Guide to Lace-Up Belts

A woman in a red dress and a black lace up belt.

Lace-up belts may have originated as an undergarment, but they’ve become a very fashionable accessory in recent years. Similar to a real corset, the belt helps define the waist and gives a great deal of flair to a plain clothing. Read on for more information! Selecting a Lace-up Belt 1. Consider the … Read more

Guide to Cummerbunds

S H Churchill  Co Men s 3 Piece Formal Accessory Set with Bow Tie

Among formal tuxedo accessories, the cummerbund isn’t the most popular. Oftentimes, this accessory is misunderstood and underappreciated in today’s formal accessories. The popularity of the cummerbunds tends to wax and wane like the moon, but its essential function to a proper black-tie event remains the same. What’s the Right Spelling? Many people … Read more

Guide to Obi Belts

A girl in white and floral skirt wearing a red obi belt

Are you sick of always complementing your outfits with the same belt? Although there are dozens of variations of belts, the most of them are identical. A long piece of material with loops and a buckle composes them. However, belts are available in several alternative forms, obi belts being among the most … Read more

Tips for Wearing Western Belts for Women

leather belt with studs, vintage silver buckle

If there is one thing that the years of celebrity fashion have taught us, it is that putting together a unique ensemble demands creativity. Why not try leather or leopard-print pants instead of grabbing for your go-to pair of jeans? Wouldn’t going monochromatic be cooler (and easier) than worrying about top and … Read more

Guide to The Types of Belt Buckles for Women

A woman wearing a long dress and beige belt.

Belts can be both utilitarian and fashionable. Typically, the belt buckle serves as the belt’s focal point. Paying close attention to the specifics of your belt buckle can ensure that you’ve selected the perfect accessory for your outfit. It is an essential element that must not be neglected. This article will guide … Read more

Tips for Choosing a Belt to Dress Up Any Women’s Outfit

A woman wearing denim pants and belt.

A decent belt can make an outfit, but the wrong one may make a sophisticated individual look like a complete disaster. You cannot simply toss a belt on cardigans and evening gowns and expect them to look beautiful. Here are some suggestions for improving your belting game. Considerations in Selecting the Appropriate … Read more

Sandalwood Combs

A girl combing her hair

Combs made of wood protect our hair from drying out since they equally distribute scalp oils throughout the hair. These combs are gentle on hair and naturally nutritious, promoting a healthy scalp and hair growth by increasing blood circulation. A wooden comb prevents hair from becoming tangled and broken while decreasing dandruff … Read more

Guide to Wood Rings

Wedding rings and jewelry in a jewelry wood box

If you want to include organic beauty in your ring, a wooden ring might be a good option. One might seriously consider wearing a piece of wood on their finger given the wide range in color and grain pattern between different wood species.  You have come to the right place if you … Read more

Tips for Picking a Men’s Messenger Bag

Man carries brown leather messenger bag in the hand on gray background

Shopping for a bag can be a pain, especially when you can’t try it on before buying. But don’t worry, we got you covered. Messenger bags are a popular choice for guys, they’re versatile and can fit all your essentials like laptops, files, clothes and more. Plus, they make for a handy … Read more

What are the Most Popular Celebrity Fragrances?

Girl sprays herself perfume on her wrist

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that there are still famous people who have their own top-selling scents despite the fact that so many of them are now the faces of fragrance ads. Everyone has an opinion, but in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it seemed like everyone was … Read more

Tips for Picking Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Macro dry skin (ichthyosis)

The most sensitive element of the human body is the skin, which reacts to the outside world right away. Our skin need care so that it won’t be scratchy or harmed. Everybody’s skin has a unique texture and responds to different types of weather in a distinct way. Anyhow, moisturizers are necessary … Read more