Sandalwood Body Wash: Which One Is Right For You?

Studies reveal that how you smell helps determine the level of attraction you bring out from the opposite sex. This makes body care even extremely important for a man’s grooming regimen. After an honest day’s field job, a race on the bike trail or a jog in the park, taking regular baths is highly recommended for them to balance the pH level of their skin. This somehow helps prevent germs from seeping into their dermis causing ungodly sight and scent that can send ghouls to creep in the dark. What better way to fend off body odor than with a sandalwood body wash. Here are the top three best-selling selections to get you going.

Where to Buy
Molton Brown Sandalwood Body Wash
CHIEFS Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash
Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash

1. Molton Brown Sandalwood Body Wash

Ultra-exclusive Molton Brown Sandalwood Body Wash is considered the gem in men’s body wash. Made with comforting sandalwood leaf oil as base, violet leaf absolute and galbanum aroma oil with a hint of patchouli, it is blended carefully to deliver an exotic-floral scent that’s flirty and refreshing. After a refreshing bath, lather your skin with Molton Brown Nourishing White Sandalwood Body Lotion to lock in moisture and keep scent in.

The 10-oz Molton Brown Body Wash is one of the best-selling men’s hygiene products in the market today. Reviews from actual users have shown why its exotic floral scent continues to be a source of inspiration among men.

For a more manly scent..

2. CHIEFS Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash

Some men love the scent of the great outdoors—virile, raw and smell-like-a-boss feel. Such is the essence of the CHIEFS Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash. Made with coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera extract, rosemary extract, pine leaf oil, Argan oil, sea salt and sandalwood (as base note), it keeps the skin fresh and moisturized for hours. Made of thicker formula that makes each lather thick and rich, it can be used for months making it economical.

Men who use CHIEFS Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash lives up to its promise of longer-lasting manly scent all throughout the day. No wonder reviews for the product continue to monologue its sexy appeal. Fancy catching someone’s olfactories away? Buy from Amazon now to enjoy discounts and shipping perks. To enjoy more, this is best bought with the invigorating bottle of CHIEFS Energizing Face Wash for Men.

For bigger, bolder and barely-there scent..

3. Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash

Want a sandalwood body wash that lasts for months? The 16-ounce Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash simply delivers the cut. Each lather brings new refreshing goodness to the skin with a muted scent that’s so virile and manly. Keen in removing dirt and grime, each of the Paraben-free ingredients (sandalwood, glycerin, coco sulfate) deliver an overall feeling of thorough sanitation with a crisp barely-there scent.

Reviews for Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash and Shower Gel always focus on its luxury bubbles and muted scent that doesn’t interfere with your choice of perfumery. Enjoy worry-free shopping from Amazon—with great discounts and shipping perks. This product is partnered best with Every Man Jack sandalwood deodorant for that complete refreshing yet manly feel.

The Verdict

Forget about soap! Go for any of these sandalwood body wash options to care for your skin. Less drying, luxurious and tempting, each bottle of Molton Brown Body Wash, CHIEFS Sandalwood Men’s Body Wash, and Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Wash and Shower Gel comes rich with emollients for a more luxuriant bathing experience. To enjoy authentic products with huge discounts and shipping perks, buy straight from Amazon now!