Sandalwood Shower Gel: Luxe Up Your Shower Experience

Not anyone is keen on using a sandalwood shower gel over a good ol’ bar of soap. But studies reveal that there are distinct advantages in using this for cleansing the body from impurities and leaving it free from dirt and germs afterwards. For one, shower gels are formulated in such a way that it cannot be penetrated and usually infused with more essential oils and vitamins thus, delivering uncontaminated highly formulated product to the skin.


Of course, sandalwood shower gels are not only known for its potent skin care protection, it is also a way to reduce waste. Soaps can easily melt while gels allow a person to control the consistency. When thinking of switching, here are two of the bestselling bath gels in the market today.Let’s scrutinize each item.

Where to Buy
Shikai Sandalwood Moisturizing Shower Gel
White Sandalwood Molton Brown Body Wash

1. Shikai Sandalwood Moisturizing Shower Gel

Formulated by a certified organic and medicinal chemist, Dr. Sepp, Shikai Moisturizing Sandalwood Shower Gel is one of the most highly acclaimed liquid soap in the market across continents. Made with soap-free ingredients, it is known to moisturize and sooth dry skin. The secret of Shikai’s sandalwood bath gel is the combination of pure aloe vera gel and oatmeal blend. Aloe vera provides in-depth moisturizing effect leaving the skin refreshed and revitalized. Oatmeal, on the other hand, provide the protective coating and the sandalwood essential oil extracts sultry and therapeutic scent deliver relief to dry itchy lackluster skin. Recommended for both adults and children, the Shikai Moisturizing Sandalwood Shower Gel is certified organic aloe and had not undergone any animal testing. Rich in natural oils, it is no wonder why many individuals prefer this brand than any other in the market today. Check out reviews from Amazon. The 1-gallon bath gel is also economical to use. To buy authentic product, choose Amazon. If you want it smaller..

2. White Sandalwood Molton Brown Body Wash

Don’t want a seemingly un-hip gallon? Here’s a stylish bottle of White Sandalwood from Molton Brown London, one of the world’s top-rated beauty, bath and body connoisseurs. Made from the comforting scent of sandalwood essential oil, fresh green galbanum aroma oil, and violet leaf absolute, this exudes a flirty scent that’s not only refreshing but also carries an aphrodisiac quality to it. No wonder many women love the floral and sensual scent of Molton Brown Sandalwood Shower Gel. Reviews on Amazon outline its majestic scent and comfort to the skin. So, if you want to exude sensuality while protecting your skin from blemishes and outside elements, this one is for you. Buy from Amazon for authentic products and special discount perks, too.


Truly, there is no excuse not to use sandalwood shower gel anymore. Aside from its hearty benefits to the skin, shower gels can also be more economical than bar soaps. So, if you plan to hop onto the shower gel bandwagon, these two awesome choices are for you. To save, buy any of these variants in bulk from Amazon. Both also make great presents for special occasions.