Style Guide for Quilted Handbags

Everyone should have at least one quilted handbag in their closet. Quilted handbags are classic handbags that go well with every outfit. They are usually made from materials like fabric, leather, or polyurethane leather. Nevertheless, quilted handbags are definitely a fashion staple. 

If you own or plan to own a quilted handbag, you should not worry, as you can use it anytime and anywhere. The following are style guides for quilted handbags, which will help you style your outfit better.

black leather quilted handbag hanging from the shoulder of a woman wearing a beige coat

Casual Outfits

Quilted handbags are so versatile that you can wear them even with casual outfits. So if it’s cold outside, but you still want to go out of the house, you can wear a gray wool turtleneck and gray trousers and pair them with a beige coat for warmth. Then you may wear a pair of white sneakers and finish off your look with a black leather quilted handbag. 

If you want to look cute while strolling around town, a striped dress shirt tucked in a navy denim mini skirt would be a perfect outfit. You may also accessorize by wearing a banda around your neck and black sunglasses. Then use a red quilted handbag for a pop of color. 

Another casual outfit that looks good is a black and white horizontal striped shirt with a navy blue coat worn over your shirt and blue ripped jeans for your bottoms. Wear white high-cut sneakers and finish your look by wearing a small black quilted handbag with straps that you may use if you want a cross-body bag.  

If you want a more simple yet stylish outfit, you could wear a red turtleneck, slightly tucked in your denim jeans, and finish off with white ankle boots to add more personality to your look. For your bag, a black or red quilted handbag would perfectly match your outfit. A black quilted handbag would also go well with a gray knitted turtleneck sweater paired with black leggings and beige boots. 

A white quilted handbag would also go well with a lot of outfits. For instance, you can wear a yellow crewneck sweater, boyfriend jeans, and beige heels for your shoes. Then use your white quilted handbag to complete your outfit. 

Chic and Classy Outfits

For a chic and classy outfit that will make you stand out among the crowd, you can always wear a white dress and a beige knitted oversized sweater worn over your dress. Then wear black knee-high boots to add personality to your look, then finish it with a black quilted bag. 

If you want to look super chic yet, at the same time, functional, you could wear a navy blue puffer jacket over a light blue polo shirt and pair it with blue skinny jeans and black ankle boots to provide elegance to your attire. A black quilted leather bag will go well with this outfit.  

Another great chic outfit is a combination of a gray sweater dress, camel coat, beige knee-high boots, and a white quilted handbag. You may also accessorize with black sunglasses. This is a perfect outfit if you want to still look chic and classy when going out during cold weather. 

If you are a lover of fur clothing, then a black fur jacket over a white short sleeve blouse, paired with black skinny pants and black leather ankle boots, will give you a chic and laid-back energy. Pair this outfit with a big black quilted bag, and you’re ready to go. 

If you want an incredibly chic tweed outfit, you would want to wear a light blue tweed coat over a black V-neck sleeveless top paired with blue skinny jeans. Then wear black ankle boots, black sunglasses, and a black quilted leather handbag to finish off your look. 

Neat and Relaxed Outfit

If you want a neat and relaxed outfit, you can never go wrong with a white crewneck shirt, denim pants, a black coat, and a pair of white shoes. Tie your hair neatly into a ponytail, accessorize with black sunglasses, and finish your look with a white quilted leather handbag. 

If you are into biker jackets, you shouldn’t worry because they also go well with quilted handbags. Wear a pink leather jacket over a white crewneck shirt, white skinny jeans for your bottoms, and tan-colored pumps. You wouldn’t complete this outfit without your white quilted leather bag. 

Tweed clothing is also great if you want a neat and relaxed outfit. You could wear a white long sleeve blouse and a tweed dress over your blouse. Then you may wear black knee-high boots and a red beret for a more stylish look. Use a red quilted handbag to match your red beret. 

Another great neat and relaxed outfit is a beige turtleneck layered with a brown shearling coat, black skinny pants for your bottoms, and black knee-high boots for your shoes. This outfit will look better when paired with a big black quilted handbag. 


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Stylish Outfits

Quilted handbags look just right when paired with stylish outfits. For instance, put on a beige sweater, tuck it in a beige pleated midi skirt, and use white knee-high boots for your shoes. Then finish it off with a white quilted handbag that matches your boots. 

If you want to show off an incredibly stylish outfit, you could wear a black sweater dress that’s a turtleneck, use a black waist belt for a more defined waist, then layer it with a black and white leopard coat. Choose black ankle boots for your footwear, accessorize with black sunglasses, then finish off your look with a white quilted leather handbag. 

An all-black outfit will also look very stylish when paired with a black quilted bag. For your outfit, you may wear a black leather biker jacket over a black crewneck shirt. Then for your bottoms, black ripped skinny jeans would look great with your outfit. Wear black ankle boots for the shoes, and then a black quilted handbag would complete your look. 

For a simple yet stylish attire, you can wear a black and white sheath dress, then pair it with black heels and a black quilted handbag. 

Smart Casual Outfits

Rock a smart casual outfit by wearing a white top, a nude blazer over your top, blue skinny jeans, and black heels for your footwear. You may accessorize with a black leather belt and, of course, a beige quilted handbag. 

Plaid clothing is also in style and perfect when you want to wear smart casual outfits. You may put on a white crewneck shirt, black skinny jeans, and a gray plaid blazer. Black lace-up flat boots would definitely look good with this outfit, and when paired with a black quilted handbag, this outfit will probably be your new favorite. 

If you don’t want to layer, you may opt for a white dress shirt with bell sleeves for added personality paired with black tapered trousers and shiny black ankle boots. Complete this outfit with a black quilted leather handbag. It is a simple outfit, but this will make you look very put together. 

You can never go wrong with wearing a white blazer over a white crewneck shirt paired with light-blue ripped jeans and heels. This is a great smart casual outfit, especially when you use a beige quilted handbag for your bag. 

And if you prefer skirts over jeans, a light blue dress shirt tucked in a long black pencil skirt is such a perfect combination. Black and tan flat shoes will also look well with this outfit, and to complete your look, you may want to tie your hair in a bun, wear black sunglasses, and use a white quilted handbag. 

There are so many ways to style quilted handbags. These bags are very versatile and can be used in any outfit style. With this style guide, you’ll definitely see why quilted handbags are a wardrobe staple.