Style Guide for Black Handbags

As black handbags are universally flattering and surprisingly versatile, you probably already have some ideas about how to wear them. Black bags are versatile enough to be worn with a wider variety of colors than people realize. Use this guide to learn how to make your black handbag seem fabulous, whether you’re looking to dress it up or down.

Relaxed Casual

A navy long-sleeve blouse and a black purse make for a chic and current casual outfit option. Add a sophisticated touch to your ensemble with a pair of brown leather mules. On a scorching summer day, this is the outfit for you if you want to seem put together without exerting yourself.

Casual Cool

Try a black off-the-shoulder top with a matching black handbag to exude laid-back sophistication. Black canvas wedge shoes are an easy way to add a touch of flair to any outfit. 

Off-Duty Look

Off-duty, a charcoal crew-neck tee and a black purse are a great match. Plus, a pair of black and white leather ankle boots is all you need to elevate this ensemble to the next level instantly.


If you’re looking for a simple yet stylish outfit, reach for a black purse and a white dress shirt. And if you want to amp up this outfit instantly, why not add a pair of black mesh mules? 


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Functional and Stylish

Pair a black handbag with a dark brown blazer for a chic and practical outfit. Throw on a pair of sleek black leather mules to elevate any outfit. 


Challenge anyone who says you can’t look chic while still being comfortable! A black handbag and a baggy white sweater will do the trick. Tobacco suede above-the-knee boots are the perfect finishing touch for this outfit. 

Confident and Comfortable

Wearing a black and white horizontal striped crew-neck tee with black leggings and a black handbag is a great way to look put together without trying too hard. You can easily amp up the style of this getup by adding a pair of black athletic sneakers. 

Dressing Down

Wearing a white silk long-sleeve shirt with a black handbag demonstrates your ability to create an ensemble, even on the most casual days. Black leather loafers will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. 

Effortlessly Chic

Put together a chic, modern off-duty look by pairing a light blue short-sleeve blouse with a black handbag. Add some dimension to your ensemble by rounding it out with a pair of black and tan leather shoes.


Wearing a black midi dress and a black purse is an easy ensemble that you can dress up or down in various ways. Toss a pair of flat, pink leather sandals for maximum fashion impact. 


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Choose to dress comfortably in a white dress shirt and a black handbag. Add a laid-back vibe to your outfit by including a pair of black leather flat sandals with embellishments. 

Relaxed Casual

Wearing a beige bodycon dress with a black handbag is a certain way to appear chic in no time. White canvas low-top sneakers are a classic choice for finishing off an outfit. 

Seriously Stylish

The combination of a white floral sheath dress with a black handbag is the epitome of casual chic. White-heeled sandals will add a touch of sophistication to your wardrobe and help to strike a balance.


This casual outfit consists of a red bodycon dress and a black handbag, allowing you to look great and ready for anything without wasting too much time putting together your outfit. Put it all together with a pair of white and black low-top sneakers. 

Versatile and Adventurous

Wearing a light blue shirt with a black handbag is an incredibly versatile and ready-for-anything outfit. Why not add a sophisticated touch to your outfit with a pair of red leather oxford shoes? 

Classy Casual

Quickly and effortlessly put together without much thought, this outfit of a yellow button-down shirt and a black handbag will have you looking cute and ready for anything. Dress up your outfit with sophisticated black leather-heeled sandals as a last touch. 


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Laid-Back and Chic

Pair a white crop top with a black handbag for a casual but still stylish look. Slip on a pair of tan suede-heeled sandals for an immediate seductive feel. Stick to this tried-and-true routine, and you’ll always look chic, regardless of how scorching it gets outside.


A larger black handbag is ideal for carrying the necessary files and business materials to and from the office. To complete the look, layer a jacket over some neutral-colored jeans and a blouse (which can also be neutral) that buttons down the front. You can easily complete the appearance by donning a pair of black trousers and a black purse with a black sweater or top.

Guidelines for Carrying Black Handbags

  • Bags with chain straps are more elegant and feminine, giving the impression that you carry a more expensive accessory.
  • It’s wiser to spend a lot of money on one high-quality black bag than to buy several cheaper ones. Classic handbags are an investment that will pay off for years to come. You may rest easy knowing that they won’t need replacing.
  • Typically, daily bags are black and lightweight. Having a practical and cozy bag is crucial.
  • You should coordinate your jewelry with the bag’s hardware. When the bag’s hardware is gold, it pairs especially well with gold accessories. In some cases, silver and gold might clash.

Pairing Colored Shoes with a Black Handbag

Shoe and bag color coordination is a tried and true fashion staple. Wear your black handbag with a pair of matching black shoes. You can also pair black shoes with a black purse since both prints contain black.

Wearing a black handbag with your attire can make you look professional and put together, whether you’re going to the office, the mall, or running errands around town. A black handbag can elevate even the most casual clothing to something special, complements any ensemble, and can be carried anywhere.

Each person should have a basic black handbag. It’s become the no-frills answer to a minimalist’s problems, easily fitting items like phones, wallets, keys, and masks. Because of their versatility, black purses are a wardrobe essential.