your back and shoulders.


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One Shoulder

Carrying it over one’s shoulder makes it easier to grab and put down. There are zero requirements to alter your body shape in any way. 

This could be the best choice if you have to store and retrieve your bags frequently. You can adjust the sling backpack’s shoulder strap to the perfect length.

Sling backpacks worn across the body may be quickly picked up and set down, making them easy to carry and providing quick access to the contents inside.


A sling backpack can be loosely worn when going for a stroll or hanging out with pals. Wear it like this if you want easy access to your belongings while wearing a sling bag. Also, when worn this way, the sling backpack doesn’t restrict your mobility.

A sling bag worn across the body can be styled in various ways, depending on the wearer. In the end, it will be decorated by each individual in a way that best suits their taste and requirements. Right now, it’s up to you to decide how to dress this up.

Do Sling Backpacks Cause Back Pain?

If you know how to use a sling bag properly, it won’t hurt your back. Wearing it on the backpack for an extended time, however, might create discomfort in the shoulders and even the lower back due to the straps’ constriction and the weight’s distribution.  There are many fantastic sling backpack options, but only a select few have skinny straps. 

When debating whether sling backpacks are terrible for your back, it’s also vital to consider how you carry the bag. The back and spine are fine with sling backpacks, but the shoulders and neck are not.

a mustard-leather-colored sling backpack

In conclusion, a sling backpack is among the best accessories you can add to your wardrobe because of its adaptability. Sling bags aren’t just for ladies; if you’re a male who cares about your appearance, you must master how to utilize one. When in doubt, choose a sling backpack.