Skin Care Routine For Winter

Believe it or not, the winter season can take its toll on your skin. Most people think that the summer season is the most reckoning of all but the reality is that winters tend to be harsher on your skin. The cold air tends to rob natural moisture from your skin and makes it look dry. It can even cause severe dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. That is why taking care of your skin during the winter is as important as the summer season. Let us take a look at some of the tips you should include in your everyday routine to protect your skin.

Skip Hot Showers

Who does not love taking hot showers early in the freezing days of winter? Although it helps your body to relax but the fact of the matter is that you should avoid hot showers. The reason is that heat draws all the moisture from your skin, leaving it dry. Experts suggest that spending more than 10 minutes under a hot shower is very harmful to your skin. Similarly, if you prefer laying down in a bathtub for hours in hot water, that is going to have the same negative effects on your skin as well.

Moisturize When Damp

Amongst the essentials of skincare routine for winters is also about the proper application. While most people tend to focus on the products more than the application procedures themselves, this alone does not provide the skin with the ultimate care it needs. For instance, when applying a serum, experts suggest using fingertips with slow and light movements over the body parts instead of going in hard.

This means that you should avoid using your fingers. This is because the aim is to help penetrate the product deep into your skin. Therefore, the aim of the proper application is important because whatever product you use for your everyday skincare routine, is not going to be of any benefit unless you know how to apply it. If your skin is damp, you need to apply a moisturizer, which will help it hydrate.

However, you need to make sure that you apply it only on damp skin rather than already dry skin. This is why it is suggested that an individual moisturizes as soon as he/she steps out of the shower. Drying yourself off first and then applying a moisturizer will not help.

Avoid Harsh Ingredients

The reason you are following a skincare routine is that you have sensitive skin. Therefore, you would not want to use products that include harsh ingredients. With that being said, dermatologists state that the products that include sulfates tend to be drying for the skin. This is going to be the last thing you need when the temperature is 80 below zero outside.

Furthermore, avoid hard soaps with fragrances and high concentrations of alpha-hydroxy-acids and beta hydroxyl-acids like salicylic glycolic acid and retinol. These ingredients can further dry out the skin and irritate it. In addition to that, experts also suggest skipping products that contain alcohol as that can be quite drying as well. Therefore, before picking out products, make sure that you read the labels.

Pick The Right Moisturizer

During the winter months, dermatologists recommend using moisturizers containing ingredients that help hydrate the skin instead of drying it out. Look for emollients, humectants, and occlusives. Humectants like hyaluronic acid are ingredients that help the skin retain moisture. Whereas, Emollients help soften the skin. These include cocoa butter, shea butter, or oils. Lastly, occlusive helps prevent water loss. Therefore, while the humectants draw moisture into your skin, occlusive on the other hand seal the moisture.

Several experts also recommend ceramides, which are basically substances native to our body and work very well. The outermost layer of humans is made from ceramides. Therefore, using products that contain ceramides is going to nourish the protective barrier and strengthen your skin as well.

Cool It Using Acne Treatments

If acne is one of your skin concerns and you are already following an acne skin care routine, you need to cool it down. The reason being that such treatments become harsher as the temperature outside drops. Another big reason is that acne products mostly contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid that makes it harsher for people to tolerate them during winters. Therefore, if you notice that your skin has become flaky, you need to reduce the frequency of application.

Keep Using That SPF

Cold weather asks for multiple layers of clothing but that still does not mean that you should skimp on the sunscreen. Although your body is covered but the cold will find its way to your skin one way or the other. Using an SPF guarantees that you are able to protect your skin and keep a youthful and radiant complexion. Furthermore, since your chances of skin damage increase during the winter season as well as you lay down in the sun for hours, that SPF will come in handy.

Get Yourself A Humidifier

If you wakeup experiencing drier skin, it is time that you consider investing in a humidifier. A humidifier is going to add moisture to the air and help replenish your skin while you are asleep. Since they are designed to prevent the moisture from escaping especially from your body, you do not need to be worried about waking up with dry and irritated skin. The skin requires natural oils to maintain healthy cells and eliminate waste at the same time.

Drink More Water

This might come as a surprise but you should be drinking more water during the winter season as compared to the summer. Staying properly hydrated is not only important for your skin but your overall health as well. Drinking more water during the winter season becomes more important since the skin cannot retain moisture well. Therefore, hydrating is required to flush the toxins out and help fluid move efficiently through the capillaries.

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4. Olay Regenerist Retinol Moisturizer

The Olay Regenerist Retinol Moisturizer is an overnight skincare magic item. It is applied overnight and helps hydrate the skin while you sleep. Packed with Vitamin B3+Retinol Complex, this moisturizer is one of the most powerful winter skincare products. Make sure that you apply it before you sleep at night and not during the day. As a result, your skin will remain hydrated for 24 hours with visible improvements in wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots.

Key Features:

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  • Anti-aging

5. L’Oreal Paris Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer for Face

This Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer from L’Oreal Paris is a water-based moisturizer that delivers the required hydration to your skin. Since it is a water-like product, it absorbs quickly, leaving the skin feel hydrated, softer, and with a far better complexion. You can combine this with other cosmetic products as well such as night creams and day creams etc. With its ability to hydrate your skin for 72 hours, you will have no problem wearing this moisturizer everyday.

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Final Word

Now you know that the winter season can break all hell loose on your skin. Fot better skin care, consider the tips and recommended products mentioned above to provide your skin the ultimate winter care it deserves. Our recommendation would be the Best Organic Facial Moisturizer with Sunscreen, which is a perfect combination of hydration and protection.