Style Guide for Boho Style Bags

Bags are tiny details but important pieces to complete your outfit. They are easy to style and help your outfit look more put together. These bags come in different styles, one of which is the boho style. 

Boho-style bags are derived from the popular boho-chic fashion style influenced by the Bohemian region. Just like boho fashion style, boho-style bags look unique and artsy. These bags usually come in earthy tones, such as beige, brown, and rust, and most boho bags are patterned, flowy, or embroidered. 

Boho-style bags are perfect to use when you want to wear casual outfits and feel colorful and carefree. The tasseled, fringed, and tribal-laced bags still look fashionable even until today. Plus, they are very easy to style. 

If you are a bit reluctant to own boho-style bags, do not worry because the following are some style guides that will help justify your boho bag purchase. 

a girl wearing a white maxi dress and a round rattan bag

Round Rattan Bags Paired With Bright and Earthy-Colored Outfits

Round rattan bags became a huge summer trend mainly because they are perfect for beach trips. These bags are made from hand-woven bamboo straws, so naturally, most round rattan bags are in earthy colors. Since round rattan bags have earthy colors, you can pair them with bright primary colors and other earthy colors. 

These bags are perfect to pair with casual outfits. To style your rattan bag, you can wear a blue dress or an all-blue outfit. You may also pair your round rattan bag with a floral dress. If you want to be a lot more casual-looking, you can slip into your favorite denim jeans or shorts and wear a cute neutral-colored cropped blouse, and then you’re ready to go.  

Round rattan bags may also come in cross-body bags or handbags. Either way, they are great to pair with maxi dresses. A flowy – may be patterned, floral, or plain – maxi dress is an outfit that gives out an ultimate boho look.

Boho-style Cross-body bags with a White Outfit

A cross-body bag is essential as you can fit a lot of stuff in its perfect size – not too big and too small. Cross-body bags are also convenient to use because you don’t have to carry them around with your hands. Plus, the straps are adjustable, so if you want to wear them like handbags, you can easily shorten the straps. 

Some boho-style cross-body bags are patterned and come with fringe or tassels. Since boho bags are usually patterned, you would want to wear a plain outfit so that there is contrast and your outfit won’t look too overpowered. 

Since boho-style bags usually come in earthy colors, this bag is perfect for an all-white outfit. You may wear a white top and bottom, a white dress, or you may also wear a white top and pair it with denim jeans. This look would be perfect, especially when you want to visit the beach. 

Boho Tassel Bag and Patterned Outfit

Tassel bags are styled best with patterned outfits, as the tassels complement the outfit’s strong and quirky energy. Surprisingly, tassel bags don’t overpower the patterns. Instead, they actually match the patterned outfit’s personality. Just make sure that the colors you wear go well with each other so that your outfit will look very put together.

Fringe Bags and White Outfits

Boho fringe bags, when paired with white outfits, will make you look chic and stylish. You may wear your boho fringe bags while wearing a white dress. Your bag would also look good when paired with a white cropped or crochet top and denim jeans or shorts. 

Complete your look with black boots or a wedge, then top it off with your favorite sunnies. It’s a casual outfit that would look great any time of the day and will look perfect whenever you’re strolling downtown or enjoying the cool breeze at the beach. 


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Boho Bags and Smart Casual Outfits

Yes, you may also pair boho bags with smart casual outfits. You may wear blazers and jeans and complete your outfit with a colorful boho bag. You may wear a color-coordinating top and trousers, but it’s also alright to play with different colors when it comes to your outfit. 

If you plan to use a colorful bohemian bag, you may wear denim jeans as your neutral color, a white top, and a colorful blazer. However, ensure that the blazer you wear matches well with your bag. Determine the different colors present on your boho bag, pick a color you want, and find a blazer that is in that color. 

For earthy-colored boho bags, you can pair them with bright-colored smart casual outfits. Some bright colors that match earthy tones include blue, green, and red. So you may wear denim jeans since they are also blue, or you can also wear nude trousers since they also go well with other earthy colors, such as beige, black, gray, and white. For the top, you may go with the safest option, which is a white shirt. Then finish your outfit with a bright-colored blazer, like the green one. 

Boho Tribal Bag and a White Dress

A perfect outfit during the summer would probably be a white dress and a boho tribal bag. Tribal bags are known for their colorful patterns, and these bright and colorful patterns will add life and personality to your plain white outfit. The plainness of your white dress is a great contrast to the loudness of your boho tribal bag, which creates balance in your outfit.

Boho Bags and Cardigans

Boho bags also look great when paired with cardigans. Wearing a cardigan with blue denim shorts is already a nice and cozy outfit, but when added with a boho bag, you’ll definitely have the ultimate boho outfit and be an instant head-turner. 

Your cardigan may either be patterned or the usual plain and knitted. Long and patterned cardigans look well with blue denim shorts and a boho patterned, fringe, or round rattan bag. For plain and knitted cardigans, you may pair them with a neutral-colored fringe bag or tassel bag. However, they will also look amazing when paired with colorful and patterned boho-style bags, giving your outfit a pop of color.  

Styling Bohemian bags and boho fashion, in general, is an easy and fun thing to do. It’s really all about being free and creative. So do not feel intimidated when buying boho-style bags, as you can easily pair them with what you’re wearing, adding more life and personality to your outfits.