Should I Consider Waitressing for Extra Cash?

Making ends meet might be challenging when you have student loans or credit card debt. When combined with the cost of groceries, rent, utilities, and other necessities, high monthly expenses may leave you yearning for new ways to make money.

Cutting costs will only go you so far in terms of improving your finances. You need to raise your income if you’ve already cut your budget to the ground and are still struggling to make ends meet. Increased earnings are critical for your financial stability and future.

You can also save more by not paying any more gym membership fees, so if you want to continue working out on a budget, you can try setting up a home gym.

If you don’t expect a raise at your full-time job, extra jobs can be a terrific way to supplement your income.

Working as a Waitress for Extra Cash

a waitress taking an order in a bar

Before pursuing a job as a waitress, there are several things to consider. To some, it may appear to be a lot different from their career choice, but they don’t realize it can be an outstanding line of work, while others may believe it is the ideal profession without comprehending the drawbacks.

But, first and foremost, what does a waitress do?

A waitress works at a club, bar, or restaurant, waiting tables and greeting guests. This person may function as a host, take orders, prepare drinks, answer customer queries, deliver drinks to tables, communicate with the chef or bartender, and so on.

This person will almost certainly be responsible for other tasks such as closing, cleaning, finalizing customer transactions, handling money and credit cards, and so on.

Many people consider waitressing to be a low-paying job that you should avoid, and it does not always meet all of the criteria of side hustles. Waitressing isn’t a ‘flexible’ job because most establishments will book you for specific hours that you must adhere to.

Having said that, working as a waiter can still be consistent and profitable. There are also some benefits to it that many other side hustles may not have. Some people even make a good livelihood as waiters and waitresses in larger, more famous venues.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Working as a Waitress for Extra Money

a waitress taking orders in a restaurant, people dining

It’s always critical to analyze the pros and cons of being a waitress as your side-hustle.

Having Cash on Hand at All Times

Because you make the majority of your money from tips, leaving with cash at the end of each shift can be both refreshing and motivating.

Working Fewer Hours but Earning More Money

You’ll have the opportunity to work hectic shifts and end up earning a day’s income in just a few hours. Instead of working 9 to 5, 8-hour days, you can generate money in as little as 5 hours.

Always on the Move

Serving tables entails frantically grabbing items, bringing plates to tables, carrying trays, and so on. Rather than remaining in one position for hours at a time, looking intently at a computer screen, you may stay fit by continually moving. You’re constantly on the go.

You’re in the Company of Others

Hearing intriguing stories, talking with others, and laughing are all benefits of being in the company of others. You also get to see some pretty wild stuff because, let’s face it, if you’re around people, there’s usually something intriguing going on. This is your best chance if you like mingling because the friendlier you are, the bigger the tips will be!

You Have the Power to Manage Your Earnings

Because tips account for the majority of your income, you have some control over how consumers express their gratitude for your services. The better service you provide, the better tips you will receive — or at the very least, the better likelihood you will receive a decent tip. So, if you can, woo your way into their hearts while providing the service they require!

The Ability to Be Substituted

Many restaurants may allow servers to take the position of other servers if their talents and experience are comparable. If you want an evening off or have arrangements with family, being able to be substituted for a shift is ideal. Other types of jobs require you to take sick or personal days on occasion, whereas waitressing allows you to call someone up at the last minute and get someone to work your shift!

You Are Not Required to Take Your Work Home With You

You never have to take work home with you to meet deadlines, and you never have to worry about whether the strain of your shift that time will bleed through the next day once you’re off the clock. When a day is done, it’s done. Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance to make your day better!

Extra Money for Holidays and Special Occasions

You make a ton of extra money on days like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and during the holidays. During such seasons of the year, there are more people, larger reservations, and parties, among other things. As a result, there are times throughout the year when you make a little more money than usual. Consider it a welcome gift!

There are a handful of distinct benefits to working as a waitress. What about the drawbacks?

  • It isn’t flexible because you must show up at specific times.
  • Because it’s a second job, it’ll eat up even more of your already limited time.
  • You won’t make much money by the hour.
  • Waitressing is a fast-paced career that is known to be stressful.
  • It’s not always easy to get into the excellent clubs and bars where you’ll get better tips.
  • Some managers and business owners will seek to take advantage of you and wring as much ‘free time’ as possible from you.
  • As a waiter, you are unlikely to receive any perks. There is no insurance, no sick days, no vacation, and so on.

What Can You Expect to Earn as a Waitress?

a waitress serving food to customers

The national average hourly wage for waitresses is $11. However, this does not always take into consideration tips.

Some people have made $100 or more in a single night at the ideal pub or club. However, some people have waitressed for $20 for a whole night due to low hourly earnings and no tips!

As a waitress, you can make money, but you must be aggressive and focused on your tips. If you merely show up and don’t put in any effort to interact with the customers, you’re unlikely to generate enough money to make this a worthwhile side job.