Sandalwood Incense: A Tradition of Healing and Divinity

Everyone exercises their brain constantly. Nothing can function if people don’t think. As a consequence of overstimulation and overwork, your current state of mind may spell agitation and stress. Do you feel less focused and more stressed nowadays? Do you feel that you’re always exhausted, even after long naps? Perhaps having a kind of stimulant can knock some sense and focus into you! 

Sandalwood incense sticks and cones are known to be stimulants that can perk up your mind and body to destress! It’s highly regarded everywhere, particularly in temples found all over Asia. You can always find a group or a pair of people who depend on incense sticks for efficacy in refreshing both body and mind. Sandalwood incense sticks, in particular, are known for their rejuvenating power.

Sandalwood Incense 

Sandalwood incense doesn’t sound as promising as it should at first. Sandalwood doesn’t sound relaxing at all. So what is it exactly? 

Sandalwood essential oils are derived from the Santalum album tree. This small evergreen tree is native to arid regions of southern India and even in parts of Australia, Asia, and Africa. Sandalwood has a warm, soft, and woody scent with an almost creamy or milky hint.

Beyond its relaxing function, sandalwood is also part of religious and historic rituals for thousands of years. Even in India and China, sandalwood is carved into idols and figurines used to decorate and adorn homes and shrines. As a potent aphrodisiac and relaxant, this incense can lead to a healthier body and a focused mind. It is the more popularly used incense because sandalwood can be expensive. This is why it is integrated into incense sticks and scented candles to make it more affordable.

In case you need more convincing, here are some reasons why burning sandalwood incense can be so enticing!

Burning incense near flowers

Benefits of burning sandalwood incense

1. Relieves you of anxiety

Even though it seems like a simple activity, burning incense can be a simple and cheap way to relax and destress. Once it gets burnt, sandalwood incense produces a popular scent that can help lower anxiety levels and overall stress levels. Whenever you feel tense or on edge, the smell of burning sandalwood also helps in reducing anxiety. According to different women’s studies, even the aroma of sandalwood can help women calm down.

2. Induces sleep

Imagine that you’re lying in your bed after a long and stressful day, yet you can’t successfully rest for no particular reason. There are just some things that can keep you awake at night and bug you endlessly. Generally, lack of sleep can affect a person’s functionality and overall concentration. No need to worry because you can also induce sleep by burning sandalwood incense. 

It’s very beneficial, especially if you have insomnia or other sleeping problems. You can simply burn the sandalwood, and it produces an amazing sedative through its aroma. It will calm you down, making your sleep long and peaceful.

Burning incense near a woman lying down and resting

3. Lowers blood pressure 

No one wants hot-headed bosses or cold-blooded customers, so keeping your blood pressure low is always good. Sandalwood incense brings out a kind of aroma that simply lowers your systolic blood pressure. Whenever you feel like you are all worked up or going incredibly uneasy, get your incense sticks and burn the stress away! It also prevents you from other health complications and problems such as heart attack, stroke, or other heart diseases.

4. Promotes mental alertness 

Aside from its calming effects, sandalwood has also been proven to improve a person’s general mental alertness. It calms you down by deactivating your behavioral responses and activates your body’s physiological responses.

In consistency with lowering blood pressure, medical studies have also shown that inhaling sandalwood can trigger a low-level increase in blood oxygen saturation, breathing rate, pulse rate, skin temperature, and even eye-blink rate. Collectively, these stimulatory effects help enhance the mind’s process and functioning. 

Chopped red sandalwood pieces on a big wooden spoon

Tips for using sandalwood incense

Taking these benefits into your heart, you are now ready to learn about some of the most beneficial tips you can consider when purchasing sandalwood incense sticks!

1. Safety and wellness first

Although sandalwood can help your overall health and wellness, you must also consider your physical security. After all, burning still releases smoke which can stimulate indoor pollution. Make sure to have adequate ventilation in your house when you decide to burn sandalwood incense sticks. Make sure also to do it in moderation because people who spend most of their time indoors may inhale too much smoke. 

Do this in moderation, if you can. You may also choose to simply turn on the fans or open some windows while burning. Lastly, do not inhale the smoke directly!

Man holding traditional incense sticks 

2. Get accustomed to the smell

Sandalwood has a very distinct smell which can be both delicate and elegant. You can smell earthy scents towards the base tone of the aroma, but it still has a bright and fresh edge that sweetens the aroma and makes it unique. Note that oil made from actual sandalwood is generally used in the perfume and cosmetic industry. This makes it a very expensive and protected species also because of its unique scent.

3. You can also make your own! 

If you don’t have the budget, it’s also quite easy to make loose sandalwood incense. You can buy dried wood from your local craft store and grind it finely using a mortar or a manual grinder. Using inexpensive resin, you can also make the pellet form of sandalwood incense. You can mix it with ground sandalwood. However, let the pellets dry before burning because the resin can be flammable. 

Hands of a woman holding incense sticks inside a bottle 

Sandalwood has been in use for a thousand years, and we can predict that it won’t change anytime soon. Whether you’re looking for a tool that can help you with protection uses, healing effects, beautifying effects, relaxation, or even spiritual connection, sandalwood incense can be the best option that is conducive to your specific needs. Don’t forget to check the benefits first!